Can you tell if you have bipolar? (+15 Symptoms of bipolar)

In this post, we will be explaining if you can tell if you have bipolar. We will further be discussing how you can tell if you have bipolar by listing out the various types of the disorder, along with its signs and symptoms of the illness.

Can you tell if you have bipolar?

Yes, you can tell if you have bipolar. If you are experiencing mood swings which range from mania, also meaning extreme high, to depression, also meaning extreme low, it is most likely due to bipolar disorder. This is especially if the issue has been going on for months together.

While you can tell if you have bipolar by understanding the symptoms of the illness, the best way to do so is by consulting with a psychiatrist or a psychologist. The mental health professional will evaluate and assess your symptoms and prescribe treatment appropriately.

The main types of treatment for bipolar disorder include medication, in the form of antidepressants and mood stabilizers. Along with medication, psychotherapy may also be prescribed for the treatment of bipolar disorder.

How can you tell if you have bipolar?

You can tell if you have bipolar by observing the symptoms that you are experiencing over a few days. However, the best way to understand if you have bipolar disorder is to simply consult with a mental health professional who will conduct a clinical evaluation.

The different symptoms of bipolar disorder can be classified into depression and mania. During depression, you may go into an extreme low, and when you are in a manic phase, you may go into an extreme high. These symptoms have been discussed in detailed in the following section.

Signs of depression

You may feel very hopeless about the future

The main sign of depression is that you may feel very hopeless about the future. You may feel that the future holds nothing for you and that life in general is very bleak. You may also say these things openly to those whom you confide in.

You may isolate yourself from your friends

You may also isolate yourself from your friends and even your family. You may also stop using social media for a while and may even delete your accounts. If you are in a relationship or are married, you may lessen your communication with them or may shut yourself in a room.

You may lose your appetite

Another important sign of depression is that you may find that food no longer interests you. You may have no appetite for even dishes that you previously found comforting and tasty. In some cases, you may also be unable to taste food properly.

This can lead to changes in your weight. You may find that you are losing pounds by the week without any other explanation. This further leads to malnourishment which can simply worsen the other symptoms of depression.

On the other hand, some people may also start eating more than usual when they are depressed. However, even with the increased appetite, they may still feel tired and fatigued all the time. They basically stop eating for health and eat more for comfort.

You may lose interest in work

If you are working, depression can lead you to lose interest. You may feel that your performance decreases and this may even hamper your job. If you are a student, you may find yourself lagging behind in assignments and failing tests more than often.

This is not only related to professional work, but even the work that we do at home. You may find that your daily chores, like your laundry or mowing the lawn, are too behind schedule. You may also start losing interest in your self-hygiene and self-care.

You may feel tired all the time

Depression can also lead you to feeling tired all the time. This is even if you are definitely well-rested and well-nourished. This can cause you to slow down your walking, and you may find even simple physical activities highly strenuous in nature.

You may even speak softer

In many cases, depression can cause your voice to become softer. Those around you may often ask you to repeat yourself, and you may also find it hard to speak up. You might even feel that it is pointless or worthless to speak out and speak up about something.

Your sleep patterns may change

Just as depression affects the eating patterns, it also affects your sleeping patterns. Sometimes, you may feel that you need to sleep for much longer, while others you may be unable to fall asleep and stay asleep for the required period of time.

Your sex drive may decrease

If you are sexually active, depressive episodes can even cause your sex drive to drastically decrease. If you are a male, you may experience erectile dysfunctions. If you are female, you may experience vaginal dryness and the need to use external lubrication.

You may experience cognitive issues

Depression can also cause your mind to think slower than usual. Therefore, even if you are a very smart person, you may find it hard to remember things and may also find it difficult to make decisions.

You may also think about suicide

In severe cases, depression can also lead you to think about suicide or even death in general. In case you haven’t sought help up to this point, it is important that you seek professional help at least now.

Signs of mania

Your energy levels may spike up

The most important sign of mania is that your energy levels may go up significantly. You may find that you have enough energy to take on the world and at this time, you may actually take up multiple projects at once.

You may also find it hard to sit still at a spot and may feel that you need to be on the run all the time. You may also take on more tasks when you are at work and may even take on multiple home projects.

You may start sleeping less

You also may feel that you have a decreased need for sleep. As a result, your sleep patterns and schedules may be disrupted. While your body may feel fatigued and tired as a result of this, your mind feels highly active and ready to accomplish anything.

You may have many thoughts

Your mind simply won’t stop working. When you are in the manic phase of bipolar, you may have racing thoughts which cover multiple areas at once. You may also come up with brilliant new ideas and inventions, and may actually try to take on these projects.

When we take a look at history, many great ideas and innovations have been accomplished as a result of mania, more specifically hypo-mania. However, in an extreme manic phase, your thoughts may be too many at a time to produce any proper end-product.

Your sex drive may increase

Another symptom of mania is that your sex drive may increase, along with your sexual performance. You may find yourself being more initiative and aggressive in bed. You may also take part in risky or unsafe sex.

Your appetite may go up

Mania can also cause your appetite to immensely increase. You may find that you have a renewed appetite for everything and may even try new things. Simultaneously, some people may experience a decreased appetite and need for food in this phase.


In this post, we have explained if you can tell if you have bipolar. We have further discussed how you can tell if you have bipolar by listing out the various types of the disorder, along with its signs and symptoms of the illness.

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