Can you create forms in (+steps to create forms)

In this post, we shall answer if you can create forms in We will also describe the different steps involved in creating forms in Furthermore, we shall be looking at some of the amazing benefits of and also some of the alternative project management tools that teams and organizations might be interested in.

Can you create forms in

Yes, you can create forms on In this platform, forms can be created under a board and then shared with other team members for their inputs which they will add by filling in the form. This is an amazing way to gather information from others and can be used for various purposes from discussions to feedback.

How to create forms in

In order to create forms in, you will need to follow the steps described below:

  • Create the board that you want to add the form to
  • Click on the ‘Add View’ option. You can find this button on the upper left part of your board. In the menu that drops down, choose ‘Forms’.

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  • Once you have added the Form view to your board, you can go ahead and customize it according to your needs and requirements. To do this, click on the Settings option and set your form in any way that you like.

Benefits of is being preferred by organizations and teams of all sizes. Due to its wide variety of features, this platform gives many benefits for its users. Some of these benefits of are described below:

It is incredibly easy to use

The platform is extremely easy to use and get the hang of. Though the many features might take time to explore and learn, the interface is very user-friendly. Thus, users will find that it is a joy to work and collaborate. The platform makes smart use of bright and bold colors for this very reason, to appeal and make work easier for users.

It is easier to navigate

The platform is very simple to navigate as there is high visibility of items and content in the boards. The options are also very visibly placed and the settings can be customized according to the needs and requirements of the users. Furthermore, the platform uses a drag and drop feature that makes navigation smoother.

It can integrate with other apps can integrate with over 40 tools and apps that make the platform all the more effective and constructive. These apps can be found in the Integrations Center of Those that are not found here can be smoothly integrated with with the help of an external party such as Integromat or Zapier.

It can improve collaboration

Organizations which have used in their day to day work processes have found that the project management tool can greatly increase collaboration and communication between team members. The platform does not offer a chat option, and instead promotes communication on different levels such as updates section, board comments and tagging features.

It can conduct task management

Task management is very easily done with the help of This makes work a lot simpler for team leaders and managers who might have a hard time delegating tasks to different team members. The different widgets that are available in can help managers assign the right task to the right person.

It has something for everyone

Since everyone has different needs, offers various plans that users can choose according to their requirements. The platform also offers a free plan that is helpful for individuals to manage their tasks and schedules. In addition to this, the platform offers Basic, Standard, Pro and Enterprise plans based on the users needs.

It can do work for you aims to not only be a project management tool but also to reduce the workloads of its users. For this purpose, the tool has automation features that can be set up in order to complete repetitive tasks for them. Every plan has a different number of automated tasks that can be customized and set up for every month.

Alternative project management tools

Other than, there are many other project management tools that are available in the market. Two of the best alternatives to are described below:


Asana is easily one of the best alternatives to It is emerging as one of the most popular project management tools that are available in the market today. With the help of Asana, teams can easily manage projects and also manage tasks that have been assigned to them. Furthermore, the tool can also help in business admin and also social media management.


Wrike is another project and work management tool that definitely makes this list. With the help of Wrike, teams can easily manage projects from the start to the finish. The tool also offers strong security features and also supports agile project management. In addition, the platform offers instant messaging and chat features for its users.


In this post, we have answered if you can create forms in We have also described the different steps involved in creating forms in Furthermore, we have looked at some of the amazing benefits of and also some of the alternative project management tools that teams and organizations might be interested in.

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