Can Talkspace prescribe anxiety medication? (+5 effects of anxiety)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

This post will answer if Talkspace can prescribe anxiety medication. We shall also look at the various effects that anxiety can bring in a person’s life. In addition to this, we will be explaining some of the benefits of online therapy, particularly for anxiety. Talkspace is one of the few online therapy platforms out there which also has a psychiatry service.

Can Talkspace prescribe anxiety medication?

Of course yes! Talkspace is in fact, one of the few online therapy platforms out there that also has a psychiatry service. Thus, those persons who require medications or drugs for their mental illnesses and issues can easily be prescribed them from a licensed prescriber. However, some controlled drugs like Xanax and Ritalin are prohibited from this platform.

Effects of anxiety

Anxiety is one of the major mental illnesses out there, along with depression. It can definitely bring plenty of detrimental effects to anyone since its affects all areas of life. Some of the negative effects of chronic anxiety for any individual have been discussed in this section:

It can bring a feeling of doom

There’s a feeling of doom that anxiety brings. In fact, this is one of the tell-tale signs of anxiety itself. A feeling of doom is basically worrying constantly that something bad or terrible is going to happen at any time. This can lead to constant stress and distress and can also stop the person from enjoying things that they used to relish before.


They can experience panic attacks

Panic attacks are basically certain periods where the person undergoes a high level of anxiety coupled with physical symptoms such as palpitations or increased heart rate, breathlessness, excessive sweating and also hyperventilation. These attacks can be difficult to predict and can happen at any time and this brings even more stress to these individuals.


They might become reclusive

Since anxiety brings a lot of worry and also as we mentioned earlier, a high incidence of panic attacks, many who have this condition tend to stay at home most of the time and never leave the house. They would rather be safe and sound at home as the situations outside may seem too stressful and scary for them.

They might experience palpitations

Palpitations are when the heart rate increases rapidly and suddenly. Just like panic attacks, these are also hard to predict. However, many times these are triggered by certain stimuli known as trigger factors. Palpitations can be difficult to experience as the person feels like their body is out of control and might feel like they’re a step closer to death itself.

Can Talkspace prescribe anxiety medication? (+5 effects of anxiety)

They can experience stomach issues

People with anxiety can also experience stomach issues like stomach upsets. The stomach is one part of the body which has many nerve endings and thus many mental illnesses first show their symptoms here. The fight or flight response instigated by anxiety can cause the person to feel like they need to evacuate their bowels immediately, which can lead to uncomfortable situations.

They can experience a decreased sex drive

There is also a decrease in sex drive among those who have anxiety. Due to the many symptoms that this condition brings up, libido can significantly decrease and males may experience erectile dysfunctions or premature ejaculations as well. The sexual satisfaction levels may also be much lesser and this can cause a lot of problems in relationships.


They may have less immunity

Immunity can also take a hit for those who are experiencing anxiety since there is a surge of stress hormones in the body at all times. When the levels of stress hormones are high, the fighting power of the body reduces and thus these persons are prone to constant infections and other health issues.

They can also experience a lot of pain

Those with anxiety may also experience constant pain and also constant fatigue. This is again due to the high level of stress hormones in the body. The body is also under constant stress and thus the muscles are always tightened and in tension at all times, bringing problems like joint pain, muscle strains and aches.

They can have memory issues

Persons who are suffering from chronic anxiety may also have memory issues. In addition to memory issues, they can also have other cognitive problems like problems in decision-making and problem-solving. This is mainly because there is a lot of preoccupation that can bring worry and anxiety thus hampering the cognitive processes.


Benefits of online therapy for anxiety

There are plenty of online therapy platforms that have great anxiety programs that help those who are living with this condition. Some of these are Talkspace, Betterhelp and Calmerry. Let’s look at the various benefits of online therapy for anxiety:

  • It does not require the person to leave the house and thus they can access therapy from a safe space
  • The programs are quite cost-effective. Betterhelp even offers financial assistance and Talkspace
  • can be easily covered by insurance
  • They can offer anonymity
  • There are many modes of delivery of therapy such as chatting, audio messaging and even live sessions
  •  There are a wide variety of therapists to choose from


This post has answered if Talkspace can prescribe anxiety medication. We have also looked at the various effects that anxiety can bring in a person’s life. In addition to this, we have explained some of the benefits of online therapy, particularly for anxiety.

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