Can you use for free? (+features of the free plan)

In this post, we shall discuss if you can for free. We shall also look at some of the features of the free plan that offers. In addition, we shall also mention some disadvantages of as a project management tool and also some of its best features that make it so popular with individuals and teams.

Can you use for free?

Yes, you can use for free. Not only does it offer a 14 day free trial of any of its plans, but it also offers a free forever version which has some very useful features if you are just starting out. The free plan is highly popular among individuals who use it to organize and coordinate their tasks and schedules.

While the free plan might not have as many features like the Standard and Pro plans, offers a Student Program which offers these features free of cost. However, this only applies to college and university students and their educators. All the user needs to do is to type in their university email address after which they will be eligible for the Student Program.

Features of the free plan

The free plan of offers the following features for its users:

  • Users can easily create an unlimited number of boards as well as an unlimited number of documents
  • However, the number of items is restricted to 200. If the user wants to earn more items, all they need to do is to refer to a friend and once this is confirmed, the user gets an additional 100 items in their account
  • Users can easily add up to 2 team members in their account. They cannot have viewers for the account, which is a limitation of this plan
  • This plan can be used on the iOS and Android apps

Disadvantages of

Some of the disadvantages or weaknesses of that users have experienced while working on the platform have been discussed below:

The tool might not be affordable for everyone can come off as a bit too pricey for smaller teams and organizations. Even though the platform offers plans with all sorts of pricing and even a free plan, the real essence of only comes into play in the Standard and Pro plans. Everyone might not be able to afford these plans.

Inboxes can get flooded with notifications

While it is great that is trying to be transparent with its users by keeping them aware of everything that is going on, there is something like too many notifications. Inboxes can get easily flooded if users are not quick to customize their settings in order to avoid this.


Steep learning curve

The user interface is very easy to use and actually a joy to use because of the wise use of vibrant colors and Lego block-like design. Still, with the large number of features that are available, it might be difficult to learn how to use all of these. Even though there is a free trial period of 14 days, users have claimed that it is simply not enough to learn the usage of

Not many integrations

The platform has many popular integrations which users will find handy. But, the number of integrations that are available in the Integrations Center in are quite less when compared to other project management tools. Thus, users are forced to use tools like Zapier and Integromat in order to set up integrations that they need.


Task dependency issues certainly does its part in task management and project management through its features that allow teams to get a clearer picture of the projects and their individual roles and tasks. However, many users complain that there are no task dependency features present in the timeline feature, making it confusing for larger teams.

No chat feature

Even though there are plenty of means and methods to communicate and collaborate in, the platform does not have a live chat feature. The users need to communicate via the updates section, the board comments or by the tagging feature. Thus, many users prefer the integration of Slack to make up for this disadvantage in

Limited number of automations

Automated tasks make work easier and stress free for team members by taking care of repetitive but necessary actions. Depending on the plan, the number of automated tasks per month that can be set up can differ. Thus, users of the lower tier plans such as the Basic Plan and the Standard Plan may look for other tools that can perform more automated tasks at lesser cost.

Best features of

Despite its disadvantages, is still one of the most popular project management tools out there. Some of its best features are:

  • Very bright and visual user interface
  • Extremely easy to use for small and large teams
  • Useful automations
  • Robust and easy to set up integrations
  • Handy and fun widgets
  • Strong reporting and analytics features
  • Plenty of resources online to learn the usage


In this post, we have discussed if you can for free. We have also looked at some of the features of the free plan that offers. In addition, we have also mentioned some disadvantages of as a project management tool and also some of its best features that make it so popular with individuals and teams.

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