Cerebral vs Hims (Which one wins?)

This post will look at two major tele-health platforms, Cerebral and Hims. Both these platforms have been catering to the needs of millions of users in the past few years. While Cerebral focuses on only mental health care, Hims delivers plenty of health-care services particularly related to men’s health.

The table below will show you the different services that both these platforms provide. In addition, you will also be able to clearly understand the similarities and differences between Cerebral and Hims.

 Feature  Cerebral  Hims
 Types of services  Therapy and Psychiatry Men’s health, Therapy & Psychiatry
 Pricing  Min 85 USD Depends on the type of service
 Payment options   All major credit or debit cards, HSA, FSA All major credit cards
 Insurance   Available Unavailable
 Age group  18 years and above 18 years and above



  • Cerebral offers therapy and psychiatry
  • It can be covered through insurance
  • Medications are delivered home


  • Therapy is not available in all the states
  • Messaging may not be preferred by many
  • Certain meds for Bipolar Disorder and ADHD may be unavailable



  • Hims targets taboo topics
  • There are a wide range of health services
  • The treatment is very cost-effective


  • It does not allow insurance coverage
  • Quality of service can highly depend on the doctor
  • It is not available in all the states

About Cerebral

Cerebral was launched as a mental health care company in early 2020. The platform was founded by Kyle Robertson, mainly as a solution for the crumbling mental health care system we face today. In this platform, users can get easy access to therapy services and also psychiatry services in the same place.

Cerebral offers psychiatry services through licensed and well-experienced prescribers. The consultations are done through phone sessions or video sessions and the medications are delivered directly to the home of the user. The therapy services are also conducted online, through phone sessions or live video sessions.

The platform uses a collaborative care model, in which care counseling forms a very important part. The care counselor is the ‘straw that stirs the drink’ here and is responsible for the overall progress of the user. The services of Cerebral are pretty cost-effective and the affordability is increased through insurance coverage.

About Hims

Hims or ForHims is a platform completely dedicated to men’s health. This platform was founded in 2017 by Andrew Dudum specifically targeting Erectile Dysfunction and Hair Loss which are pretty common, yet sensitive topics, among men. In 2018, the sister platform of Hims called Hers was launched targeting women’s health issues, such as birth control.

In Hims, the user can find a range of health services related to ED, skin care, hair care, everyday health and also mental health. Mental health was launched in 2020, offering therapy services and also psychiatry services. This sector of the platform additionally offers group therapy sessions which can be attended anonymously.

The affordability of Hims is pretty cost-effective, even though the platform does not use insurance. The accessibility to medical professionals is also done easily and quickly. The platform has become a major hit among men, especially since it deals with a lot of stigma-associated topics which are hardly overtly dealt with.

Best features of Cerebral

Cerebral offers plenty of great features that can be useful for anyone who is looking for professional help. Certain attributes of Cerebral, or Get Cerebral, that users have most definitely enjoyed have been explored below.

Cerebral offers remote access to mental health care

The mental health care services in Cerebral are all delivered online. This means that the user only requires a stable internet connection and a compatible device in order to access high-quality mental health care. This can be superb for those who have busy schedules and even those who are unable to leave the house often.

It can be easily covered through insurance

Insurance coverage is made easy in Cerebral as the platform has tied up with several in-network providers such as Aetna, Cigna and Optum. The insurance coverage can greatly reduce the costs of therapy as well as the psychiatry services. The user might only need to co-pay a small amount of the total cost.

Both therapy and psychiatry can be availed

Both therapy services and psychiatry services can be availed in Cerebral. The users of Cerebral essentially have a one-stop shop for all mental health care requirements. The therapy services and psychiatry services of the platform are offered in different plans as well as different formats of communication.

Unlimited messaging is offered

Unlimited messaging is also offered in Cerebral. Through this feature, the user can send any number of messages to their therapists at any time. The unlimited messaging feature, however, is only available in the Coaching plan of Cerebral. Users can also send any number of messages to their care counselors.

Care counseling is also provided

A unique feature that Cerebral provides is the care counseling feature. Care counselors are also mental health professionals who may or may not be licensed therapists. These counselors offer continuous emotional support to the user and also train them in behavioral techniques that can be used for the management of their mental health condition.

Documentation can be provided

Documentation, such as letters and certificates, can also be provided through Cerebral. Users can ask their prescribers for certificates related to work leaves, disabilities and even get letters for Emotional Support Animals here. However, this completely depends on the discretion of the prescriber and is not always guaranteed.

There are plenty of treatment options

The treatment options are plenty in Cerebral. The prescribers of the platform are well-experienced to treat mental health conditions such as Anxiety, Depression and even Insomnia. The primary medications offered in this platform are often non-controlled substances. If the user is not responding well, the prescriber might recommend other types of drugs.

Progress tracking is available

Progress tracking is another feature that is available in Cerebral. The progress tracking feature of Cerebral allows the user to understand their symptoms, side effects of the treatment and also the progress that they are making. This feature is widely open to all members of the care team, who can adjust the treatment to get the best effects out of it.

It makes mental health care easy

The process of mental health care itself is made quite easy in Cerebral. Users need to create an account, provide their details, complete an initial assessment and interview and can be directed to treatment in no time at all. This is much more convenient, especially in comparison to traditional mental health care settings.

Different formats of communication are available

In Cerebral, the user can find various formats of communication between them and their mental health professionals. Most of the communication between the user and their care team is through text messaging. The live sessions with the prescriber or the therapist can be through phone sessions or video sessions depending on the convenience of the user.

Best features of Hims

Hims is certainly one of the most well-known platforms for men’s health. The platform boasts of many useful features such as,

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a common problem in men, especially those over a certain age. It can also occur due to comorbidities such as obesity or diabetes. This condition not only affects the sex-life of the individual, but can also severely diminish their self-esteem. Hims provides a range of treatments and medications for the management of Erectile Dysfunction.

Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair Loss is another common problem in men. Though there are many treatments for this problem today, it is still considered a sensitive topic that many people find hard to speak about. Hims offers plenty of treatment and medication options for those who are dealing with Hair Loss issues.

Therapy and Psychiatry services

As part of its mental health program, Hims offers therapy/counseling services and also psychiatry services for its users. Both these services can be availed in a short span of time and are managed by licensed and well-experienced therapists and prescribers. The affordability of these services is also pretty high and thus quite popular.

Plenty of free resources

There are plenty of free resources that are available in Hims. The platform has made a pretty good effort of creating a variety of content and health guides for each sector. Users and even the general population can peruse these at their leisure and use the suggestions to improve different areas of their health.

Anonymous support groups

There are also many anonymous support groups that are available in the platform. The support groups cover a variety of topics which the user can choose from. The maximum number of participants in each group is 15 and they will have to provide questions they want answers to before the session starts.

Services for Skin Care

Skin care services are also offered in Hims. While skin care routines have almost always been associated with women, men are also catching up. The skin care services can range from every day moisturizing and even anti-aging creams. The platform also offers options for fragrances that men can choose from.

Primary health care services

The platform also offers primary health care services for those users who want a general physician for their everyday medical needs and requirements. These services are handled by licensed and expert medical professionals who are trained to look out for the holistic well-being of the user.


Medications are delivered home

Another great feature of Hims is that all the products are delivered directly to the home of the user. The user does not need to step out of their homes for medications or even the skin-care products. The shipping charges are completely included in the cost and the platform advertises no hidden fees.

Pricing of Cerebral

The costs of Cerebral largely depend on the type of plan that the user is choosing. The Medication + Coaching plan is one of the most popular and costs $195 per month. Those who only want coaching services or therapy can go for the Coaching plan which costs $145 per month. Users who want medications can opt for the Medications plan at $85 per month.


Pricing of Hims

The pricing of Hims mostly varies from service to service. However, the platform has certainly tried its best to keep its prices low and very affordable. For example, the psychiatry services of the platform are offered at $85 per month and Hims often allows a discount for the first month of service.

Tips for using Cerebral

Cerebral has many features and this can be confusing for many users. However, there are always ways to improve your experience here.

  • The platform offers unlimited messaging. This can be used for not only communication but can also serve as a health space for venting and expression. Many users also use this feature for the purpose of setting reminders for talking points later.
  • There are mainly two options for the live sessions in Cerebral. While these can be conducted from anywhere due to the online nature of the platform, it is preferred that you experience these in a quiet and solitary spot. The quality of these can be increased if you choose the same location for every live session.
  • You can also practice looking directly into the camera during your live video session. This will help in driving the message across much clearer and crisper. To help you in this, you can adjust your seating as well as your posture so that your eyes are more naturally aligned with the camera lens.

Tips for using Hims

Hims offers plenty of resources and features that can be useful for anyone’s health. Some suggestions to help users of Hims have been listed below.

  • Hims has an extensive library of articles and blogs that can be used to improve many areas of your health. These are completely free of cost and can be perused at your leisure. Go through these while you have the time.
  • If you are a member of the anonymous support groups that Hims offers, make sure that you are asking the right questions that can be useful for you or perhaps someone else. These questions need to be provided prior to the session. 

Also, there is a certain member limit in the groups, so make sure you keep an eye out for upcoming support groups that can be useful for you.

Personal experiences in Cerebral

Users of Cerebral have mostly had positive experiences in the platform. Some of their experiences have been described as follows.

  • A large percentage of the users have felt that the psychiatry services of the platform have been spectacular. Several users have also had their dosages reduced through these services.
  • Most users have felt that the ease of use in Cerebral is pretty high and individuals can get access to high quality mental health professionals in a short span of time.
  • However, some users have felt that the Cerebral app has a lot of bugs and technical glitches and can make scheduling appointments a little difficult.

Personal experiences in Hims

Hims or ForHims deals with very sensitive matters and health topics. Most of the users of this platform have felt comfortable in accessing the features and professionals here, even if they are dealing with such sensitive matters. Some of the user experiences have been explored in the points below.

  • A large percentage of the users of Hims say that the platform is very easy to use and medications are pretty easy to access, especially that they are delivered to the home of the user directly.
  • Many users have felt comfortable in opening up about sensitive topics such as sexual health and even mental health to the professionals in this platform. The medical professionals here have been known to be quite empathetic and sympathetic.
  • Users have also enjoyed the large collection of products and services that are available in this platform.
  • However, some users have faced problems especially when it comes to the shipping and the delivery of products as it is completed by third-parties such as DHL.


Cerebral and Hims certainly have gained a massive footing in their areas of specialty. We definitely cannot compare the overall outlook of both these platforms as they deal with different target populations. Cerebral is only focused on mental health care while Hims deals with all matters related to men’s health, including their mental health.

In Cerebral, the user can get access to therapy services as well as psychiatry services in the same space. There are several plans available and various formats or modes available for the communication. The professionals here deal with the mind alone and thus are perfectly equipped to deal with any type of mental health condition.

Hims, on the other hand, deals with men’s health and is clearly an expert in this field. Men who are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, hair loss or skin issues can easily and discreetly seek treatment from this platform. The mental health care services are relatively new, but still pretty popular and cover individual therapy, group therapy and psychiatry.

BetterHelp:  A Better Alternative

If you are on the prowl for an amazing platform that offers superb mental health services, we would highly recommend BetterHelp. BetterHelp offers individual therapy services, couples therapy services and even therapy for teenagers. Furthermore, the platform also provides group therapy sessions that are conducted about once a week.

The subscription to BetterHelp is pretty affordable and while there is no insurance coverage here, the platform provides financial assistance to those who are unemployed, disabled and even those who have veteran status. The financial assistance needs to be renewed every three months and can reduce the costs of therapy by up to 25 per cent.

Frequently asked questions:

Is ForHims legit?

Yes, ForHims or Hims is completely legit. The platform offers many services for sensitive topics that men often deal with, such as Erectile Dysfunction and Hair Loss. It also offers primary health care for those who want general medical consultations. In addition to this, it also offers mental health care services such as therapy/counseling, psychiatry services and group therapy.

Is Hims free?

The doctor’s consultation in Hims is completely free of cost. However, users will have to pay for the medications. Special services like the therapy and psychiatry services cost slightly higher.

Does Hims cause erectile dysfunction?

No, Hims does not cause erectile dysfunction and only treats it. However, certain medications for hair loss, such as finasteride, can cause side effects that include erectile dysfunction.

Can you cancel Hims at any time?

Yes, you cancel your subscription to Hims at any time by sending an email to the customer support team. The last date for the cancellation is two days before the renewal date.

Is Cerebral good for therapy?

Yes, Cerebral is good for therapy. Most of the users of this service have felt that their experience was pretty good. The therapy sessions can be conducted via phone or video, thus bringing  a lot of convenience and comfort to the user.

What medication does Cerebral prescribe?

Cerebral prescribes medication for several mental health conditions like Anxiety, Depression and menopausal depression. The medications include mostly non-controlled substances but the prescriber might opt for an alternative route if the user is not responding well.

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