Can you export to Excel? (+steps to export)

In this article, we shall answer if you can export to Excel. We will also be describing the various steps in order to export a board from to Excel. In addition to this, we will be discussing the various benefits of using Microsoft Excel for both individuals and teams.

Can you export to Excel?

Yes, you can easily export information from to Excel. Since many teams use Excel and find it easier to store and organize all their information, they might still want to export their info there. They might also want to use the features of Excel to work with their information from

Steps to export a board from to Excel

In order to export a board from to Excel, you will need to follow the directions given below:

  • You need to click on the three dot menu that you will find at the upper right corner in your board. From the menu that drops down click on ‘More actions’ and choose ‘Export board to Excel’.

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  • If you want to export a group, you will need to click on the arrow that appears on the left of the group name. From the options available, choose ‘Export to Excel’.
  • If you want to export items to Excel, you will have to use Batch Actions. There, you must click on ‘Export’.
  • You can also choose the entire information of your account as a .zip file to Excel. For this, you will have to click on your avatar and choose ‘Admin’ from the options that appear below. 
  • In the ‘General’ settings, you can go to the ‘Account’ option where you will find ‘Export account data’. Click on the ‘Export’ button. That’s it!

Benefits of using Microsoft Excel

Excel is a popular tool that almost everyone is familiar with. This tool has been used for decades by individuals and teams to keep track of information in a well-coordinated manner. Some of the great benefits of using Microsoft Excel are discussed below:

Information can be easily visualized

Since too many numbers and data can be quite confusing, team members will need to visualize them in the right manner in order to better understand it. Excel offers many features for proper visualization of information through graphs and charts. You can also click on the option ‘Recommended’ charts which will place your info in the right chart.

Calculation features of Excel

You can not only store information on Excel, but also perform many calculations right there in the tool. The calculations can range from simple one like Autosum to complex ones for the purpose of data analysis. This reason makes many team members who work with numbers still stick to Excel even though many other apps and tools have come for this purpose.

Excel offers many templates

While the tool can be used to store information, it also tries to reduce the workloads of team members by providing many templates for users to choose from. These ready to use templates can be used for a variety of tasks and activities. Thus, Excel can allow team members to increase their productivity by giving them a starting boost in their work.

Reports can be printed

While info and work is great, teams in any organization will understand the importance of reports. Since leaders and managers need to have a report for almost everything, creating all this from scratch can be time-consuming. However, with Excel, reports can be created with easy customizations, thus saving lots of time and energy.

Available on all devices

Everyone might be familiar with using Excel on their desktop. To conform to the times and needs of the users, Excel can now be used online and also through mobile apps. This allows better access to resources and information, especially for those team members who are working from various geographical locations.

Excel can clean data

When you work with large amounts of data and information, you can find your database getting easily cluttered. This becomes worse when you keep adding more data and can be a chore to find what you are looking for. You can use the power query feature on Excel which help you transform your data and clean it for a mess-free worksheet.

Power Pivot feature

While the tool gives no limit for data and information, there is still a limit in the number of rows and columns. In order to help teams and individuals who are looking for a lot of space to store their data, Excel has come up with the Power Pivot feature where you have access to many more rows and many other features to work with.

Improves productivity and work efficiency

Since you are working with a lot of information which is easily accessible and shareable, your work is bound to be more productive and effective. The features of Excel also help you create charts and graphs which can help you as well as other team members understand projects in a better manner, thus taking the team effectiveness up a notch.


In this article, we have answered if you can export to Excel. We have also described the various steps in order to export a board from to Excel. In addition to this, we have also discussed the various benefits of using Microsoft Excel for both individuals and teams.

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