Can you have a therapist and psychiatrist on Talkspace? (+7 tips for therapy)

This post will explain if you can have a therapist and psychiatrist on Talkspace. We shall also discuss how you can get the best out of therapy if you are seeing a therapist. Lastly, we will be explaining some of the great benefits of online therapy that can be great for all types of users. In such a competitive world as this, therapy can be a great venue for venting and growth.


Can you have a therapist and psychiatrist on Talkspace?

Absolutely yes! You can have a therapist and psychiatrist on Talkspace You can basically have it all when it comes to mental health while using a platform such as Talkspace. The platform allows users to take part in therapy and also have access to medications and drugs through psychiatry. If users are confused about what they require, they can easily discuss this with their therapist on Talkspace itself.

How can you get the best out of therapy?

Therapy is not a one-way street. It is not effective when only the therapist talks and interacts with you. As a client, you also need to do a major chunk of the activities that are related to therapy for it to be successful. Here are some of the things that you can do in order to make the most out of your therapy sessions:

Find the right therapist

The right therapist can help you make strides in your mental health. However, if the fit is not right between the therapist and you, it can add stress and distress to your already suffering mental health. The right therapist should be someone who is licensed, well-qualified and most importantly a great listener.

Find the right therapy

There are many different kinds of therapy that are being offered under psychotherapy, as psychology itself has many schools of thought. In addition to this, the modes of delivery are also various, from in-person therapy to text therapy and virtual therapy. Find the right kind of therapy and right mode of delivery that can suit your needs and requirements.

Be open and honest

During therapy, it is highly important that you be open and honest with your therapist. It might be difficult at times, for fear of judgement or embarrassment. But your therapist might definitely have heard worse stories than this before. So don’t be afraid to be as open as possible with your therapist, so that they can help you get on the right track to better mental health.

Set goals for yourself

Before going for therapy, you need to set aside some goals for yourself. If you are finding it hard to, that’s perfectly alright. Your therapist can help you with this. But having realistic goals for yourself can make it easier for your therapist to guide you. It can also give you more incentives to work on your therapy sessions.

Do your homework

Therapists are not focused on developing mental health and growth during therapy sessions alone. In fact, they want the individual to grow in all areas of their lives. And thus, therapists may provide multiple assignments and a lot of homework. Doing these brings more development and progress for your therapy and also shows more accountability and responsibility.


Journal and record

You can also journal and record your therapy sessions in order to bring more reflection. Journaling is additionally a form of healthy venting and expression that therapists often encourage. Maintaining a journal of your therapy sessions can help you remember important points discussed and can also be a great record if you are going to switch therapists in the future.

Go to therapy at the right time

Therapy needs to be taken seriously and cannot be experienced willy-nilly. Thus, it is extremely important that you schedule the right time and space for therapy sessions. This will guarantee that you can focus more on your mental health, and not be unnecessarily distracted by work or other social commitments.


Benefits of online therapy

There are a multitude of online therapy platforms, among which Talkspace  and Betterhelp are the most popular ones. Online therapy has gained a lot of importance in recent years due to the large number of benefits and advantages that it can bring to its users. Some of the advantages or benefits of online therapy are:

  •  Online therapy can be a lot more cost-effective than traditional or in-person therapy. Also, Talkspace covers its plans through insurance and Betterhelp even brings financial assistance to those who require it, further lowering the costs of therapy.
  • Online therapy brings a lot of convenience and ease of use for its users, since they can easily access their therapists from literally anywhere and everywhere.
  • It is also just as effective as in-person therapy, and with its added advantages of convenience and ease of use can bring more comfort to users.
  • These therapy platforms also provide a wider variety of therapies under one roof, and thus users have access to couples therapy, group therapy and even teens therapy at the same place
  • Online therapy can also provide multiple modes of therapy delivery for the same account, which means that users can chat with their providers, send audio or video messages to them and also have live sessions.


This post has explained if you can have a therapist and psychiatrist on Talkspace. We have also discussed how you can get the best out of therapy if you are seeing a therapist. Lastly, we have explained some of the great benefits of online therapy that can be great for all types of users.

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