Chamomile Tea for Anxiety: (A Complete Guide)

Have you ever been so anxious or worried that you have spent sleepless nights or you have been tense for a longer period of time?

You should not worry much about it because now you can use chamomile tea for anxiety.

Chamomile tea not only reduces stress but it will also help you rest and increase quality of your sleep. Where chamomile tea for anxiety is used, it can also be used to treat insomnia.

Just like peppermint tea, chamomile tea also has relaxing and calming effects on humans and reduces irritability.

You will learn about the benefits of chamomile tea for anxiety in this article and how it is advantageous for anxious people. 

Anxiety and Stress

With the advancement of technology, problems have also become advanced and we tend to have more stressors than before.

You will see yourself physically and mentally tensed and stressed while on work or even at home. There is so much happening around you that you are bound to feel stressed out.

Things are getting crazier by the minutes and it doesn’t feel like stopping any time sooner.

Anxiety and stress can be harder to deal with and most of the people fall prey to medical companies and expensive medicines to deal with anxiety.

It has been found out through research that anxiety medication increases 36% of mortality rate. 

Due to the adverse side effects of anxiety medications, people are more interested in natural solutions.

Now people are trying to find a cure from food and natural dietary items. That’s why different types of teas are getting more popularity among people with anxiety.

Chamomile tea for anxiety has now become a popular and effective tool to fight anxiety and stress. It makes you calm and relaxed.

Let’s learn more about therapeutic effects of chamomile tea for anxiety.

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Chamomile Tea for Anxiety: (A Complete Guide)

What is Chamomile Tea?

Chamomile is actually an herb and it is famous for its therapeutic effects and medicinal purpose.

Among the medicinal herbs, one of the best is Ayurvedic herbs, which work for stress and anxiety, as well as Kava and Bach.

It is found in two different forms known as German chamomile and English chamomile.

According to experts German chamomile is the one to use for its medicinal properties for almost a hundred years if not more.

It has more benefits than we know for gastrointestinal issues, skin problems and for relaxation.

Chamomile tea which is found in extracts of Matricaria Recutita and a cup of chamomile tea in times of stress and tension can have therapeutic effects.

This tea is known to be a power house and works as a relaxer with amazing calming effects on the human brain.

It has naturally lower levels of caffeine and tends to be very relaxing for the human mind.

Moreover, some people who have problems sleeping due to stress issues and anxiety can take help from a cup of chamomile tea for anxiety. It can also help you treat insomnia.

According to a research in 2016 published in Phytomedicine, chamomile tea helps in reduction of moderate-to-severe generalized anxiety disorder symptoms.

Chamomile tea for anxiety can be made using chamomile flowers or a tea bag can also be used.

Moreover, good old twinings can also be used to make chamomile tea. The best time to have chamomile tea for anxiety is before going to bed. 

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Chamomile tea for Anxiety

Chamomile tea aids in relaxing you if you are suffering from anxiety, depression and even insomnia.

It would not have effects as strong as that of medical drugs because, let’s face it, it is just an herb.

However, it won’t have those stronger side effects as well. According to certain pieces of research chamomile tea has been found helpful in significantly reducing symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

However, more research is still awaited in this regard. You can still take chamomile tea for anxiety because it is still helpful in calming your nerves and helps you relax at the end of the day.

A person who claims to be anxious most of the time and freaks out easily reported to have his nerves calmed down after taking chamomile tea for anxiety. 

How is it not a Placebo Effect?

Some people have their doubts that taking a hot cup of tea in your hand and sitting down to actually clear your mind while taking small sips of your chamomile tea is itself calming.

How could we be sure that it’s only tea and not the placebo effect?

It was told by a professor at a renowned university that there actually have been placebo-controlled studies to find out benefits of chamomile tea. The ritual may be helpful in reducing anxiety.

However, whenever people are looking for non pharmacological treatments, chamomile tea for anxiety is the first to come up.

How to Make Chamomile tea?

Did you have a long hard day? Have you been feeling anxious lately? Are you not able to sleep even after an hour past your bed?

Are you feeling irritated? If the answer to all of these questions or even for one question is yes then you should take a cup of chamomile tea for anxiety. You don’t know how to make an amazing hot cup of chamomile tea?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Here is a step by step simple yet delicious recipe for you to enjoy a nice hot cup of chamomile tea. 

Another way to take advantage of this beautiful plant is to buy it as an indoor plant for your room or living room. Check which are the Best Indoor Plants for Anxiety.

Recipe for Chamomile Tea for anxiety

If you have dry chamomile

  • First of all, boil at least 8 ounces of water in cattle.
  • If you have dry chamomile, add 3-4 tablespoons in boiling water. 
  • Allow to steep for at least 5 minutes.

If you have fresh chamomile flowers

  • Boil water
  • Add chamomile flowers in hot water
  • Infuse for 3 minutes
  • Stain before drinking

Your cup of tasty chamomile tea for anxiety is ready. Take a sip and enjoy it before your bedtime.

Instructions to Take Chamomile tea for Anxiety

Chamomile tea is great for relaxation and calming your nerves but according to dietitians, one should be careful while taking chamomile tea in large doses.

You can take it in the form of tea as well as in the form supplements.

If you are taking it in the form of tea then you can find it in farmer’s market and all you are going to need is hot water to make tea.

On the other hand if you want to use it in the form of supplements, chamomile is available as capsules, liquid extracts, tinctures, teas and topical creams among other preparations.

How much chamomile is too much?

Dosage instructions are also important when it comes to using a supplement or using anything which comes under the umbrella of dietary supplements. Natural supplements are rich in 5-HTP, an amino acid, which raises serotonin levels.

You need to look at the product label so you can dosage instructions. You can also take suggestions from your healthcare provider before using chamomile.

However, a general idea for dosage instructions for adults is given below.

  • Tea: 1 to 4 cups of tea per day
  • Liquid extract: 1 to 4 ml three times daily
  • Capsules: 400 to 1600 mg in divided doses daily
  • Tincture: 15 ml three to four times daily

We don’t have enough scientific data and evidence available to suggest use of chamomile in children. 

Word of Caution

Generally, it’s pretty safe to take chamomile tea for anxiety and you can use a few cup of chamomile every day.

However, it does not set well with a few types of medications. It is recommended to have a world with your health provider especially if you are getting any medicine after surgery.

These people are generally suggested to be careful in the use of chamomile tea for anxiety.

  1. People with asthma
  2. People who are on anticoagulant medicine
  3. Pregnant Ladies because chamomile can cause uterine stimulation causing an abortion
  4. Nursing Ladies
  5. People who are about to undergo a surgery
  6. People who are allergic to sunflower and daisy family such as ragweed, aster, marigold, chrysanthemum and daisy and products of these as chamomile also comes from the same family as sunflower
  7. People who are suffering from any bleeding disorder or people who are on any medication increasing chances of bleeding

Interaction with Different Medicines

There is not much research on this topic and more scientific evidence is required to evaluate the medication interaction of chamomile.

However, potential and speculated interactions are known and people are advised to talk to their medical health provider before taking chamomile tea for anxiety.

If you are thinking of taking chamomile tea for anxiety and you are using any medication then it is best to run it by your physician.

Some common interactive effects of chamomile with other medications are mentioned below.

  • If you are taking blood thinners, naproxen or ibuprofen, it can cause increased risk of bleeding.
  • Chamomile tea causes drowsiness when taken with barbiturates, anti-seizure medications, benzodiazepines, narcotics, alcohol or some antidepressants.
  • Chamomile is similar to estrogen in properties so it can interfere with your hormone therapy.
  • It also increases the risk if taken with medications of blood sugar or blood pressure.
  • It is not recommended for people who are going to drive after taking the tea because it causes sleepiness; you should not drive or operate heavy machinery until the effect wears off.

Side Effects of Chamomile Tea for Anxiety

There aren’t many side effects out there for chamomile tea for anxiety.

However, it is always good to know about cautious steps before using it as a supplement. Some of the reported side effects are given below.

  • Can cause eczema which is a skin allergic condition
  • Large dosage of chamomile tea can cause vomiting too
  • Anaphylaxis (allergic reaction), throat swelling and shortness of breath can be caused by chamomile at times for people who are allergic to daisy family

It should be kept in mind that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate the production of supplements and herbs.

Therefore, most supplements and herbs are not tested completely and no specific risks or guarantees are known.

FAQs about chamomile tea for Anxiety

Is chamomile tea for anxiety only or are there any other benefits?

Chamomile tea can be used for skin conditions, digestive upset, wound healing, mouth sores, diaper rash, colic and even sleep problems.

Other than anxiety, for which psychiatric disorders chamomile tea was found useful?

Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder 

When should I take chamomile tea?

Before going to bed is highly recommended but you can take a cup whenever you want.


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