Can you cancel Cerebral anytime? (+3 benefits of online therapy)

This article will explain if you can cancel Cerebral at any time. We shall also discuss the various limitations of Cerebral that users have come across. In addition to this, we will be looking at the different benefits of online therapy that make it so popular with individuals today. Cerebral is one of the leading platforms that provide both medications and therapy to millions of users.


Can you cancel Cerebral anytime?

Yes, you surely can. This platform not only makes signing up for therapy and medications a cakewalk, but also makes it super easy to cancel any time, as compared to other mental health platforms. All that you need to do is to send an email to the customer support team at Cerebral following which a coordinator will give you additional instructions for your process.

Limitations of Cerebral

While Cerebral is an amazing platform and brings a plethora of benefits and advantages for its users, it also has a few limitations that users have experienced. Some of these limitations have been discussed in this section:

Cerebral does offer therapy in all the states

While Cerebral does offer super solutions for mental health issues in many states of the US, it still does not offer therapy and treatment in many regions. This can be a letdown for many users who are looking for a platform that can provide both medical treatment and therapy for their mental health needs.

It does not offer teens therapy

Cerebral also has an age-limit of 18 years and above to use the platform. This ‘mental health subscription’ does not have therapy for teenagers and thus those adolescents who are battling mental issues need to look elsewhere for help. Therapy for teenagers is especially necessary since adolescence is filled with stress and anxiety that might require a lot of extra help.

It also does not offer couples therapy

The platform also does not offer couples therapy or family therapy and only has features for individual counseling or therapy. Couples therapy becomes necessary for those pairs who are going through a rough patch in their relationship. It also is important for those who are planning on getting married so that they can set a solid foundation for their relationship.

Cerebral cannot prescribe certain drugs

While Cerebral is certainly one of the best platforms today to prescribe medications and drugs for mental illnesses, it still is not allowed to prescribe controlled substances. Thus, those with conditions like ADHD that require certain stimulants may not get their required medications from this platform.

The prices can still be high

It is no question that therapy and mental health treatment in general can be a major plum for many to afford. However, online mental health platforms like Cerebral are definitely doing their best to bring affordable mental health care to many. While Cerebral offers insurance for many of its users, the prices of the plans can still be quite high that not all can afford it.

Appointments cannot be scheduled in bulk

Another thing that users have experienced while using Cerebral is that appointments with their therapists cannot be scheduled for more than a week’s worth of time. Therapy takes a lot of time to bring improvements and many users may require months of sessions. And thus, for users like these, this factor can be quite frustrating.

It does not offer anonymity

Anonymity is a factor that many users of online therapy seek. Anonymity becomes important since many communities still have a lot of stigma related to mental illnesses and the topic of mental health itself. However, Cerebral does not allow the users to be anonymous and requires even a photo proof and thus users who want anonymity might not prefer this platform.

Benefits of online therapy

There are plenty of platforms like Cerebral that offer mental health services online. These platforms are becoming increasingly popular among users due to the large number of benefits present. The best benefits and advantages of online therapy and mental health care have been listed as follows:

  • Online therapy and online mental health care can be considerably cheaper than in-person therapy. In-person therapy or traditional therapy can be very expensive for many to afford. However, online mental health platforms like Cerebral, Talkspace and Betterhelp have very cost-effective plans that everyone can definitely find economic.
  • Online therapy itself is just as effective and may bring additional benefits that in-person therapy cannot, and thus many individuals are switching to this form of mental health care.
  • Mental health platforms that function online also offer a multitude of plans and formats of therapy. Users can choose to use messaging therapy through texts, audio messages and even video messages. They can also choose to have live sessions with their therapists through audio, video and even as live chats.

Alternative to Cerebral

Cerebral has an amazing plethora of features and advantages. However, readers who are looking for an alternative to this platform can easily choose Betterhelp. This platform offers several cost-effective plans and also provides financial assistance to those who need it. In addition, the platform has features for couples therapy and also teens therapy.


This article has explained if you can cancel Cerebral at any time. We have also discussed the various limitations of Cerebral that users have come across. In addition to this, we have looked at the different benefits of online therapy that make it so popular with individuals today.

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