Can the Nofap relapse lead to depression? (+3 coping tips)

This article will discuss how going through a relapse in Nofap can lead a man to become depressed. In the article we will explain what makes it easier for men to relapse, and what are ways they can cope with the relapse.

Can the Nofap relapse lead me to depression? 

Yes, it is possible that when you relapse to Nofap you can become depressed. Although relapse can be common, when you experience the relapse, you can start to feel like a failure because you weren’t able to hold on or control your urges.

Guilt can also take a huge toll on you. You can begin to feel like you are not a good person, and become ashamed because you let that urge take control of you. This can make you feel worthless, which can lead you to feel depressed. 

Another reason why you may feel like that is that you may begin to think that all the work you have done so far was lost, and even though that is not true, that mindset can make you give up Nofap altogether. 

It is important to understand that relapses can happen, and they will often show you how you will often use sexual stimulation to deal with many of life’s situations. What you need to do is keep in mind that Nofap is a process, there can be setbacks, but if you have a purpose to it, you may find your way back.

So let’s discuss what often leads men to Nofap relapse.

What often leads men to Nofap relapse?

If you have gone through a Nofap relapse, know that there are some reasons why this may have happened. And even though each person is the same, here are the most common causes that lead men to Nofap relapse.

You may feel like you deserve it 

You may have been going through something difficult, or have done something that causes you to be proud of yourself, and you may want to reward yourself. At that moment, you may turn to porn or other forms of stimulation that can make it easier for you to relapse.

You are going through more stress

You used to have porn and masturbation as ways to make you feel happy instantly. It would be a great way to deal with stress. But now your brain may not understand what is going on, which can lead you to feel even more stressed.

At some point, you can even begin to feel unhappy, and if you are going through a difficult moment, you may feel like you need this release, and that is when the relapse can happen.

You are depressed 

When you are doing Nofap, there may come a time in which you can experience something called Nofap depression. This will lead you to feel low, sad, and even hopeless. You may have thought that you would do 90 days of Nofap, and it would all be easy, and you wouldn’t miss porn. And when you start to feel low, it is when you are the most vulnerable to experience a relapse.

Nofap flatline 

The Nofap flatline is a moment in which you don’t feel any emotions about pretty much anything. And you can feel like Nofap is not working, and there aren’t many benefits to it. You may think your libido is gone, and to check, you may turn to porn, and this is mostly when the relapse will happen.

You are experiencing brain fog 

Through Nofap you will most likely experience moments in which focusing may be harder. All of your cognitive functions may go sour. And even though this is temporary, it can lead you to relapse because they may not be so great at making decisions.

You feel bored 

In society nowadays we have a lot of trouble with experiencing boredom, and this can be one of the main reasons why men will relapse. You may have associated feeling bored with watching porn as a way to do something. 

But instead of thinking about masturbating, you should also try to look at boredom as a way to start something new and exciting, or even just lay down, and wait for the boredom to pass.

You forget the consequences of your actions 

Some men may go through Nofap relapse because they lose track of who they are and who they want to do. With time you may forget about your pron addiction, or why you have been doing this. And when those things are not clear, you may relapse a lot easier.

The results of Nofap weren’t what you imagined

If you are a person that is mostly focused on goals, and you feel, after some time, that Nofap isn’t bringing you all the benefits you were promised, like being more energized, you can feel like it is not worth it.

You can also begin to think if you are different from others, or if you aren’t able to change. This is the moment in which many men can experience a relapse.

You weren’t committed to it 

Choosing Nofap is a huge decision. One you should take seriously. It is a decision to let go of porn and live a different life. But if you don’t commit to it fully, it may be hard to keep your eye on your goal, and that can make it easier for you to relapse.

Your urges got the best of you

The first thing you may think when you relapse is about your urges. And even though they are important, they are not the only reason why one would relapse. What you need to keep in mind, to prevent relapse, is that you are connecting your urges to porn, and maybe you need to connect it to something else.

How can I cope with depression from relapsing Nofap? 

If you have just experienced a relapse, don’t put yourself down. Feeling that failure won’t bring any good. Rather than that, here are some ways you can turn this around.

Keep in mind that this is a learning process 

Instead of judging yourself, know that this relapse is just a new chance for you to learn more about yourself and Nofap as a whole.

Understand what led you to relapse

As said before, many reasons can lead to Nofap relapse. And understanding why it happens to you will surely help you prevent it from happening again.

Prepare for what will come 

Now that you have gone through a relapse, keep in mind that you will go through the process of stopping watching porn all over again. And this can be hard in the beginning. Keeping that in mind will help you through the process, and make it even easier for you to stay motivated.

Revisit your goal

Keeping clear on what your goal is is a sure way to keep you motivated on Nofap. You can even try to write down what you want with this, be it to deal with porn addiction, masturbation, or even deal with your sexual urges differently. 

Stay away from social media 

Social media is flooded with pictures with sexual context. The same way you stayed away from it when you first started Nofap, now it may be the time to stay away again so you don’t get overly stimulated.


Working out can do wonders for your dopamine release which is often associated with sexual experiences. Doing exercises such as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will be a way to get that dopamine release.

Another form of exercise you should do induces your testosterone levels. You can do that by weight lifting training.

Don’t practice edging 

Exposing yourself to porn and edging, which means you will masturbate, but not orgasm is a fine line that can often lead you to relapse. So as you are recovering from one, it would be good to prevent another.

Be with people 

Being around people will allow you to focus on other things. Aside from that, being with people will help you manage some of the main reasons that lead you to relapse: loneliness, and depression. 

Take a cold shower 

It is said that a cold shower can improve your mood, and your testosterone levels, and may make you feel better after your relapse. Because it helps release endorphins, it can take you away from that pattern of shame and guilt.


Meditation will help you center yourself, which will not only make you feel better after your relapse but will also prevent you from going through a relapse.

Look for support

This may be your first Nofap relapse or not, but keep in mind that these can happen. And when they do, if you start feeling bad about yourself, try to share with people that may be going through similar experiences.

There are many online groups with whom you will be able to share your experience and know-how to deal with it better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Can the relapse of Nofap lead to depression? 

Who is the founder of Nofap?

The founder of Nofap is a man called Alexander Rhodes. He is a former internet porn addict, who started to look at porn when he was 11. From then on the curiosity turned into compulsion quickly, and started to affect his life and relationship. And when he thought it was enough, he created a support website to help men that, like him, were struggling.

Will Nofap change my life?

It can be that Nofap changes your life. Many men that joined it have said it gave them a new perspective on life, sex, and relationship. But as with any other experience, it is not a good one for everyone.

Can one become addicted to porn?

Yes, a person may be addicted to porn, and the need for it in their life will be more and more intense.

What are the signs that I am addicted to porn?

As with any other form of addiction, porn addiction will lead you to make porn the priority of your life. You will feel the urge to see more and more of it, and it can make it impossible for you to prioritize other matters in your life.

Will a porn addiction make it harder for me to have a relationship?

Yes, porn addiction can make it harder for you to have a romantic relationship. But this can happen with any form of addiction, which will ask you to focus solely on what you are addicted to, leaving other aspects of your life behind.


This article showed how the relapse in the process of Nofap can lead men to depression. The article discussed why this can happen, and ways to cope.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.


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