Can you import data into (+ Steps to import data from Excel)

In this blogpost, we will discuss if you can import data into We shall also discuss the different steps involved in importing data from an Excel sheet into In addition to this, we shall also look at the importance of data for any business. Features on not only allow you to import data but also use it to track trends, predict risks and solve problems.

Can you import data into

Yes, you can import data into Importing data from Excel is essential as many teams work with Excel for their spreadsheet needs. This might be for storing information, organizing data and also performing calculations and analysis. This feature of makes it easier for teams to have all their information in a single spot.

How to import data from Excel into

If you want to import data from Excel into, you will need to follow the different steps described below:

  • Click on your profile picture and from the drop down menu choose ‘Import Data’. From the options that follow, choose ‘Excel’.

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  • There will be a pop-up on your screen into which you can drag and drop the Excel file that you want to import information from. You can choose to browse the documents stored on your device and select the Excel sheet from there.
  • You can now customize your board in order to sort and organize the information in the manner that you prefer.

Importance of data for your business

Since almost everyone is working with smart data nowadays, let us look at some reasons why data is so important for businesses, especially today.

Data can increase productivity levels

Leaders and managers are always looking for new ways and methods to increase productivity levels in teams and team members. A great way to do this is by providing them with the proper data and information. These resources can guide team members and also help them maneuver sharp corners and overcome obstacles in an easier manner.


It can predict new trends

Data can be used to predict new trends that are coming up in the market. The biggest challenge of organizations today is not being able to cope with new trends. Those organizations that cope well with trends and new patterns stay on top of their game. With the help of the right data, organizations can easily predict trends and cope with them in a better manner.


It can foresee risks

While risks and problems might often come in an organization’s work processes, it becomes easier to maneuver them if team members are aware of them ahead of time. This can be possible with the help of data. Studying data thoroughly can help team members foresee risks, predict choppy waters and prepare for them.

It can empower creativity

Creativity and innovation are necessary for the success of an organization. In fact, organizations that encourage their teams to be creative turn out to be more successful than organizations which don’t. With the help of useful data, teams can easily become a lot more creative and innovative and can thus bring their ideas to life.

It can strengthen team bonds

Teams which collaborate effectively and efficiently turn out to be stronger and resilient than others. This is the reason why leaders and managers encourage and facilitate collaboration so closely. Data can also make teams stronger as they discuss issues using the right data and informatics at hand.

It can help in decision-making

Difficult decisions might need to be taken often in an organization for various purposes. When leaders are confused about making decisions, they often turn to reliable sources of data to help them come to the right conclusion. Data not only helps in making decisions, but also helps the problem or issue be perceived from many ways.

It can create new goals for the organization

Organizations are always looking for new goals and projects to work on. While it is great to be optimistic and passionate, it is more important to be realistic while choosing the next project. Otherwise, the organization may simply bite more than it can chew. Data can provide guidance for the organization on its next endeavor, based on its past performances and success.

It can be used to measure performance

Performance needs to be measured in the right manner, both for payroll issues and also for appraisals. When the right data is used, not only does the appraisal become objective and free of bias, but can be genuinely used to boost the growth and value of the employee and also the entire team.

It can help in understanding customers

Customers need to be understood by the organization if they need to be served well. With data, customer behavior can be tracked and their interactions can be better understood by the business. It also reveals more about their past buying histories, enabling businesses to serve their customers in a better manner.


In this blogpost, we have discussed if you can import data into We have also discussed the different steps involved in importing data from an Excel sheet into In addition to this, we have also looked at the importance of data for any business.

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