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Page last updated: 2/09/2022

In this blogpost, we shall discuss if you can schedule posts on We will also be discussing the intricacies of the social media planner template in this platform. In addition, we shall be explaining the various benefits of social media management for any type of business. With its many ready to use templates, reduces workloads and promotes smart work.

Can you schedule posts on

Yes, you can easily schedule posts on Since social media marketing is becoming a well utilized tool for businesses all over the world, companies are taking this factor very seriously. They are not only encouraging creative teams to come up with brilliant innovative ideas but also using tools like to execute their plans.

Social media planner template in

In order to make your social media management a whole lot effective, offers a social media planner template for teams to make use of. With the help of this template, social media teams in organizations can easily create their content and also schedule posting on social media platforms in a well-organized manner.

Furthermore, this planner can be used to brainstorm and discuss, thus generating creative and innovative ideas. It becomes a centralized information hoarding system where ideas can be easily stored for future use. The planner also helps in organizing the social media content according to relevance, data, platform on which it is to be published and also priority statuses.

This social media planner can also be easily synchronized and connected with other project tools and devices so that users can easily import information and content into the platform. Since it is a very visible tool, this template is gaining popularity among social media teams in organizations, both large and small.

Benefits of social media management for any business

Since social media is a strong tool for making businesses visible and promoting their value among target populations, organizations are creating space in their teams to focus on this particular issue. Many are also opting for external social media management agencies to help them expand their social media presence. Some of the benefits of this for organizations are:

It can help companies become more visible

With the help of social media, companies can become a lot more visible with customers and target audiences. This is especially useful for small businesses which are just starting out. With a strong social media presence, organizations can easily be more available for customers who will start paying more attention to the brand.


It can bring in new customers

While every company or business has a specific target population, they always aim to bring in new customers. Through social media, companies can easily tailor their messages so that they can have an impact on new sets of populations, apart from their existing ones. This can generate a lot of new customers for the brand, thus bringing in more profit.

It can be used for marketing

Marketing can be difficult and tough since it is a highly competitive field. While there are many types of marketing campaigns, from newspaper ads, posters, flyers, hoardings, SMS campaigns, email chains, etc., a very effective type of marketing tool is social media. This is practically easy and quite cost effective, which makes it even more appealing to businesses.

It can create larger impacts in society

Since almost everyone has some social media account of one type or another, creating a social media presence for a business can have a larger impact than intended. This of course depends on the message and the content that the organization is trying to drive into people’s minds.

Many organizations are creating social media content with meaningful social messages for this reason. In this way, organizations are not creating content to generate more customers and increase profit but also bringing positive change to society and its members.

It can push the company’s USP

Every organization has a Unique Selling Point which many consumers don’t realize due to lack of awareness campaigns. Through social media, companies can not only drive home their USPs but also become thought leaders of their field of expertise. This allows the company to not only become a leader of its products or services, but also in ideas and expertise.

It can be used for customer support

Customer support can be easily added with social media pages of companies so that users can easily reach out in the case of any queries or issues. Thus, through social media, the brand becomes a lot more accessible to the consumers, which again boosts their brand loyalty and brand value among their customer populations.

Content can be easily customized

While other types or marketing campaigns may have limits about the type and size of content, social media marketing gives no limits. This enables organizations to create their content in the way that they need. Content can also contain images, videos, GIFS and even audio messages. In this manner, social media marketing becomes a lot more effective for businesses.


In this blogpost, we have discussed if you can schedule posts on We have also discussed the intricacies of the social media planner template in this platform. In addition, we have explained the various benefits of social media management for any type of business.

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