5 care packages for depression?

This article will explain what a care package for depression is. How they have been created, and with what goal. Along with that, the article will explain what are good examples of care packages for people with depression, and in what way they can help.

What is a care package for depression? 

A care package for depression is a care package that focuses on giving people things that can be useful when they are dealing with depression. It can take into consideration how people with depression can find it hard to have the energy or even take care of their hygiene. 

Some companies are offering those sorts of packages, and other people are voluntarily giving those care packages to people that are in need. For example, during the pandemic, Lara Tang, a 19-year-old skater and surfer teenager decided to give them during the lockdown to help people that were struggling with mental health. 

What started as a single-person act, has found the support of Gofundme, an online fundraising platform, which allows people to offer depression care packages to many people in need. 

Her care packages are usually composed of 11 items that focus on the self-care and pampering of the person receiving it. Along with that, the person will also receive a card with a hopeful message on it. 

As Lana Tang created this project, she said that she was aware of the emotional toll Covid-19 would have on people. That was because she had already gone through many mental health problems. She experienced moments in her life when she felt lonely, and like no one cared about how she felt.

So the possibility of giving people the care package was a way of showing others that someone cared. When talking to people that received the care package, they have said that it helped them go through a difficult moment. 

They stated that taking care of themselves is so hard when struggling with mental health problems, but as they received such an amazing package, it gave them the courage to try and improve their self-care. 

And going through that idea, nowadays there are many care packages for many mental health matters. Let’s discuss what are some good ideas of care packages people can send to someone struggling with depression.

What are good care packages for people with depression? 

If you have a friend or a loved one that is experiencing depression, you may want to send one of these care packages that can include many of these things:

  • A Pill Case: that will help them organize their medication, since forgetting to take their medication, or taking too much of it, can have a high impact on their well-being.
  • Yoga Mat: meditation, breathing exercises, or yoga can be of great help for people dealing with depression. It can help them center themselves, feel more energetic, and reduce their stress levels. 
  • Online therapy appointments: therapy is something extremely important to people dealing with depression. By offering it to your friend, you can show that you are supporting them on their way to healing.
  • Gift card for a massage: although they can have trouble taking care of themselves, having a massage can help reduce their stress level and improve their overall sense of well-being.
  • Books: giving your friend with depression a book can be a great idea. It will help them focus on something else other than the negative thought going through their mind. 
  • Essential oils: they are great for people handling mental illness. Oils Such as lavender can help people relax and sleep better. So along with the good smell they can bring, it can have a positive effect on them.
  • Journal: putting a journal in their care package will give them the chance to write about their thoughts and feelings somewhere. Externalizing how they feel will be a great way to handle depression, and allow them to get a better notion of what they are going through.
  • Weighted blanket: people with depression go through the days when they have no energy. Instead of just fighting them on this, you can try and make those moments a little more comfortable. A weighted blanket can make them feel like they are being hugged.
  • Jar or messages: you can give your friend a jar of messages, in which they can pick one up whenever they feel the need for it. Those positive messages can be something that will make them feel better in the day.
  • Cleaning: it can be that you give them a cleaning kit, or go and help them clean their houses over a weekend. But this will help them get a grip on their needs to take care not only of themselves but of their environment.
  • Pampering kit: although it can seem hard for them to take care of themselves, having toiletries or new skincare products that they can try out can give them a chance of trying something new.
  • Light therapy lamp: after checking it with their therapist, you can give them a light therapy lamp that can improve their well-being, and give them more energy, especially when they are going through a dark winter. 
  • Ways to be creative: expressing their creativity, be it by coloring books, or calligraphy can help them focus more on the present moment, and distance themselves from negative thoughts.
  • Noise-canceling headphones: this can help them when they need some white time. They can live with a big family, or share a room, and having something that will allow them to focus on themselves is extremely positive.

There are many ways you can show a friend or family member that is going through depression that you support them, and a care package is one of them. Try to make one with things that you consider are necessities of your friend, and things they would also enjoy, and they will benefit from it for sure. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What is a depression care package? 

What to buy for a friend with Seasonal depression?

If your friend has Seasonal Affective Disorder, a condition that can make them depressed when there is a change in seasons, there are some things you can give them. 

You can buy a Light Lamp for at least 10,000 lux. Those can be effective for people with seasonal depression by sitting close by for 20 to 30 minutes a day to guarantee they are getting enough light.

During winter periods, your Vitamin D levels can go down. Because of that, you can also give them Liquid Vitamin D3 to help supply the vitamins they need since they are not getting enough sunlight during this period. 

Having things to make a warm bath more appealing are also a good idea. You can give them some Aromatherapy Bath Soaks.

A cozy blanket that will be useful when they are snuggling in bed, or a Yoga mat so they can keep active, to help get a handle on depression and anxiety are also good gifts. You can also help them dress warmly when they need to go outside. For example, you can give them thermal socks, and mittens.

And give them things to feel comfortable at home with. So you can do a selection of teas that will warm them up, and also be soothing, or give them a journal so they can write about their feelings and thoughts during this difficult time.

How can I help my friend that is going through a hard time?

If you suspect your friend is going through a hard time, the first thing you can do is ask them how they are feeling. And when they answer you, try to listen to it in a non-judgemental manner. They probably already feel ashamed and guilty, don’t add up to all of that.

Be caring, and sympathetic. And show them that you are open to trying and understanding what they are going through, but that you won’t go to that place where you just want to fix everything. 

Keep in mind they are opening up to share, and that finding a solution when you are out of the problem can be a lot easier than when you are dealing with it. Be respectful. 

Instead, ask them what sort of help they need, and how you can help them through this. Ask them if they are considering suicide, to understand how complex this moment has been, and offer them reassurance within the helms of reality. 

Don’t tell them everything will be fine, you don’t know that for a fact, but let them know you are by their side trying to look for the best treatment, for example.

What is a mental health crisis kit?

A mental health crisis kit is a collection of things that can be comforting to a person when they are going through a mental health crisis. Some people may want to have a mental health crisis kit in their backpacks when they are out.

And they might also choose to have a box of it in their home. So if they ever experience a moment of crisis, such as a panic attack, they can go through those things that make them calmer, and not let the crisis take full control of them.

How can I help a friend that has suicidal thoughts?

If you think your friend is having suicidal thoughts, the first thing you can do is ask them about it. Have an honest and open conversation with them, in which you try to understand if they are only contemplating suicide, or if it is something they are already planning to do. Knowing that will give you a direction on what to do.

Don’t turn into problem-solving mode, listen to what they have to say, and support them. Show you are by their side, and that you will stay by them if they need to look for professional help. 

You can get in touch with the rest of their support network and set up schedules so they are never alone, to prevent them from doing something to harm themselves in a moment of impulse. You can also take away things that they might use to hurt themselves. And with that support and treatment, with time they will get better.

What are the benefits of having a stress and anxiety kit?

When you have a stress and anxiety kit you can find quick relief for your feelings of anguish. It also prevents you from resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms. You will also have things that are suited for your needs, and that you can bring with you.


This article showed what depression care packages are. What is the goal when giving them to someone, and what are good ideas of depression care packages you can send to someone you know that is dealing with depression.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write it in the section below.