Can you cancel Talkspace at any time? (+5 pros)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

In this article, we will explain if you can cancel Talkspace at any time. We will also be looking at the importance of online therapy in this day and age. Lastly, we shall also discuss the advantages of using Talkspace for therapy. In contrast to in-person therapy, online therapy brings more convenience and ease of use and thus becoming highly preferred.


Can you cancel Talkspace at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time in Talkspace. All you are required to do is to go to your Talkspace settings and choose the ‘Stop subscription renewal’ after which you can click on ‘Cancel subscription renewal’. For refunds on Talkspace plans, the platform reviews the requests one by one and then takes a decision on full or partial refunds.

Importance of online therapy

Online therapy is gaining a massive following, especially since most of us are switching to digital means and methods and do most of our work online. There are also a large number of online therapy platforms today, such as Talkspace, Betterhelp, Calmerry, ReGain, 7 Cups and more. Some of the reasons why online therapy is found to be important are:

It can be quite cost effective

Online therapy can be a lot cheaper than in-person therapy. When therapy is costly, many who need it the most still do not go to it since they cannot afford these interventions. However, online therapy is considerably cheaper. Many individuals simply don’t go to therapy as they cannot afford this, and thus online therapy can be a great alternative.

All the therapists are certified

The therapists who are in the network of online therapy platforms are all certified and thus users do not have to worry about the quality or standard of therapy that they are being given. Platforms like Talkspace and Betterhelp have clear protocols for hiring and do strict background checks to ensure only the best therapists join them for work.

There are a variety of therapies

Psychotherapy is an umbrella term and it can have a variety of therapies in it. There are many different kinds of therapy originating from various schools of thought, and these bring many different types of interventions that users can utilize for their mental needs and requirements. Through online therapy platforms, clients have access to many kinds of therapy for their needs.

Therapy can become convenient

Therapy becomes very convenient and easy through online mental health platforms. Therapy can be difficult to seek out and access for any individual and the tedious process of searching for an efficient therapist can be daunting for many. Online therapy makes all these steps easy and efficient and thus users can experience a holistic mental health through these platforms.

There is more safety here

Safety and security is another added advantage that online therapy can bring to its patrons. Therapist offices can often be the scene of very violent behaviors from clients and many times even unprofessional behaviors from therapists, which can lead to people fearing therapy. Online therapy does not require meeting physically and thus brings more safety and security.

Can you cancel Talkspace at any time? (+5 pros)

There are various modes of delivery

There are also many modes of delivery of therapy while using such platforms. Those like Talkspace extensively use messaging as a form of therapy and this can be highly convenient for many users. Therapy can be conducted by chatting, audio messaging and even video sessions, both in non-real time and real-time in online platforms.

Text therapy can build accountability

Online platforms that use text therapy as a mode of intervention can bring another advantage to the therapy itself. Texting brings plenty of accountability that can easily be induced since the conversations can be read and reread time and again by the users. It can also bring reflection and is a way to track the progress of the treatment itself.

Advantages of using Talkspace for therapy

Mental health platforms like Talkspace can bring a large number of advantages to the user. A few of these advantages are:

  • The platform offers many certified and licensed therapists to work with. So there is never a dearth of providers and thus therapy is quickly initiated
  • Online therapy platforms try as best as they can to bring about a better client-therapist fit. Betterhelp does this through a questionnaire. Talkspace performs this by both questionnaires and also an initial consultation with a therapist, thus bringing about a great relationship between the user and the provider
  • There is also great security that is provided by Talkspace. The platform has firewalls and encrypted data to ensure that the information of the users are well-guarded and protected
  • The platform additionally offers therapy for teenagers and also couples counseling and family therapy to men broken relationships in families
  •  In addition to this, Talkspace also has a sleep program that can get insomniacs who are facing difficulties with sleep and rest
  • The plans of Talkspace can also be easily covered by insurance, bringing the cost of therapy significantly lower


In this article, we have explained if you can cancel Talkspace at any time. We have also looked at the importance of online therapy in this day and age. Lastly, we have also discussed the advantages of using Talkspace for therapy.

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