Can’t cope won’t cope review

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Can’t cope won’t cope: review

You may have been looking at Can’t cope won’t cope reviews, perhaps because someone has recommended the show or you are just simply curious.

Let’s start by saying that this is a darkly comic drama that details the unraveling of a friendship between two codependent young women as they go through a series of situations where their lives and priorities seem to radically diverge. 

This tv series (2016-2018) stars Seána Kerslake, Nika McGuigan and Sheila Moylette. It is classified as a comedy and drama series.

The country of origin is Ireland and the original language is English. It was first released in September of 2016.  

Some Irish media have also commented on the show saying “As out of control twenty-something Aisling, Kerslake found a way to be both funny and honest.

The character was introduced as a stereotypical 24-hour party person — up all night clubbing and then, at work the next day, sneaking away from her desk quietly throw up in the toilet.”

Aisling was not only grabbing life by the scruff, but she was also an alcoholic in the making who had become fixated by their friendship with Danielle, who was an art student but lacked the self-destructive behavioral patterns Aisling had.

However, she shared her enthusiastic approach to enjoying swinging shots.

This show was a hit and very successful when released back in 2016 and even got a second season after people demanded for it, first aired on BBC Three and then on Netflix where they managed to get a bigger audience and a lot of fans.

Many people have said to relate to the story within the TV series and how they can see themselves in the characters. 

This is especially true when you are growing up and making friends in the process, going through an existential crisis and certain situations that revolve around drinking and a binging lifestyle before you hit 30.

Have you thought about it in detail?

Can you see yourself reflected in the description and situations the characters go through?

If you have watched it you can have that sense of “Dejavu” or familiarity. 

The Irish times have stated “If the first series ended with a tint of tragedy, spinning them in different directions in a moment of clarity, the second ends with a comic route, watching them retreat from big-city failures in the morning train to Mallow. “This is the end,” Seána Kerslake’s Aisling says at one point after even the miraculous Taxi Good (Steve Blount) has decided to pack it in.” 

McGuigan actually explains how it is a strange age where you are meant to finish college to have gone to uni and start a job and your friends sort of becoming your family and the most prevalent in your life going through the ups and downs that come with it ( 

Sometimes we think we know ourselves and sometimes we are born under certain circumstances that form our character and personality, but what if we are put in a different setting, for example leaving home and going to college thinking we will remain the same but sometimes it is out of our control when we meet people that are completely different from us and drag us into their crazy lives?

The result is a Molotov cocktail to say the least.

Friends and experiences shape us as persons and we can actually adopt certain behaviors we couldn’t even picture ourselves doing or perhaps we always had it in us is just we didn’t get the chance to express ourselves freely when we are always under the same dynamic and seeing the same people we have known forever.

When do we get to change or grow?

When we are faced with the unknown or when we are forced into solving problems and making decisions on our own (or in the company of friends that can actually be the voice of reason for that matter).   

For some people being in control is not easy due to some personality traits, that translate to making a lot of mistakes but having the ability to recover and learn from them is what makes us who we are at the present time, however, who we are now is not the same person from 10 years time but that’s ok, we will remember those moments and will actually have the ability to laugh about them.

It is part of the process called life. 

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Can’t cope won’t cope review

User reviews from

“Spent the first series having flashbacks to my years at uni and being this drunk while trying to attend t-COLL the next day. I actually stopped drinking after we drank a whole terms worth of home made wine my friend bought back from Taranaki in one weekend. This series is so realistic, and these women are brilliant actors. Writing is tight and the whole scene stealer is Ireland, never been there YET! This is incredibly watchable and also very truthful, still remember having a sit down in a bar with a friend who 4 years after we left uni was still drinking like this and we got her to step away from it because we were all so concerned. Thanks for the memories and great storytelling Ireland!”

“From the Netflix blurb, I was expecting something like an Irish “Broad City,” but “Can’t Cope”‘s not your standard “edgy” sitcom by any means. It’s more like a powerful indie film served up in bite-sized morsels, and as I’m sure our heroines would agree, once you’ve got a couple under your belt, it’s hard to stop bingeing (yeah?). At 27, Aisling (“Ashling”)’s already a full-fledged “alco,” albeit a high-functioning one–she’s a good earner at an investment firm, at least at the outset. Danielle has a bit more impulse control, but she’s still spinning her wheels at art school. They spend their off hours clubbing, drinking, hooking up (but only “with clean boys with jobs,” explains Aisling to a skeptical pharmacist she’s hoping will dispense a morning-after pill) and something they call “dogging”–sneaking around a secluded parking spot and pranking distracted lovers.”

“Just discovered this on BBC iplayer as I was desperate to find something to watch. I’m a long time out of Ireland so was prepared for some cringeful ‘sure and begorrah’ sentimental rubbish. Not so. Having watched the first two episodes I am looking forward to the rest. It starts off with two young women setting out in life.One works for an investment brokerage and the other is an art student. They are chronic boozers and don’t take life too seriously. Drink leads them to make ‘poor choices’ and they are flying by the seat of their pants. The scenes in the club where they are drunk off their faces are so credible and they are all for having another drink.Also the inter office gossip and competition is farcical but has an edge to it. That’s what makes it so watchable…we can see things will not always be so easy…”

“Just finished season 2 at one go. Although Aisling was annoying till the end, but the show itself was pretty relatable to me who’s passing the late 20s crisis. Can’t wait for season 3.”

“Watching this made me think of things that I did in my 20s that I hadn’t thought of in years. This was a brilliant depiction of living in the big city as a young woman, and the nature of friendships.”

“It takes a few episodes to take off, but this is a good watch. Such a similar thing happened to me and my old best friend. Quite a comfort to see I’m not the only one! It’s realistic too which I love.”

Why is this blog post about can t cope won t cope review important?

Probably you have heard from a friend or someone you know about this TV show and how the characters are so relatable to your actual life.

If you watch the show you can actually understand how your life can resemble Aisling’s or Danielle’s.

We all go through this type of situation in our attempt to figure out life before we actually hit a certain age. 

We all struggle with coping and we value those friends that actually become like family to us in our journey to understand life itself.

We can relate to the fact that some people that cross our paths are so different from us but can complement us in ways we couldn’t imagine and watching this type of interaction can be quite addictive. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about can’t cope won’t cope review

Can’t Cope won’t cope Cancelled?

It was revealed by Stefanie Preisness that there will be no expected third season of this hit comedy series can’t cope, won’t cope since it was never planned for it to exist beyond a third season.

You can find the series available on Netflix. 

Can’t Cope won’t cope actress dies?

Actor Danica McGuigan died after a brief battle with cancer at the age of 33.

She passed away peacefully and surrounded by her loving family in the early hours of July 23rd, 2019. 

How old is Nika McGuigan?

Nika Mcguigan was 33 years old when she died after battling with advanced colon cancer.

She was the daughter of former boxer Barry McGuigan.

Where does Barry McGuigan live?

Barry McGuigan lives near Whitstable, Kent with his wife and children and he currently works as a boxing pundit for Sky TV.