Can you video call on Talkspace? (+7 benefits)

In this post, we shall discuss if you can video call on Talkspace. We will also discuss some of the benefits of online video therapy and take a look at its limitations. Online therapy has become especially popular after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, since through this mode of delivery therapists and clients can maintain social distancing while providing easier access.

Can you video call on Talkspace?

Absolutely yes! You can easily schedule a video call on Talkspace  and see them in real-time. This can make your therapy a lot more effective and convenient. The steps that you will need to follow if you want to schedule a live video session with your provider are listed as follows:

  •  You will need to first log into your Talkspace account
  •  You can then go to the ‘Tools’ section that you will find in the left side of the screen
  • In the ‘Tools’ section click on the ‘Live sessions’ option and select a provider
  • In the next ‘Room details’ page, you will need to click on ‘Book session’ and select the length of the live session
  • You can then choose the type of live session that you want to have. You can select live chat, live audio and also live video
  • Select the sessions date and time from the options given to you and then click on ‘Reserve session’ once you have reviewed the details of your session

Benefits of online video therapy

Many are switching to online video therapy as a great alternative to in-person therapy. Therapy conducted online through video sessions can also be quite as effective and brings a great deal of benefits and advantages to clients. Some of the benefits of online video therapy have been described in this section:

It brings easier access

Through online video therapy, even those who are in remote areas and thus might not have easy access to certified-therapists can have therapy sessions. Since online video therapy sessions can be accessed through any web browser or any app, it greatly increases the accessibility of therapy itself.

It can be quite convenient

Online video therapy can also be quite convenient, especially for those who have very busy schedules. It can also be great for those who cannot leave the house often and for those who are involved in taking care of someone else. Due to this high level of convenience, online video sessions are becoming the preferred mode of therapy for many.

It can be real safe space

While therapists are there to make patients feel safe and comfortable, many clients still fear harassment and physical harm. This is especially more when opposite sexes are involved in the client-therapist relationship. Through online video therapy, therapists can offer a safer space for therapy and thus bring out more effectiveness from the intervention.

It can offer a lot more flexibility

There is a lot more flexibility that can be offered by online video therapy. Sessions can be conducted from anywhere and everywhere. Most of the platforms that offer online video therapy, like Talkspace or Betterhelp, also have separate apps which can be installed on smart devices, thus increasing the accessibility to the therapy provider.

It can be fit in even at the last-minute

While therapy sessions are often spaced with quite a gap in between, often a couple of weeks, many clients may need a therapy session on an immediate or urgent notice. This can be to discuss some recent developments or simply because they need to vent. Therapy conducted through real-time video sessions can be easily fit in, even at the last minute.

It can be quite cost-effective

While in-person therapy can be quite expensive, online therapy can be a cost-effective alternative which can bring easy affordability and accessibility to many people. Platforms like Betterhelp which have great facilities for online video therapy, also offer financial assistance for their plans so that everyone can have easy access to mental health care.

It offers a variety of therapists

There are also many therapists to choose from on platforms offering online video therapy sessions. The large numbers of therapists can be great for those who might want to easily switch therapists at any point of time. This can further improve the client-therapist fit which is actually essential for an effective intervention.

Limitations of online video therapy

While online video therapy certainly has its advantages and benefits, it also has many limitations that can discourage many from using it. A few limitations that online therapy brings to its users are:

  •   It requires strong and stable data connections for the video to work. This might not be available, especially in remote areas or many developing nations.
  •   It cannot be used for emergency situations where the client is basically high-risk in nature.
  •  It requires an adequate or basic knowledge of computers and technology, which might not be present in many individuals.
  •  Clients and therapists may also find it hard to pick up non-verbal cues and body language off each other and this might become a barrier in the therapeutic relationship.
  • The features of the therapist’s office cannot be used to help in therapy for the client since all the interventions are conducted virtually.


In this post, we have discussed if you can video call on Talkspace. We have also discussed some of the benefits of online video therapy and take a look at its limitations.

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The Benefits of Online Video Therapy