Can Talkspace prescribe Adderall? (+7 key features)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

This article will explain if Talkspace can prescribe Adderall. We will also be looking at the importance or benefits of therapy for those who have ADHD. Lastly, we will be discussing some of the key features that this platform has for its users. Online therapy platforms like Talkspace and in-person therapy can be incredibly useful for those who have ADHD.

Can Talkspace prescribe Adderall?

While the psychiatry services in Talkspace can prescribe a range of drugs and medications, there are guidelines which prohibit the prescription of certain drugs including Adderall. Other drugs include Ritalin, Xanax, Valium and many more. These are controlled drugs which can be quite risky as their level of misuse is quite high.


Benefits of therapy for ADHD

ADHD or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder affects a large chunk of the population in the world. While it mainly affects children who benefit from Occupational Therapy as well as Play Therapy, it also is prevalent among adults who require psychotherapy and medications to take care of symptoms. Some of the great benefits that therapy can bring for those with ADHD are:

It can help with self-esteem

Those who have ADHD frequently suffer from low self-esteem and self-confidence which can greatly affect the other areas of their life. This can also cause them further stress and anxiety other than their illness. Through therapy, those with ADHD can learn more about their strengths and also learn how to combat their weaknesses.

It can be used to decrease stress

Stress can be present and prevalent for everyone. However, not everyone is equipped to easily deal with stress. In fact, stress can actually cause a lot more anxiety for those with ADHD, further distressing them and worsening symptoms. This can be dealt with through therapy, by which they can learn many coping strategies to deal with all sorts of stressors.

It can help with anxiety

Those who have ADHD also typically deal with anxiety, especially social anxiety which can make many situations uncomfortable and distressing for them. Through psychotherapy, those who have ADHD can learn many coping mechanisms that can greatly lessen the symptoms of anxiety and also bring about more resilience.

It can teach relaxation techniques

Relaxation and mindfulness can be instrumental for those who have ADHD since it helps them relax and also focus better in their tasks and assignments. This is necessary as these are the areas of weakness for those with ADHD. Therapists can teach them a multitude of relaxation techniques which clients can use according to their needs and preferences.

Can Talkspace prescribe Adderall? (+7 key features)

It can increase self-awareness

Self-awareness is also important for the process of growth and development. In those with ADHD, self-awareness can also help for better understanding of symptoms and trigger factors. This can further help in management of symptoms of the condition, while also bringing about more scope for growth.

It can improve communication skills

Communication is necessary for every area in life and it needs to be open and clear in order to be effective. However, communication is one of the areas in which those living with ADHD clearly struggle in and require assistance. Therapy can improve the style and quality of communication for these persons, thus helping them maneuver social situations very well.

It can be useful for relationships

Relationships can often be affected for those who have ADHD. This is not only in relation to romantic relationships, but also familial relationships. Therapy can not only help the client in maintaining better ties and bonds with their loved ones, but can also teach the members of the family coping mechanisms in order to help the client with their symptoms.

It can help with co-morbidities

Those who have ADHD frequently have co-morbidities of other mental illnesses such as substance abuse and suicidal ideations. While therapy can certainly help in managing the symptoms of ADHD, it can also be instrumental in managing the other comorbidities as well, which can be relieving for the client.

Key features of Talkspace

The internet is filled with plenty of online therapy platforms, such as Talkspace, Betterhelp, ReGainn, Calmerry, 7 Cups and many more. However, Talkspace distinctly stands out as it presents a variety of features that users simply love. These features are:

  • The plans of the platform can be easily covered through insurance, which significantly can lower the cost of the already cost-effective plans
  • There a variety of therapy plans that users can opt for according to their needs and requirements
  • The messaging can also take place through multiple means and modes, such as text messaging, audio messaging and even video messaging
  • There are also live sessions present, which can take place in the form of chat, calls or video sessions, and can go on for about 30-50 minutes depending on the availability of the therapist
  • Talkspace also provides therapy for teenagers, from the ages of 13-18 years
  • It additionally provides couples counseling and therapy that can be great to rebuild relationships and also grow and develop as a unit
  • The platform also has strong security features that can safeguard the data and information of the users


This article has explained if Talkspace can prescribe Adderall. We have also looked at the importance or benefits of therapy for those who have ADHD. Lastly, we have discussed some of the key features that this platform has for its users.

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