Can you use FSA for Talkspace? (+7 advantages)

This article will answer if you can use FSA for Talkspace. We will also be looking at some of the reasons why therapy is actually so expensive. In addition to this, we will be discussing some of the great advantages of using Talkspace for therapy. Online therapy is quite appealing for all types of populations due to its great accessibility and ease of use.

Can you use FSA for Talkspace?

Yes, you can easily use your FSA dollars for your Talkspace plans. You will need to, however, check properly with your FSA provider to confirm this. You might also need to create an itemized receipt for your Talkspace account in order to avail this facility. Through FSA dollars, you can easily save a lot of money that might go into your therapy.

Why is therapy so expensive?

Therapy is quite expensive, but necessary for many of us. This dilemma leaves many confused and is the main reason why a large number of individuals refuse to seek therapy and also drop out in the middle of mental health programs. The reasons why therapy is actually so expensive are many. Some of these reasons have been discussed in this section:

The education part is pretty costly

It takes a lot of studying to become a therapist. And this studying needs to be done in a prestigious well acclaimed school otherwise therapists may not get the right clientele. It is not only enough for therapists to get a degree but also are required to continuously learn and update themselves which can bring in a lot of expenses.


Offices are expensive to create

Anyone who has gone to in-person therapy knows how comfortable and relaxing these therapist offices are. These offices or spaces need to be created and arranged with utmost consideration for the comfort of the client. They also need to be placed in suitable locations to draw in more clients. However, these can cost a bomb and may end up being quite expensive for the therapist.

Paperwork might be heavy

There is a lot of paperwork that comes in with therapy. This multiplies even more when there is insurance in the picture. Paperwork can actually become a full-time job for the therapist, which is why most of them have an assistant to help complete their work on time. This ends up being an added expense for the therapist, thus driving the prices of therapy up.

Emotional and mental labor

There is a lot of emotional and mental labor associated with therapy. Therapy is not always easy and many clients have traumatic incidents and experiences which can distress the therapist who is working with them. A lot of emotional labor means that the therapist needs more time and effort for self-care in order to help them effectively work with the other clients.

Licensing costs

It is not enough that the therapist have a degree or a diploma. They also need to have the right kind of licensing in order to practice in their region or state. Licensing fees are not cheap and also need to be renewed on a regular basis. Another expensive thing about licensing is that it mandates other educational courses, which can also burn holes in the therapist’s pockets.

Advantages of using Talkspace for therapy

Talkspace  has gained quite a following in recent years due to the large number of benefits that it brings to its users. Other online therapy platforms like Betterhelp  and Calmerry are also great for those who are looking for alternatives to Talkspace. Some of the superb advantages of this platform are:

  •  It makes therapy very accessible to those who are living in remote areas and thus do not have access to licensed and well-qualified therapists
  •  It also becomes highly convenient for those who are not able to leave the house frequently, such as those who are disabled and individuals who are involved in infant care
  • Online therapy platforms like Talkspace and even Betterhelp offer very cost-effective therapy programs and plans that makes it easy for those who are not financially well-off
  • Talkspace plans can also be covered by insurance as the platform has tied up with several insurance providers such as Cigna, Optum and Humana. In addition to this, the plans can also be covered through EAPs and through FSA or HAS
  • There are a variety of plans that the platform offers for its users. The Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus plan allows users to message their providers through text messages, audio messages and even video messages. The Premium and Ultimate plans of Talkspace additionally offer live sessions for a period of 30 – 50 minutes each.
  • Since users have facilities for all types of messaging, from text messaging, audio messaging and video messaging, it brings more control and ownership to them
  • The platform also offers Teens therapy for those between the ages of 13-18 years. This can be great since this age group faces a great deal of stress related to school, friends and family
  • Furthermore, Talkspace also has couples therapy that can be ideal for those pairs who are going through a rough patch in their relationships


This article has answered if you can use FSA for Talkspace. We have also looked at some of the reasons why therapy is actually so expensive. In addition to this, we have discussed some of the great advantages of using Talkspace for therapy.

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