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Page last updated: 2/09/2022

In this article, we shall discuss if you can email from We shall also be explaining the different steps involved in sending emails from In addition to this, we will also be discussing the many advantages of using emails for any type of business organizations. The features on this platform make it very easy for businesses to function and evolve.

Can you email from

Yes, you can email from Since allows many robust integrations with popular apps and tools, you can connect your account with an email service provider of your choice and send emails through Emailing from gives you many added features that can make your message more effective and clear.

How to email from

To email from in the easiest manner, you will need to download the Emails and Activities app and then connect your email to it. The steps to do so are described as follows:

  • On the board in which you want to install the app, open the Updates Section of any item. You can do this by clicking on the speech bubble icon.
  • Next, you will need to click on the ‘Add View’ option which will open the Item Views Center.
  • Here, you can go to the Emails and Activities app and click on the ‘Add Widget’ option.
Can you email from (+Steps to email)

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  • You will then need to connect your email address by choosing the ‘Send Email’ option. You will find this located at the top left corner of the Emails and Activities app. You can choose between Gmail and Outlook. Selecting the ‘Connect’ option will then start the integration process.
  • Once both the accounts have been connected, click on the ‘Send Email’ option which will then open a text editor where you can create and send your message to the recipient.
  • After you have sent your message, you can also go to the ‘Email tracking’ option located at the bottom of the text editor where you can see if the message has been read and how many times it has been opened.
  • In order to be notified when you receive a message, you can set up an automation for this in the settings. For this, you will need to go to the ‘Email settings’ and click on the ‘Automate’ option in the top part of the page.

Advantages of using emails for businesses

While emails have been around for a long time now, their use is still very relevant and quite effective. In fact, emails are the go-to communication method for many organizations even today. The different advantages of using emails for business communication are as follows:

Messages are delivered immediately

Unlike traditional mail, emails can be delivered immediately to the recipients. Since messages are delivered quicker, the response will also be faster. Since it is super-fast, emails are still the preferred type of communication. Moreover, many email services also show you if the message has been opened and viewed by the recipient.

Emails can be easily customized

Emails can be easily customized unlike many other types of communication. Here, the message can be edited to be made attractive. Pictures and photos can be added along with graphs and charts. Many email services also allow GIFS to be added to the message. This amount of customization makes emailing an attractive communication solution.

They can be used as documentation

Organizations always prefer messages and communication to be documented for future reference. This can be for informational purposes and also sometimes legal purposes. Since email service providers create a large space for storage, emails can be stored safely for years, thus enabling documentation even at a later point of time.

They come cheap

Emailing services are usually free for individuals. For organizations which require custom settings and extra storage, the price is much cheaper as compared to other methods of communication. This high affordability makes emailing appealing for all sizes of business organizations, even the ones who are just starting out.

Multiple people can be involved

You can also message multiple people at once through emails. Which means the same message does not have to be typed over and over again. This becomes particularly useful if the message is quite lengthy. Since it can reach a multiple number of recipients with a single shot, emails are highly preferred by organizations.

Emails can be used for marketing

Everyone is familiar with receiving dozens of marketing emails on a daily basis. This is because there is more visibility with email marketing and a likelier chance that the message will be opened and viewed by the recipients. This, along with the features of customization, makes email an effective strategy for marketing.

Great ROI

Research studies have shown that marketing through emails can bring more profit for organizations. Recipients are also not selected randomly, but are generated by smart CRM tools that can allow the right target population to be reached. Since it churns out a bigger ROI, emails are the way to go for many sales and marketing teams.


In this article, we have discussed if you can email from We have also explained the different steps involved in sending emails from In addition to this, we have also discussed the many advantages of using emails for any type of business organizations.

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