Can you use EAP on Talkspace? (+9 benefits of EAP)

In this blogpost, we will explain if you can use EAP on Talkspace. In addition to this, we will also discuss what in fact is EAP and the various benefits it can bring to an organization and its employees. Talkspace is one of the world’s leading platforms that provide cost-effective and easily accessible online therapy.


Can you use EAP on Talkspace?

The answer is, yes! You can easily use EAP on Talkspace as it has partnered with several health plans in the U.S. Through the use of EAP, the cost of mental health care can be significantly reduced. EAPs also ensure that therapy and mental health is easily available and accessible to any employee who requires it.


What is EAP?

EAP or Employee Assistance Programs are nothing but intervention programs in the workplace that aim to improve the overall quality of life of employees, so that they can show more performance in their work duties. EAPs can range in types and can cover many aspects, including mental health, legal issues, financial aid and even child care.

Benefits of an EAP

Many organizations are ensuring that they have an EAP in place, no matter the size and strength of employees that are present in it. This is because Employee Assistance Programs bring a wealth of benefits and advantages to the employees and also to the organization. Some of these benefits are:

It can reduce absenteeism

Through the implementation of Employee Assistance Programs in the organization, absenteeism of employees can greatly be reduced. Absenteeism costs the organization a lot of money, especially when sick days are taken unnecessarily and without permission. Since EAPs take care of a lot of the personal issues of the employees, absenteeism can also reduce.

It boosts commitment

Many leaders and managers still struggle to find ways to boost the commitment levels of the employees towards the company itself. Commitment to the company and the team is necessary as this will affect the productivity and the work efficiency of the employees. However, EAPs are a great way for leaders and managers to improve the commitment of their staff.

It improves productivity

Productivity is also a dilemma that leaders and managers have to often deal with. They usually scramble to find different ways through which productivity in their staff can be increased and improved. When there are good Employee Assistance Programs in the company, the overall productivity of the team increases as their personal issues are being well taken care of.

It can increase collaboration

Collaboration between team members can lead to a plethora of benefits for the organization. Through effective collaboration, there can be open lines of communication between team members and can also increase individual productivity and work efficiency. EAPs can greatly improve the collaboration as teams feel more committed and loyal to the shared goals.

It can lead to better job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is another factor that is positively affected by the presence of EAPs. Job satisfaction in turn can lead to more employee retention and lesser turnover rates for the company or the organization. In fact, the presence of good Employee Assistance Programs is one important aspect that potential employees look for in a great organization.

It can bring creativity and innovation

Employee Assistance Programs bring a great deal of comfort and peace to the employees as they understand well that their personal needs and requirements will be easily taken care of by the organization. This is particularly necessary in such a pandemic-ridden world. With the presence of comfort, employees are more open to be creative and innovative in their work processes.

It improves work management

Work management is a deadly chore that many leaders and managers often struggle with. The struggle multiplies many times if they are dealing with a large team or a complex project. Since EAPs bring more collaboration and also reduce absenteeism, which can basically be the death of a project, work management also becomes smoother and faster.

It can save a lot of money

Organizations lose a lot of money when employees take unnecessary leaves. They also lose a lot of money through health insurance for their employees. Employee Assistance Programs allow the organization to save a lot of money as these are more cost-effective to set up. With the large number of benefits that they bring, they can in fact generate a lot of profit for the organization.


It boosts the organizational value

Many candidates look for the presence of EAPs in the organization when they are looking for a new job. The presence of good Employee Assistance Programs in the organization signifies that it does not only focus on work, but also on the people in the company. Thus, EAPs can also boost the value of an organization among the workforce.


Alternatives to Talkspace

If you are looking for another mental health platform that can also be covered through EAP, you can choose Betterhelp. This online therapy platform provides mental health care services at low costs and can also be accessed from practically anywhere and everywhere. Another great thing about Betterhelp is that the platform provides financial assistance to those who cannot afford it.


In this blogpost, we have explained if you can use EAP on Talkspace. In addition to this, we have also discussed what in fact is EAP and the various benefits it can bring to an organization and its employees.

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