Can you use CalmiGo while pregnant?

This post will explain if you can use CalmiGo while pregnant. We will also be looking at the different benefits of breathing exercises for those who are pregnant. In addition to this, we will be perusing the various benefits and advantages that Calmigo presents to its users. Anxiety is quite common during pregnancy, for which relaxation and breathing techniques can help.


Can you use CalmiGo while pregnant?

While it is not exactly dangerous to use the various breathing exercises that CalmiGo provides while pregnant, it is always best to consult your doctor before you add anything to your treatment regimen. CalmiGo otherwise has proven to be an effective tool to reduce anxiety and stress in a short span of time.

Benefits of breathing exercises during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a difficult time, even for those who have been preparing for it for a long time. The months during and after pregnancy can create a lot of physical and mental stress in an individual and can also affect those around them. Many doctors are prescribing breathing exercises for those who are pregnant as it provides several benefits such as:

Improving blood circulation

Through breathing exercises, there is better blood circulation in the body. The increased blood circulation can help the individual as all the organs are supplied equally with oxygenated blood. Increased blood circulation can also be useful for not only the individual but also for the baby that is growing inside of them

Can be great for self-care

Breathing exercises can be a great form of self-care. Those who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth can definitely point to how painful and stressful this period is. Many also mention how they do not have time to take care of themselves. In this situation, breathing exercises can prove t be a great form of self-care for the pregnant person.

Can help in mindfulness

Breathing exercises can also help in increasing mindfulness and self-awareness. This is because breathing exercises encourage the individual to be more aware of the breathing and leave focus of all the other happenings around them. It is no wonder that many yogis practice breathing exercises often to increase their self-awareness and self-regulation.

Allows the body to remove waste

Our body produces a lot of waste and this is removed through many ways. One of the ways through which the body eliminates waste is by breathing it out. Breathing exercises not only help in this, but also improves the body’s assimilation process by bringing more blood supply to the required areas.

Brings more blood to the baby

The baby needs a lot of nutrition to grow. It also requires plenty of blood supply. Proper blood supply not only ensures a healthier fetus, but also improves the baby’s immunity and strength to fight off any illnesses. Blood supply issues can not only lead to infections but are the main reason for conditions like cerebral palsy and ASD, which makes breathing exercises important.


Can help your physique

The body also goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. Those who are pregnant often complain about various muscle cramps and joint pains that they experience during this time. Breathing exercises can also help in relaxing the joints and bringing relief to those who are struggling with body pains.

Can make delivery easier

Childbirth or labor is definitely not an easy process, even if the person’s body may be physiologically and psychologically prepared for it. However, many research studies have proven that breathing exercises can definitely improve the body’s response to childbirth and can make the process of labor much easier.

Advantages of using CalmiGo

CalmiGo, or as some people remember it myReLeaf, is basically a handheld device that provides a fast-acting treatment to those who are having anxiety or panic attacks. This popular device can bring a range of advantages or benefits to its users. Some of these benefits have been described below:

It is fast-acting

This device uses methods that can provide quick relief to those who are experiencing anxiety or even having panic attacks. Those who have experienced anxiety know how long it takes to recover from such an attack. However, by using CalmiGo, users can experience quick relief that they have more control of.

It does not use any drugs

While many individuals who experience anxiety or panic attacks use medications and drugs to combat the symptoms, CalmiGo does not use any such drugs. This device uses breathing exercises and also uses the power of aromatherapy to help users relax and recover from anxiety attacks.

It can be taken anywhere

Perhaps the best advantage of CalmiGo is that it can be taken anywhere since it fits in your palm. Thus, the device can be carried in a pocket or a purse and this can be great for those who might find it difficult to carry around anxiety medication for fear of judgement. This cute purple and white device pretty much looks like an inhaler and can be used by anyone anywhere.


This post has explained if you can use CalmiGo while pregnant. We have also looked at the different benefits of breathing exercises for those who are pregnant. In addition to this, we have perused the various benefits and advantages that Calmigo presents to its users.

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