Cerebral narcissist versus somatic narcissist?

This blog answers questions about: What is a cerebral narcissist? What are the traits of a cerebral narcissist? What are the 5 main signs to spot a cerebral narcissist? How to deal with a cerebral narcissist? What is a somatic narcissist? What are the traits of a somatic narcissist? What are the 7 main signs of a somatic narcissist? How to deal with a somatic narcissist?

What is a cerebral narcissist?

Cerebral narcissists are individuals who indulge their minds for the sake of getting attention and grandiosity. These kinds of narcissists believe in gaining and increasing their intellectual skills and abilities.

They believe that being intellectually rich is a way of making them look outstanding in front of others. They take pride in being the smartest out of the lot.

They usually display their intelligence through conversations with other people. They use complicated terminologies and state facts when they have to prove their points.

They usually prefer to form bonds with other people whom they perceive as intellectually gifted.

What are the traits of a cerebral narcissist?


The traits of a cerebral narcissist are:

  • They show a high sense of self-importance or grandiosity.
  • They crave admiration and acknowledgment for their intelligence
  • They are preoccupied with power and or success and love
  • They fantasize about being famous, influential, and significantly important
  • They tend to exaggerate their skills, talents, and accomplishments

What are the 5 main signs to spot a cerebral narcissist?


The characteristic signs of cerebral narcissist which makes it easier to spot them are:


They need to appear more intelligent than everyone else.

Cerebral narcissists use jargon and technical words in normal interactions, state books, authors, and theories by name, and talk about abstract ideas to appear more intellectually mature and rich than the others involved in the conversation.

They need to be the center of attention

One of the core traits of cerebral narcissists is the constant need for attention from others. Cerebral narcissists tend to cut people off during a conversation and speak about what’s on their minds to sound smarter and more important.

They do not pay attention to people whom they perceive as unqualified or not smart enough which is almost everyone around them.

They are pretentious

Cerebral narcissists tend to be elitists due to their superiority complex. They speak a lot about where they went to school, the kind of degree that they achieved, and the high-end restaurants that they like to visit.

They are arrogant

Cerebral narcissists tend to be arrogant. They might mock people for mispronouncing words, they might look down on people whom they feel are not qualified which is almost everyone that they interact with, they state facts about their lives that make them look superior to the ones that they are interacting with.

They are hypersensitive to criticisms

Cerebral narcissists are very sensitive to criticism that is put their way. They might react with rage or defiant behavior towards criticism.

How to deal with a cerebral narcissist?


  • While living with a cerebral narcissist it is best to avoid intellectual conversations.
  • Avoid over engaging when it is not required.
  • Protect yourself from their words and don’t try to prove your intelligence.

What is a somatic narcissist?

Somatic narcissists are those individuals who take pride in their bodies. These kinds of narcissists use their bodies as a center of attraction and jealousy from other people.

They are more concentrated on physical appearances, clothes,  and fitness. They are also very occupied with sex encounters as they desire sexual appreciation.

Somatic narcissists are capable of using people for their sexual pleasures and are confident that they will not be denied. They like to hold on to the thought that everyone hopes to be with them and every individual is drawn towards them.

They tend to self-medicate themselves through sex and are more likely to have multiple partners and the possibility of making unfaithful relationships.

What are the traits of a somatic narcissist?

  • Somatic narcissists need approval
  • They show a need for a sexual relationship and not an intimate relationship
  • They are capable of abusing their partners
  • They display excessive vanity
  • They are all about physical appearances and bodies

What are the 7 main signs of a somatic narcissist?


The characteristic signs of somatic narcissist which makes it easier to spot them are:


They obsess over food, fitness, weight, and appearance

Somatic narcissists spend a lot of time talking about going to the gym, carrying out a diet, and speaking on topics such as plastic surgery.

They also spent a lot of time shopping for clothes, fitness equipment, makeup, and other things that take to make their appearance more eye-catching. Apart from this they also look for compliments about their physical appearance.

They use sex for self-esteem

Compulsive sexual behavior, serial infidelity, and manipulation of sexual partners are common signs seen in somatic narcissism. They are often given validation by feeling sexually desirable.

They take credit for your accomplishments

Somatic narcissists display more standard traits of narcissists where they show a lack of empathy for others and do not acknowledge the contributions of others for a particular situation while only talking high about their contributions to the accomplishments of a task.

They ignore your needs

Somatic narcissists tend to focus only on their needs while ignoring that of others. For them, the other person always comes second and they come first in all the domains especially when their self-esteem is at stake.

They can’t stand criticism

Somatic narcissists usually have trouble taking criticism and are very defensive about it. They act with rage and defiant behavior towards criticisms thrown towards them

They criticize people based on their appearance

To hold on to their sense of superiority somatic narcissist criticize other people based on their physical appearance making them look inferior and unattractive.

They do this by-passing negative remarks or making jokes about fat people, older people, or anyone less physically ideal. In addition to this, they also keep a tap on others’ appearances which might involve dictating what to eat, what exercises to carry out, and what outfit to put on.

They gaslight people

Somatic narcissists use manipulation tactics such as gaslighting to make the victims question their perception of reality.

How to deal with a somatic narcissist?


  • If you share an intimate relationship with a somatic narcissist the best thing to do is to get out of it.
  • Avoid displaying emotional responses to their behavior as they feed on it.
  • Do not take their remarks on your personal appearances seriously.

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While cerebral narcissists boost about their intellectual abilities Somatic narcissists are buried with thoughts of their superior appearance and characteristics.

Putting up with both these kinds of individuals might be difficult and challenging for other individuals. However, individuals must learn to maintain boundaries and also define their relationship with such individuals if they are hampering their sense of self and confidence.

Frequently asked questions


What is the difference between cerebral and somatic narcissists?

Cerebral narcissist gains their sense of importance through their intelligence whereas somatic narcissists derive the same from their physical appearance.

A somatic narcissist aims to gain people’s attention through their body while a cerebral narcissist tries to wrap people around their intellectual powers.

Is the brain of a narcissist different?

According to research people with narcissistic personality disorder have reduced Gray matter volume in various areas of their brain related to heightened activity and empathy.

What are the different types of narcissists?

The different types of narcissists you might come across are:

  • The overt type
  • The covert type
  • The hypervigilant type
  • The oblivious type
  • The exhibitionist type
  • The sexual type
  • The malignant type.

Can you tell a narcissist from a brain scan?

People who have narcissistic personality disorder characterized by extreme self-absorption and arrogance show structural abnormalities in various regions of the brain that are linked to empathy according to new findings.





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