Can Talkspace prescribe antidepressants? (+9 effects of depression)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

In this post, we shall explain if Talkspace can prescribe antidepressants. We will additionally be looking at some of the effects that depression can have on individuals. Lastly, we shall also be looking at the benefits or advantages of online therapy for depression. Talkspace can be a great platform for online therapy, both for non-real time as well as real-time.


Can Talkspace prescribe antidepressants?

Yes, Talkspace has psychiatry facilities that can prescribe antidepressants to those who are suffering from depression. In order to create a one-stop shop for all mental health needs and requirements, Talkspace also has a Psychiatry section through which a user can be prescribed his required medications or drugs.

Effects of depression

Mental illnesses like depression do not only affect your mental status and your cognitive processes. They can also affect your physical health, immunity and also other psycho-social aspects of life. Some of the detrimental effects of depression are explained in this section:


It can affect cognitive processes

Depression can negatively affect many of the cognitive processes in an individual. Cognitive processes refer to those that require thinking and decision-making. When these take a hit, many other processes in our day to day lives are also affected that make ADL poor. These can also lead to poor judgement and problem-solving, bringing in more stress.

It can affect sleep

Sleep and rest are an important part of an individual’s day. These are important as the person recovers their energy during this period. However, depression can cause sleep issues. The individual might sleep for long periods and still feel tired or is never able to fall asleep even when they want to, creating more distress.

It can break relationships

Relationships are often affected by mental illnesses. It can cause pain to the individual and also for their loved ones. Since they are not able to give their loved ones the attention they deserve, many romantic relationships can break off. It can cause tension in familial ties as the other family members might not know how to deal with such an illness.

It reduces appetite

There is also a decrease in appetite in those who are suffering from depression. Appetite is important not only for nourishment but really enjoying tasty food is one of the primary joys of life. This is lost in depression and the person feels that they cannot enjoy food, even those that they have liked in the past.

It induces feelings of loneliness

Many depressed people complain of loneliness. This is completely in disregard if they are physically alone or not. Many of them might feel lonely even if they are completely surrounded by people, even those who are family and friends. The illness makes them feel like they are alone and misunderstood by everyone.

Can Talkspace prescribe antidepressants? (+9 effects of depression)


It reduces libido

Sexual drive and even sexual satisfaction is one area that is negatively affected by depression. This can even affect relationships and hurts the self-esteem and self-confidence of the person greatly. Reduction in libido is also sometimes experienced in those who are depressed due to the medications that they are taking, for which the psychiatrist needs to be informed immediately.

It brings fatigue

Depression brings a lot of tiredness and fatigue to those who are living with it. They might feel tired even if they have slept for long periods of time. Another reason for this might be the medications that they are on, which can make them feel sluggish throughout the day, even earlier in the day.

It can cause suicidal ideations

Suicidal thoughts are fairly common in depression, particularly in severe depression. These individuals might feel like they have no use of this world or even feel so lonely to a point where they would rather leave than stay. Thus, families and friends should be aware of these suicidal thoughts as well as behaviors to keep their loved one safe.

It can lead to low productivity

Depression can significantly reduce the productivity levels of the individual and thus they perform tasks slowly and unsteadily. This not only affects their daily activities and necessary chores around the house but also affects their job performance. Performing poorly in the work environment can also lead to them losing their jobs, bringing in additional distress.

Benefits of online therapy for depression

There are plenty of online therapy platforms today that can be great for treating depression, such as Talkspace, Betterhelp and Calmerry. These can be quite be effective for therapy as they bring plenty of advantages that can be useful for those who are battling depression, such as:

  • It provides a low-cost form of treatment. Many platforms like Betterhelp also offer financial assistance and some like Talkspace are covered by insurance.
  • These platforms bring therapy to the homes of these individuals, and thus they can access their provider from the comfort of their homes.
  • There are a wide variety of therapies, from CBT, CT, DBT, REBT, and more from which they can choose.
  • They can also access family therapy through these platforms since family and couples counselors are readily available.
  • Online therapy brings about more anonymity and thus can be useful for those who are still facing a stigma of mental illness.


In this post, we have explained if Talkspace can prescribe antidepressants. We have additionally looked at some of the effects that depression can have on individuals. Lastly, we have also looked at the benefits or advantages of online therapy for depression.

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