Career Aptitude Test (3 mins)

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Instructions for the Test

Please reach each statement carefully and give answer to each question, as this is the briefest career aptitude test which gives you your dominant career aptitude within 3- 5minutes.

1. Am attached to conventional ways.


2. Dislike changes.


3. Dislike the unknown.


4. Don’t like to travel.


5. Am a creature of habit.


6. Want to increase my knowledge.


7. Am open to change.


8. Prefer variety to routine.


9. Am interested in many things.


10. Carry the conversation to a higher level.


11. Try to lead others.


12. Have a strong need for power.


13. Like having authority over others.


14. Want to be in charge.


15. See myself as a good leader.


16. Need a creative outlet.


17. Go my own way.


18. Live in a world of my own.


19. Ask questions that nobody else does.


20. Have a vivid imagination.


21. Stick to the rules.


22. Work with tools and machinery


23. Keep myself well-groomed.


24. Follow directions.


25. Make plans and stick to them.


26. Am the life of the party.


27. Talk to a lot of different people at parties.


28. Start conversations.


29. Love large parties.


30. Help others learn new ideas


Final Result : 

This career aptitude test will assess your personality type on the basis of your answers and will recommend you a career domain which best fits with your personality traits.

This career aptitude test is based on the types developed by psychologist John L. Holland in 1970. According to Holland for the person to perform well in the environment, it is necessary that they enjoy what they do. These match preferences are usually according to the person’s interests. Sometimes two to three areas are dominant in a person and are called “Holland Code”.

Different occupation demands a different set of characteristics, and if the person joining an occupation doesn’t feel to belong to that career choice, they will be unable to perform well. To find a satisfying career it is fundamental that the person’s interests match with the occupation. For example, a person enjoy socializing will be good in public dealing jobs then on-desk isolated tasks.

Holland Codes

There are six personality types Holland suggested and most people fit into these categories, sometimes one is dominant, sometimes two to three constitutes the person’s personality and so he can perform in those three areas approximately equal.

The six categories proposed are:

1.      Realistic

2.      Investigative

3.      Artistic

4.      Social

5.      Enterprising

6.      Conventional


The person dominant on this trait will depict the practical ways of dealing with the task, engaged in physical, concrete and hands-on machinery and good in the execution of the ideas and plans and interested in doing rather than imagining doing.


Person dominant on investigative will be highly logical, curious, and analytical. They want to know the reasons behind situations and the way things and environment functions. Their investigative nature helps in making them good scientists, researchers, police, and lawyer.


Dominant on this domain, are characterized as imaginative, independent, inventive, designer and creative. They are not bounded souls, and can excel in designing careers, writing, and think tanks.


Dominated by social domain is more interested in socializing, getting things done while working with a bunch of other people, cooperative, supportive, helping, nurturing and teaching.


Person having a dominant trait of enterprising, have the efficiency in doing managerial jobs, influencing others, and competing environment.

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Person having conventional as a dominant trait is detailed oriented, organized, and great planners.

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