Can Talkspace be covered by insurance? (+3 tips for online therapy)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

In this article, we will be discussing if Talkspace can be covered by insurance. We will also look at some of the reasons why therapy is so expensive. Lastly, we will describe some ways that can ensure that you get the best out of online counseling or online therapy. Online therapy is a cost-effective alternative to in-person therapy that many individuals are switching to.

Can Talkspace be covered by insurance?

Yes! The plans of Talkspace are easily covered by insurance. In addition to this, users can also use their HSA or their FSA to cover their online therapy provided by Talkspace. This can be useful, especially since the cost factor is the main reason why many don’t go to therapy, even when they need it the most.

Why is therapy so expensive?

Therapy, both in-person and also online therapy can be quite expensive. The high rates of therapy sessions can astound potential clients and is also the cause of many drop outs in mental health programs. Thought there are many means and measures taken up by governments and institutions to reduce the costs of therapy, it still remains high due to many reasons such as:

The cost of education is quite high

It takes a lot of studying to become a therapist, and this is even more if the institution is a top-ranked one, which is what most therapists prefer. Furthermore, it does not only stop with a master’s degree. Therapists need to complete their Ph.D.’s and many other certifications which can end up making them indebted to student loans for long periods of time.

Rent and utilizes can be expensive

In-person therapy requires the therapist to have a cozy and comfortable office in a nice location, which can bring in more clients to drum up the business. Therapists also need to arrange their work spaces in such a manner to be visually pleasing to the clients. However, this can burn a big hole in their pockets.

There is a lot of paperwork

All therapists know that there is a mountain of paperwork at the end of every session with a client. This increases drastically if insurance is involved. The paperwork might actually be so high that many therapists hire personal assistants to take care of this and also manage their schedules.

Client load may not be consistent

While some months may see a large number of clients working with the therapist, some may be completely dry. Clients may also drop out, change therapists or move to another location, more often than not creating a loss for the therapist. And thus, many therapists increase their charges to bring in more profit when there are clients in the picture.

Marketing expenses

In order to bring more clients to their offices, therapists may often invest in marketing or ad placements. This might be even more expensive for them considering that these schemes need to be conducted tastefully since they are dealing with psychotherapists. These marketing tactics can also prove to be quite costly for therapists.

Cost of emotional labor

Therapists undergo great amounts of emotional and mental labor while dealing with distressed clients. It is not easy to listen to emotional problems and recounts of traumatic situations from many people throughout the day and then dispense useful therapy. Thus, many therapists require a lot of self-care to recuperate and recover and be ready for the next client.

Can Talkspace be covered by insurance? (+3 tips for online therapy)

Licensing expenses

It is not enough that the therapist has a degree in psychotherapy. They also need to be certified and licensed to practice independently. These laws and regulations can vary from state to regions and need to be updated regularly. All this costs a lot of money along with many other courses that the therapists are required to take as part of the licensing process.


How to get the best out of online therapy?

Counseling and therapy are not exactly one-way processes. The clients who undergo therapy also need to put in effort in order to improve their mental health. Some ways that individuals who go to therapy can use in order to make the best out of it have been mentioned in this section:


Be open and honest with the therapist

You need to be as open as you can with your therapist about your deepest fears and emotions. You will also need to be honest and truthful with them so that they can help you with your problems.

Look for the right fit

The right client-therapist can bring loads of advantages and benefits to the therapy. However, this can be difficult to obtain in a short span of time. Don’t be discouraged if your first therapist does not do it for you. Keep trying until you find the right fit that can bring you better mental health. Online platforms like Talkspace, Betterhelp and Calmerry can help in this.

Take notes or journal

Taking notes of what you are discussing with your therapist can also be great for your mental health. You will have a visual progress report and can also go back and reflect on your thoughts and comments. This can also be a great space for you to vent and destress.


In this article, we have discussed if Talkspace can be covered by insurance. We have also looked at some of the reasons why therapy is so expensive. Lastly, we have described some ways that can ensure that you get the best out of online counseling or online therapy.

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