Can you import a Google sheet into (+Steps to import)

This post will answer if you can import a Google sheet into We will be describing the different steps that you will need to follow for this. In addition, we will also discuss the different advantages of using Google sheets. With the help of the many features in, teams can bring in information from many resources and thus work in a smarter manner.

Can you import a Google sheet into

Yes, you can import a Google sheet into not only offers many integrations with popular apps and project management tools, but also allows users to connect accounts so that there is proper sharing and usage of information and data. This makes teams even more effective and supplied with the right resources.

Steps to import a Google sheet into

To import a Google sheet into, you will need to follow the steps given below:

  • On the bottom left part of your screen, you will find an avatar icon. Clicking on this will give you various options from which you will need to click on ‘Import Data’.

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  • From the menu that follows, click on Google Sheets.
  • This will prompt you to connect the Google account that you want to import the sheets from.
  • Choose the file that you would like to import from the drive, which will be displayed as a board in
  • You will be then prompted to create the first row of your board, the first column of your board and the type of column.

Advantages of using Google sheets for any business

While Google sheets is a familiar term for almost every earthling, there are plenty of advantages of using this tool that not many are aware of. Some great advantages of using Google sheets are explained in this section:

It can improve collaboration

Through the use of Google sheets, team members can collaborate and communicate effectively. This is because the team members are dealing with the right information and resources. With the right information at hand, team members are more confident to collaborate and discuss topics and issues with one another.

Teams can work with the latest data

Since work is being done all the time, content and information is constantly updated and upgraded. Teams also need access to the latest data or information in order to work more constructively and effectively. Updating information with teams can take a toll if other collaboration means are being used. However, with Google sheets it is a lot easier.

There is high transparency

Transparency is necessary for teams to work in unison and harmony. When there is high transparency among team members, it also fosters an environment of trust and responsibility. Since they work with more accountability, there are higher levels of productivity among teams. This transparency is encouraged by the use of Google sheets.

Information is easily organized

No one likes a cluttered workspace. With the large amounts of information that organizations work with on a daily basis, organization and coordination can seem like a chore. However, through Google sheets, information can be easily organized which makes it easier to access and retrieve.

Productivity is increased

For teams to be productive, they need to have access to the right information at the right time. They also need to be able to retrieve it easily and work with it in a coordinated manner. Google sheets with all these factors, can greatly improve the productivity and work efficiency levels of team members.

Reports and presentations are easily made

While information may be easy for teams in the form of a spreadsheet, it is hardly an effective tool if you want to create a presentation or a report. However, Google sheets have plenty of features that allow spreadsheets to be turned into eye-catching reports and presentations, thus saving a lot of time and energy for team members.

Teams can work together

With the advent and popularity of remote working, teams are turning to online project management tools like Google sheets in order to complete their tasks and assignments. The great thing about Google sheets is that teams can easily work together, which means better teamwork and work efficiency in the organization.

Offline mode is available

While data connection might be easily available today, there is always a chance in its disruption. Internet access might also be difficult in remote areas and developing nations. For those who want to continue to do their work offline, Google sheets is the best project management tool as it offers a lot of features to be used even when there is no strong internet connection.

It is super easy to use

Google sheets has a very familiar interface that is quite appealing to almost everybody. The simplicity of this platform has another added advantage that many other project management tools lack. It is super easy to use and thus has a very short learning curve. Thus, teams prefer this tool for their projects, tasks and assignments.



This post has answered if you can import a Google sheet into We have described the different steps that you will need to follow for this. In addition, we have also discussed the different advantages of using Google sheets.

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