Cerebral vs Done (Who has the best features?)

The following post will compare the services and features in two popular mental health care platforms, Cerebral and Done. The former provides all types of mental health care services, including therapy as well as access to medications. The latter, on the other hand, focuses on serving those who have ADHD.

The table below will show you the main differences between Cerebral and Done. It will also depict the different services offered by each of these platforms.

 Feature  Cerebral  Done
 Types of services  Therapy and Psychiatry Psychiatry
 Pricing  Min 85 USD Min 79 USD
 Payment options   All major credit or debit cards, HSA, FSA All major credit cards,HSA, FSA
 Insurance   Available Unavailable
 Age group  18 years and above 6 years and above



  • Cerebral offers therapy and psychiatry in one place
  • It offers insurance coverage
  • It can be used from anywhere


  • Cerebral only caters to adult individuals
  • It does not offer group therapy services
  • The therapy services are not available everywhere



  • Done is quite affordable
  • Access to doctors is made easy here
  • Diagnosis and treatment is provided


  • Done does not offer insurance coverage
  • Automatic refills are not possible
  • Door-delivery of meds is not available everywhere


About Cerebral

Cerebral is a tele-medicine and online therapy platform that was launched in January 2020. In its short existence, the platform has provided services to more than 100, 000 patients for different types of mental health issues. In Cerebral, users can access therapy, psychiatry or even opt for both at the same time.

Cerebral was founded by Kyle Robertson who wanted to make mental healthcare quickly accessible by all. As a result, the waiting times in Cerebral are very less. Once the membership has been created, users have full-time access to their mental health care providers at all times. They even have access to care counselors who are an important part in all the plans.

The mental health services in Cerebral are delivered completely online and thus the user does not need to go anywhere for therapy or to meet a psychiatrist. The medications are also delivered to the home of the user directly, thereby only increasing the levels of convenience and comfort. Cerebral also allows insurance coverage of all its plans, and thus quite affordable by anyone.


About Done

Done is a tele-medicine platform solely dedicated to the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, particularly in adults. Adult ADHD is often overlooked and thus its awareness as well as treatment options are much lesser than that of childhood ADHD. Through Done, the user can avail medications and drugs for their ADHD in a much easier manner.

Done was launched by like-minded professionals who wanted to fill the loopholes that are often the reason for ADHD symptoms and treatments being ignored. In Done, the user can meet a licensed medical professional in a few minutes. While the platform was allowing in-person consultations initially, all the sessions are conducted online due to the pandemic.

This platform caters to adults, teens as well as kids. There are also a variety of solutions for medication in this platform. Done can also be used for other mental health conditions that require psychiatric help. In this platform, diagnosis as well as treatment of ADHD is made easily possible.

Best features of Cerebral

Cerebral can be of immense use to anyone who is experiencing mental health issues. The platform offers many features that can be great for the treatment of several mental health conditions, such as,

Therapy and psychiatry services as a combo

In Cerebral, there are therapy services as well as psychiatry services available on the same platform. This makes it super easy, especially for those who require both these treatments for the management of their mental health conditions. They are also available separately in the platform for those who only require therapy or only require medications.

Unlimited messaging with the care team

Unlimited messaging is another wonderful feature that is available in Cerebral. Here, the user can send a limitless number of messages to the members of their care team at any time. Through the unlimited messaging, users or patients can be in constant contact with their mental health professionals and express themselves freely whenever they wish to.

Collaborative care model

Cerebral offers a unique collaborative care model which has been widely proven to work in many mental health conditions. Through this model, the patient is taken care of by not just one mental health professional, but by a whole team. In Cerebral, the therapist, the prescriber and the care counselor work together for the betterment of the patients.

Varieties of medications

There are varieties of medications that can be prescribed in Cerebral. The psychiatry services in the platform offer a range of medications and drugs for several mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and even postpartum depression. However, medications for certain conditions like ADHD and Bipolar disorder are withheld from this platform.

Documents and certificates made available

Documents and certificates for disabilities, work leaves and such can be collected from Cerebral. However, this facility depends completely on the decision of the prescriber. Through Cerebral, many users have availed certificates and documents for several issues, including Emotional Support Animals.

Home delivery of medications

The medications in Cerebral are also delivered directly to the home of the user. This is a huge plus and saves the user the trouble of going to the pharmacy to collect their medications. The medications also arrive in very discreet packaging. The shipping charges of the medications are covered through insurance and thus the user does not have to worry about this.

Easy insurance coverage

The insurance coverage is made pretty easy in Cerebral. The platform has smartly tied up with a number of insurance providers such as Cigna, Optum, Humana and Blue Cross BlueShield. The large numbers of insurance providers in the platform allow individuals from all economic backgrounds to access high-quality mental health care.

Quick access to mental health care

The mental health care itself can be quickly accessed very easily and quite quickly in Cerebral. The user can just enter their details, complete a short assessment and can get a consultation with a mental health professional in a few days. This is highly in comparison with traditional mental health care settings where the waiting period can take up to several months.

Different modes of communication

There are also various modes of communication and intervention that are available in Cerebral. The user can choose to have their live sessions with their prescriber or therapist through phone calls or video conferences. Furthermore, they can also communicate with their care team through unlimited messaging. All these provide more convenience to the user than in-person care.

High levels of security

The security and safety levels in Cerebral are pretty high and thus the user does not have to worry about their information or data being leaked or stolen. The platform has incorporated several security features such as end to end encryptions and dual-step authentications and is thus completely HIPAA compliant.

Best features of Done

Done has been a strong force in the online diagnosis and treatment of ADHD for quite a while now. There are a ton of features in this platform that anyone with ADHD or ADHD-like symptoms can definitely find useful, like,

Treatment for all ages

In Done, there is treatment for ADHD among all ages. Done has a pediatrics sector where children from the ages of 6 and above can be brought in for assessment and diagnosis. The child should be exhibiting certain signs and symptoms which their parent/guardian is made aware of. Done offers treatment for ADHD in kids, tweens, teens as well as adults.

Medication for other illnesses

Done does not only offer medications for ADHD, but also offers options for the treatment of other mental health conditions. In this platform, users can find medication options for the management of Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and many others. However, there are no therapy options available here.

COVID-19 safe precautions

The Done company has several clinic locations in several states where they used to conduct in-person consultations and sessions. However, after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, all the consultations in Done are completed online via Doxy which is a HIPAA compliant tele-medicine platform providing utmost security and privacy to the users.

Diagnosis facilities available

Done does not only offer treatment but also diagnosis. The user will have to fill out a short segment called ‘Am I a fit?’ in the platform which is basically a one-minute assessment. If they fit the criteria, they will be directed to a consultation in which they can provide their medical history and get their diagnosis.

High affordability

The costs of the consultations in Done are pretty low and thus very easily affordable. The costs here are much lesser than traditional mental health care settings and can be availed even without insurance coverage. However, insurance coverage is available for the costs of the medications alone and the copay can be as less as $0.

Quick access to mental health care

The consultations with the specialist medical professional in Done can be accessed in a very short span of time. In traditional mental health care settings, the individual may have to wait for long periods of time before they can get an appointment with a doctor for diagnosis or treatment. In Done, they are guaranteed an appointment within a week.

Continuous communication with care team

The user can also send an unlimited number of messages to their care team at any time of the day. This is often not available in traditional mental health care settings. The doctor can be communicated with through emails at any point of time and users can clear their doubts regarding the treatment, side effects or alternative treatments.

Health dashboard

Users can also see their progress levels in the health dashboard that they are each provided with. In this dashboard, users will be clearly able to see the name of the medication they are on, details of their care team and also the progress that they are making. They will also be able to track their symptoms and find ways to chat with the members of their care team.

Easy refills

The refills are also made easy in Done. However, the platform takes this very seriously and does not hand out refills just like that. The user will have to meet with a prescriber to see if they require the refill, whether they will need to switch their medications or stop treatment altogether. The refills are sent to the local pharmacy or the user’s residence based on the state they are in.

Alternative options

Doctors in Done look out for the holistic well-being of the user. While medications are often the first-line of treatments and best course of action for ADHD, especially adult ADHD, the prescribers here will also show other ways of getting better. This can include prescribing vitamin supplements, diet changes and even mindfulness activities.

Pricing of Cerebral

The costs of mental health care in Cerebral can vary depending on the type of plan that the user is choosing. The prices of the plans in Cerebral, along with their features have been described below.

The Medication + Coaching plan

This plan allows the user sessions with the prescriber and also the therapist. This plan can be availed for a cost of $195 per month. Cerebral also offers this plan for the first month at $79. In the Medication + Coaching plan, the user can have weekly sessions with their psychiatrist and therapist, either through phone calls or live video sessions as per their choice.

The Coaching plan

The Coaching only plan in Cerebral is for those who only need therapy services. This plan comes at a cost of $145 per month and the platform is offering a discount of $59 for the first month. In this plan, the user can have phone sessions or video sessions with their coach once every week. They can also send a limitless number of messages to their therapist/coach.

The Medication + Care Counseling plan

The Medication + Care Counseling plan is for those who only require the psychiatry facilities of Cerebral. This plan can be availed for a price of $85 per month and Cerebral offers a discounted rate of $30 for the first month. In this plan, the user can communicate with their prescriber through phone sessions or video sessions and also have access to a care counselor.


Pricing of Done

Done has definitely tried its best to keep its costs as low as possible to help everyone suffering from ADHD quickly access professional help. In Done, the user will have to pay an amount of $199 for the first appointment which is around 25 minutes long. Membership can be availed at $79 per month which entitles the user to continuous access to the care team.

Signing up for Cerebral

To sign up for Cerebral, the user has to simply go to the website or the app and fill out the emotional assessment in the landing page. Once the assessment has been completed, the user will have to schedule an appointment with a mental health professional who will counsel the user on the options available. The next step is the matching process after which the treatment can start.

Signing up for Done

To sign up for the services in Done, the user will have to take the ‘Am I a fit?’ assessment in the platform. If the results show a need for medications, an appointment will be fixed with a doctor. The platform will automatically send additional assessments which need to be completed before the appointment which can help the doctor determine the right course of action.

Tips for using Cerebral

The Cerebral platform makes it easy for anyone who is experiencing mental health issues to seek professional help. While the layout and user interface is quite simple, you can always use suggestions to make your experience better here like the ones listed below.

  • Cerebral offers two types of live sessions that include phone sessions and video sessions. Whichever live session you may choose, make sure you are in a quiet and comfortable place for this. If possible, you can also create a dedicated spot for these sessions in your home that you can also use for self-care activities.
  • Cerebral also allows you to send a limitless number of messages to your therapist or even your care counselor. This feature can not only be used for communication but also for healthy expression and venting.
  • If you are finding it difficult to maintain eye-contact in your online sessions, you can try adjusting your seating so that your eyes are directly in line with the camera lens. This can allow you to mimic a more natural eye contact.
  • You can also maintain a therapy journal for your live sessions. This journal can help you in your self-care routines and also help you reflect back on the important points covered during your therapy.

Tips for using Done

Done  can be used in many useful ways for those who have ADHD. The platform offers several features apart from just psychiatry services. Some tips for those who are planning on using this platform for the treatment of their ADHD have been compiled as a list below.

  • If you are worried about taking medications for your ADHD, you can always ask your doctor for alternative treatments available. The doctors in Done look out for the holistic well-being of the user and thus are well-versed in special diets for ADHD, vitamin supplements and also mindfulness exercises that are useful.
  • Done is allowing only online appointments through Doxy as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. One tip to help you concentrate better during your live video sessions is to turn off your selfie view. This can help you concentrate more on what your doctor is saying rather than being focused on what you look like.
  • You can also check the health dashboard on the platform. This will help you keep track of your symptoms as well as the progress that you are making. You can also find measures to communicate and chat with your care team in this dashboard.

Personal experiences in Cerebral

The Cerebral app has a 4.7 star rating in Apple Apps and a 4.3 star rating in Google Play store. The user reviews of the mental health care services in this platform have been mostly positive. Some of the experiences that users have had in Cerebral have been explored below.

  • Most users of Cerebral have hailed it as a very easy to use platform where they can access medications in a short span of time. The users have also loved the home-delivery feature of Cerebral that allows medications to be delivered to the residence of the user directly in very discreet packaging.
  • Many users of the medications services in Cerebral have felt that the prescribers are highly attentive and patient-oriented and thus have succeeded in reducing their dosage levels considerably.
  • Some users have found the platform confusing in the therapy vs care counseling aspect and as a result have found Cerebral to be misleading in providing information about its services.
  • While many users have liked the therapists in Cerebral, some of them have found that the quality of the therapy or coaching provided in the platform has definitely gone down after the salaried therapists have been switched to private contractors.

Personal experiences in Done

Users of Done have had mostly positive things to say about the platform. Some of their experiences have been summarized as follows.

  • Most users of Done have felt that the access to medications for ADHD is done quickly and smoothly here. Many have felt that the prescribers here really know their stuff and genuinely care about the holistic well-being of the patient.
  • Many users have also liked the online consultations that Done provides through Doxy, stating that it is more convenient especially since they have busy schedules.
  • Users of Done have also felt that the customer support team of the platform is quite responsive and quickly resolves issues related to the patients.
  • Some users of this platform have mentioned that the brands of the medications get mixed up sometimes. However, the customer support of the platform has been known to solve problems like this in a short span of time.


Cerebral and Done are certainly two amazing platforms for mental health care. Cerebral offers plenty of features and treatment options for those who are dealing with a variety of mental health conditions. Instead, Doxy deals with ADHD in particular and aims to make the access to treatments easy and quick.

Cerebral offers both psychiatry services including therapy options for anyone with a mental health condition. Cerebral also offers insurance coverage which makes it even more affordable than traditional mental health care settings. The platform keenly follows a collaborative care model through which the patient is taken care of by a team of professionals.

Done has been a pioneer in making the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD simple and effective. The platform can not only be used for adults with ADHD but also children as young as 6 years old. While Done mainly focuses on ADHD, it also has treatment options for other mental health conditions like anxiety and bipolar disorder.


BetterHelp:  A Better Alternative

If you are on the prowl for an amazing platform that offers superb mental health services, we would highly recommend BetterHelp. BetterHelp offers individual therapy services, couples therapy services and even therapy for teenagers. Furthermore, the platform also provides group therapy sessions that are conducted about once a week.

The subscription to BetterHelp is pretty affordable and while there is no insurance coverage here, the platform provides financial assistance to those who are unemployed, disabled and even those who have veteran status. The financial assistance needs to be renewed every three months and can reduce the costs of therapy by up to 25 per cent.

Frequently asked questions:

What medications does Done ADHD prescribe?

Done prescribes a variety of medications that can be useful in the treatment of ADHD. The medications here are mostly non-controlled substances and can be stimulants or non-stimulants. Furthermore, the professionals in Done also teach mindfulness exercises, diet modifications and prescribe vitamin supplements as alternative options to medication.

What is Done for ADHD?

Done is an online clinic especially designed for the diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It caters to all age groups and can be used for children presenting with ADHD symptoms as young as 6 years old. Done predominantly provides treatment through medications, but the prescribers here also take care of the holistic wellness of the patient.

Who started Get Cerebral?

Get Cerebral was founded by Kyle Robertson as a solution for the current crumbling mental health care system. The platform found its footing in the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and since then has been instrumental in providing quick and easy access to online therapy as well as medications for all types of mental health conditions.

Can Cerebral prescribe Adderall?

Cerebral can prescribe alternatives to controlled substances for the treatment of ADHD. Medications for mental health conditions like ADHD and Bipolar Disorder are only available in certain states of the US.

Is Cerebral in network?

Yes, Cerebral is in-network with several insurance providers such as Aetna, Cigna, Optum, Tricare, Humana and Blue Cross BlueShield.

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