Can you use as a CRM? (+7 ways of using as a CRM)

This article will answer if can be used as a CRM. We shall also be discussing the different features of that make it an essential CRM tool. Furthermore, we will also discuss the benefits of using a CRM tool for any type of business. With its extensive library of features, can be used for various purposes across many business verticals.


Can you use as a CRM?

Yes, can be effectively used by teams as a Customer Relationship Management system. CRM refers to those tools that allow better customer service in any business organization. These tools take care of the customers through their entire life cycles and are very important for an organization’s growth and its brand value. as a CRM can be used as a CRM for any business organization in the following ways:

It can be used to automate workflows in the team

Workflows can go a whole lot smoother if many tasks can be automated. Research has shown that repeating the same task over and over again can bring team members frustration and also reduce their productivity in other tasks. To avoid this, provides a large number and types of automations which team members can use for smoother workflows.

It can show statuses of various tasks

Projects require many team members to work on multiple tasks at the same time. While working with a large team, with many people doing different things, managers can find it hard to keep track of them all. However, with the intuitive dashboard in, leaders and managers can easily see the statuses of different tasks and act accordingly.

It can give information about customers

Teams need to have a lot of information about their customers and their buying behaviors, for them to act quickly and efficiently. Sales and marketing teams, thus require a lot of information and reports about their customers. When they work on’s platform, teams can make use of the strong reporting and analytics features to work smarter with their customers.

It can score leads for you

Lead generation and scoring can be a major chore for marketing teams. However, it is necessary to have the right customer leads, or else there will be a lot of time and energy wasted in the process. With the help of, teams have access to the right leads generated by through web forms and other reliable sources.

It can help you check on your customers

Customers need to be handled with care. Sales is not just about pitching the product and then pushing for a sale of an item or a service. Individuals who work in these teams know well that it is all about timing. To make work smarter and easier for teams, provides plenty of information about customers and their interactions with sales teams.

It can integrate with other apps

Integrations are essentially looked forward to in project management and CRM tools in order to improve their effectiveness and resourcefulness. Teams often work with multiple tools serving various purposes and would require them to be integrated to avoid switching back and forth. offers more than 40 such integrations with the most popular project tools.

It can provide you with resources

If you are a small business owner who has no idea about CRM and how to wield this strategy for your business, don’t worry. The platform provides you with numerous resources from blogs, articles and tutorials for this matter. Furthermore, there are regular webinars and Q&A sessions where you can pose your queries for various issues and problems.

Benefits of using a CRM tool

If you are new to CRM or are yet to be convinced of its benefits for your business organization, these factors can help persuade you otherwise.

  • CRM can help you increase sales and thus generate a lot of profit. Through the help of CRM tools like, new leads can be generated and customer interactions can be tracked closely, allowing you to make sales quicker and smarter.
  • CRM can make the customer experience a lot better and smoother. These tools and apps bring you more information about the customers and since it synchronizes all your departments and sectors, it can resolve customer issues faster.
  • Workflows and work processes can also be automated to decrease workloads. Since sales and marketing requires you to be in constant contact with your customers through emails, texts or other campaigns, it can highly be burdensome on team members. CRM tools help you decrease workloads by automating multiple tasks at once.
  • Most of the CRM tools can be easily accessed through the cloud or through different apps. This feature allows your team to work remotely but effectively and constructively. Since they have constant access to their customers and their information, sales teams will find that pitches hit a higher percentage of homeruns.


This article has answered if can be used as a CRM. We have also discussed the different features of that make it an essential CRM tool. Furthermore, we have also discussed the benefits of using a CRM tool for any type of business.

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