Can you print from (+Steps to print)

In this blogpost, we will answer if you can print from We will also be listing out the steps that users will need to follow in order to print boards from In addition to this, we shall be discussing the usefulness or practicability of for small businesses to take care of their project management or collaboration needs.


Can you print from

Yes, you can print from The platform allows users to print boards where their info or content is stored. They can also change the view of the board and print this out for their use. This can be highly useful teams in large organizations who work with many reports from many areas.


How to print a board from

In order to print a board from, you need to follow these steps:

  • You will need to click on the three dots menu at the top right part of your screen. You will have an option called ‘More actions’. From the additional options that drop down, click on ‘Print board’.

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  • This will open the print preview screen where you can also find options to customize the product.

Benefits of for small businesses

The different benefits of, particularly for small businesses include the following:

It can be customized easily

This platform encourages users to customize and adapt their workspaces so that they are comfortable in their work environment. The interface is really easy to use and highly visible for users to pick out their items and tasks. They can also easily move things around and set their own color codes so that they can work more efficiently.

Automations can be set up

Every plan in, except for the Free plan, has a particular number of automated tasks that can be set up to be completed every day for a month. These tasks are usually repetitive but necessary tasks such as notifying by email that an assignment has been completed. This saves users a lot of time and energy so that they can give more focus to constructive tasks.

Wide variety of features

The platform has a wide variety of features that teams, particularly that of small businesses will really enjoy. The different widgets such as time tracking widget, quote of the day widget, status update widget, etc. can really bring teams together in order to achieve their goals in a short span of time.

Seamless integrations

In addition, also offers a lot of integrations that can be set up so that small businesses can bring all their tools together and work from one platform. For example, an integration can be set up with Slack so that team members can chat with each other. An integration can also be set up with online calendars to facilitate better scheduling.

Communication features clearly understands that collaboration and communication is more effective when it takes place through  different mediums. Thus, the platform allows team members to communicate with each other via the updates section, board comments and also through @mentions.

CRM tools

Due to the large number of features that are available in it, can easily be used as a Customer Relationship Management. Not only are all the sectors or departments highly synchronized because of this tool, but they can also easily process tickets and solve issues, thus improving the customer experience and increasing brand value in the process.

HR tools

For HR departments to function in a smooth manner and ensure better employee satisfaction, the project management system needs to be equipped with the right tools for payroll, performance review measures and calculating hours of work. All this and more can be found in the platform, making it easier for small businesses to run without any hiccups.

Business operation tools

Day to day business operations in a small business can become stressful and overwhelming if they are not conducted with coordination and planning. However, with a platform like, business operations like finance, administration functions, inventory management, maintaining calendars and other functions can be easily performed.

Simple to use

The platform is extremely simple to use and is filled with bright and bold colors that ensure high visibility and also very visually pleasing. This ease of use can be helpful for small business owners who already have a lot on their plate and are looking for a simple project management tool to organize their tasks.

App development features

Apps may need to be developed for various reasons, for curiosity to make work easier in a team. For those users who are looking for a simple platform to build an app, is the right choice. Not only is it a cakewalk to build useful apps here, but can also be posted in the marketplace for user reviews.


Strong security

The platform also offers strong security features so that small business owners don’t have to worry about their info getting leaked. offers strong security features like complying to all the standards and conducting regular penetration testing of the platform.


In this blogpost, we have answered if you can print from We have also listed out the steps that users will need to follow in order to print boards from In addition to this, we have discussed the usefulness or practicability of for small businesses to take care of their project management or collaboration needs.

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