Can sexual repression lead to anxiety?

This article will discuss if sexual repression can cause a person to become anxious. It will discuss what it means to be sexually repressed, why it happens, and what are ways to cope.

Can sexual repression lead to anxiety? 

Yes, sexual repression can lead a person to experience anxiety for many moments. It can happen when the person is faced with a conversation around sex, and their sexual lives, since they are not used to being open about this topic, it can lead them to try to avoid it as much as they can, and when it happens, they can feel anxious.

Aside from that, a sexually repressed person can also feel anxious before a sexual encounter, and it can even lead the person to develop performance anxiety, which causes the person to worry, during the sexual intercourse if they are doing things right, or if they are giving their partners enough pleasure.

All of those moments can make a person extremely stressed, and as consequence anxious when they are happening. In it they may feel some symptoms of anxiety-like shaking, sweating, fast heartbeat, or even fast breathing. 

The intensity of the symptoms of anxiety will often be connected to how sexually repressed the person is, and how difficult it is for them to deal with those matters at hand. 

When you are sexually repressed, it will often mean that sex, and/or sexuality will be themes that you won’t feel too comfortable with, and whenever we experience things that lead us to discomfort, or the unknown, it can make you feel anxious. 

But so you get a better picture of what it means to be sexually repressed, we will now explain it.

What does it mean to be sexually repressed?

Being sexually repressed is what happens when a person has trouble or avoids experiencing, feeling, or talking about matters that are related to sex, or sexuality. It usually happens when the person perceives that sexuality or sex is bad, shameful, or even wrong.

Even though authors such as Sigmund Freud have written that sexuality is a normal thing and that repressing it can lead to many mental health issues, it is still common to see people that are sexually repressed in our society. This can often happen for several reasons.

One of them is how our society treats sex. It is common to see that when teens have reached puberty their families will often have trouble talking to them about the changes they are going through, and what it means to be sexually active. 

This ends up turning sex into a taboo, which can lead people to feel ashamed, or even guilty to think or act about it.

A person may also become sexually repressed if they have had bad sexual past experiences. Being abused, or having a traumatic experience can make you close yourself to all things related to the matter. You may repress all the urges, and desires as a way to survive and not put yourself through any more traumatic experiences.

Being sexually repressed can also be related to religion. Many religions will often treat sex, sexuality, and sexual orientation in themselves as a sin. So if any person follows a religion that has those views, it can cause them to feel guilty, and ashamed when those topics come to the table.

Sexual frustration can lead to some situations in a person’s life. It can make the person uncomfortable to talk about sex, or even feel guilty after a sexual encounter. In some cases, sexual repression can take the pleasure away from the sexual intercourse, and even nudity can be something that makes the person uncomfortable.

It will not only lead to anxiety, but also to the person having a negative view of sex, or having moral questions about the matter when they are wondering if it is right or wrong. In some cases, especially for women that are sexually repressed, intercourse can become painful, since they won’t be lubricated during it.

Sexual repression can also make it hard for people to own up to their sexual orientation. If someone is gay, for example, and comes from a sexually repressed family, it may be harder for them to share this part of their life with others. 

So now that you know more about the implications of being sexually repressed, let’s discuss how to cope with it.

How can I cope with anxiety caused by sexual repression? 

To cope with being sexually repressed and the anxiety that can come with it, the first thing you need to do is to acknowledge that you have sexually repressed traits in you. Not looking at that will not make it go away, as a matter of fact, it may only make the symptoms, such as anxiety, more and more intense.

Know that being sexually repressed is no fault of character since it is often connected to many factors such as society, and upbringing. But dealing with it is something that is up to you, and will ultimately lead you to enjoy your sex life, and relationships more.

When you are dealing with sexual repression it is common to look for professional help. You can go to a therapist to talk about your emotions, and how sex has been perceived by you, and people around you throughout your life. 

There is even a line of therapy, called sex therapy, that can offer support to people that have struggled with their sex lives in many ways.

If you are in a relationship, you and your partner must discuss this matter often. Letting them know what you have been struggling with, and making them a part of your treatment will allow the two of you to build trust, and become more and more comfortable with each other when it is for sex.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Can sexual repression lead to anxiety? 

How can I reconnect with my sexuality?

If you wish to reconnect with your sexual side you may want to try and get in touch with it through a book, or you can even sleep naked. Turning off the tv when your partner is over, and sexting them when they are away can also be ways to deal with your sexuality.

Exercising can also help your libido, in the same way as having a glass of wine. Learning why your sexuality is in trouble can also help you cope with it. You can also try to plan a fun date for you and your partner, and watch movies together that have a sexual tone.

Masturbating, or taking a bath together can also help awaken your sexuality. You can also do it by being in a dangerous situation together, as well as having sex toys. Complimenting each other is a powerful way to reignite sexuality, as well as doing a massage on one another. 

And if it is necessary, you can also look for a sex therapist to help you better understand what is happening.

How each age group is having sex?

Younger people, between 18 and 29 years old are the ones that are having sex more often. Research has shown that they have around 112 sex sessions each year, which is around two sessions a week. 

People in the group aged between 30, and 39 years old usually have 86 sex sessions a year, rating somewhere around 1,86 sex sessions a year. The older age group between 40, and 49 years old will usually have 69 sex sessions each year.

Why can I have been having trouble with getting sexually aroused? 

If you feel you are having trouble getting sexually aroused, know it may be for some reason. They can often be physical, or even emotional matters. On the emotional side, being anxious about sex, not confident about your figure, or your performance, or even feeling too much pressure can make it difficult for you to feel aroused.

It can also be that you don’t feel stimulated enough, be it by what you see, or feel, or even by the physical stimulation. It can also be that the state in which your relationship is in is causing you to have trouble getting aroused, so if you are too stressed, or you and your partner are having trouble communicating, it can be difficult to get aroused.

For the physical part, it can be difficult for you to get aroused because of many situations. It can be that it is related to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and vaginal dryness. It is also possible that your mental health can affect your ability to get aroused.

Depression, for example, can alter a person’s libido. And when in treatment, and taking antidepressants, it is also possible that the person experiences a change in that aspect of their life.

How can I deal with trouble being sexually aroused? 

You can deal with the problem is getting sexually aroused in many ways. The first thing you can do is try to communicate about it with your partner. It may be that by talking to them you may reach an understanding about what is happening that is making it so difficult for you to get aroused.

In some cases, it is also important that you look for professional help. And in this situation, you may want to look for a sex therapist. With them, you will be able to understand more techniques focused on improving your sexual life. 

You can also turn to mindfulness as a way to focus more on the present. Through this technique you can become more aware of yourself, which will lead you to take the time to enjoy yourself better whenever in a sexual encounter.

How can I become comfortable with intimacy?

If intimacy is something that takes a lot of work for you, you may want to begin practicing out of the bedroom. Intimacy is not only about sex, but also about the things you share, and how comfortable you are with one another.

During intercourse, be sure to give time for foreplay, and whenever you feel the need, ask for what you want. It is also important that you and your partner can tell each other what you think they did well, and even more than the two of you take time to be together.


This article discussed if being sexually repressed can lead to anxiety. It also explained what it means to be sexually repressed, and why it happens. Finally, the article highlighted ways to cope with the anxiety caused by being sexually repressed.

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