Can Plexus be good to treat anxiety?

This article will discuss if the use of Plexus can be good to treat anxiety. For that, the article will explain what Plexus is, what are the main reasons to use it, and how it works.

Can Plexus be good to treat anxiety?

Although there is no scientific proof of how Plexus can improve the mood of people with anxiety, there have been online discussions about it. Some people have offered testimonies in which they affirm that using Plexus made their anxiety symptoms decrease. 

Some people who experience anxiety in the form of nausea, and vomiting, felt those symptoms improve. Which was a huge benefit to their quality of life. Other people that been treating anxiety with medication for 3 years, started to use Plexus. 

And after 3 weeks, they started to experience an improvement in their energy, as well as in their sleeping pattern, and their foggy brain got better.

They say that the improvement was so relevant, that they stopped taking the anxiety medicine. Others, who had a history of depression and anxiety, said that after taking Plexus they feel better. 

Not only that, they disclaim they have been able to feel joy, spend time with their loved ones, and be less irritable. Its use even improves the negative thoughts that went through their mind, and sleep.

Other users, who have been battling depression and anxiety since their teen years, discovered the benefits of Plexus. They got into it because of the gut health that Plexus offers since the gut can be the origin of many mental health issues. They said that it improved their fatigue and their overall mood.

Although no research relates the use of Plexus to the improvement of mental health, some physicians have suggested that the use of Slim, VitalBiome, and X-Factor Plus can improve your mental health. 

They affirm that the use of VitalBiome can improve mood, reduce stress, and anxiety. They affirm this happens because serotonin and other neurotransmitters are made in the gut, so once you take a probiotic that cares for it, it can work better.

The use of Slim, which has many Prebiotics, will make you feel good throughout the day and don’t get grumpy. As for the X Factor Plus, that is a multivitamin that will give you everything that your diet has been missing.

What is Plexus? 

Plexus is a diet supplement that is used to suppress appetite and help people lose weight. Over the years, many other products of the Plexus line have been released, all related to people’s well-being. 

Plexus is sold as a package deal. Its composition and price vary according to which combination package you choose. But all of them are usually made up of 30 days of treatment worth of product. Nowadays Plexus offers the following programs: 

  • Weight Loss Basics- Lean Whey
  • Weight Loss Basics- Lean Vegan
  • Weight Loss Plus- Lean Whey
  • Weight Loss Plus- Lean Vegan
  • Weight Loss Advanced- Lean Whey
  • Weight Loss Advanced- Lean Vegan
  • Plexus Slim and Plexus Meta Burn

Each of the programs is composed of multiple products according to its goal. But the most common products are: 

Plexus Lean

It is a powder that comes in chocolate and vanilla flavor. And is recommended as the substitute for two meals a day.

Slim hunger control and Microbiome Activating 

This powder comes in many flavors, and it is suggested to mix it with water and drink it from 30 to 60 minutes before a meal, twice a day. It aims to suppress appetite, and the Microbiome is focused on improving gut health.


This is supposed to be a fat burner and energy-inducing capsule. People should take one capsule twice a day.

Active or Hydrate 

They are meant to increase your hydration levels, as well as boost your energy. You should mix them in water and drink them at any time.


These capsules aim to reduce gas, make you feel less bloated, and improve stomach discomfort. People are recommended to take two of them with 8 ounces of water.

The ProBio 5

This product focuses on promoting gut health, and the improvement of your digestive system. For that, you should take one capsule each night, before going to bed.

Is Plexus effective?

Although there hasn’t been enough research to affirm how effective it is, it may help people lose weight since it encourages people to consume fewer calories. Especially since the website of the company recommends people to replace two meals a day with Plexus Lean shake.

But Plexus has a down that doesn’t give you enough education to take care of your eating habits in the long term. Such as regular exercising, eating healthy, and reading labels of products.

There hasn’t been enough research as well to affirm how safe Plexus is. And there have been some complaints that the product caused bloating, gas, nausea, stomach ache, and constipation. 

Along with that, people have said that the use of Plexus caused a blood disorder known as secondary immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). 

Because of this lack of research around its safety, it shouldn’t be used by children, pregnant women, or ones that are breastfeeding. It is also important to get in touch with your physician before you start taking it. 

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a common emotion, it is something that causes people to become aware of a dangerous situation. But to some people, that fear, and awareness can be too intense and even debilitating. 

It can make you stop doing things, and always have the worst in mind. The main symptoms of depression are increased heart rate, quick breathing, inability to relax, difficulty focusing and sleeping. It also causes people to feel dizzy, dry mouth, sweating, constant worry, fear, and numbness.

Some people may need medication to treat anxiety, others will need therapy, as a way to understand what triggers them, and how to cope with it. And some people also say that lifestyle changes can significantly improve their anxiety. 

The same way others have said that the use of Plexus improves it as well. The important thing here is to discover what form of treatment suits you best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Can Plexus be good to treat anxiety? 

How can I cope with stress and anxiety? 

To cope with stress and anxiety, you may need to take some time off. Go to a quiet place, and maybe practice some breathing exercises, or some yoga. This will help you clear your mind.

To handle stress and anxiety better, you should try to have balanced meals, to help you keep your energy level. But you should also avoid alcohol, drugs, and coffee. The coffee can make you feel more agitated, which can make you more stressed. 

As for alcohol and drugs, you may feel they will improve your mood at the moment, but later, they can drain your energy, and make you feel worse.

Having a healthy lifestyle, with good quality sleep and exercising can also help you. Sleeping well can make you feel rested, and working out, even if it is just a small walk, can make you feel more energized, and focus on other things than the anxiety of the thoughts brings you.

A lot of anxiety comes from the fact you can’t control everything. So through therapy, you can learn how to deal with this, and not get so anxious about it. Aside from the lack of control, other things can trigger your anxiety, so learning what those triggers are can go a long way.

Does anxiety have a cure?

No, anxiety doesn’t have a cure. It is a chronic condition that can be triggered when a person goes through an event that makes them feel anxious. Aside from that, anxiety has a genetic factor to it, and that is impossible to change. 

What is possible, when you have anxiety, is to treat it. Sometimes the treatment can require medication, sometimes just therapy, to understand the root of its triggers and the effects it has in your life. To other people, anxiety can be dealt with mostly with lifestyle changes.

This might make people feel disbelief that they will get better from anxiety, but it is important to know that anxiety is a common condition. And working on your treatment can have a lot less impact on your quality of life.

What are good supplements to treat anxiety? 

Some supplements can help improve your anxiety. A good one is made of magnesium, called Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Glycinate. This can improve the body’s response to stressful situations, and is extremely safe.

Another form of supplement is made with Saffron, such as NOW Foods Saffron 50meg Veg Capsules. They are good ones because studies have shown that the use of it is similar to the use of fluoxetine, a medication used to treat anxiety.

And finally, the use of vitamin D can improve people’s anxiety. The use of MegaFood vitamin D3 5000IU can improve brain function and mood regulation. The use of it can reduce the intensity of the anxiety symptoms, allowing the person to feel better.

How do I break my anxiety cycle?

To break the anxiety cycle, the first thing you need to do is to become aware of it. Instead of just reacting to anxiety, you should become more aware of what causes it, how it makes you feel, and how it makes you act.

Once you become aware of those patterns, it is a lot easier to not simply react to your trigger, but to reflect upon it, and take action based on the new feelings it brings you. 

This is not an easy thing, it implies taking a step back and looking at what you are going through in a whole new perspective, but especially through talking therapy, you can do that. 

How do I stop my racing thoughts?

When you realize your thoughts are racing out of your control, the first thing to do is to try to breathe. This will allow you to make yourself a little calmer. And when you get calmer, try to focus more on the present than on the things your anxiety wants you to think, usually the past or future.

If your anxiety makes you feel stuck, try to look for other possibilities. You can do that by telling yourself that the worse outcomes won’t happen, and what you want to happen. You can also try to distract yourself, do a project, exercise, or talk to people. This will get your mind out of those thoughts.


This article discussed if Plexus can be used to treat depression. For that, it explained what Plexus is, why people often use it, and how it works. 

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write it in the section below.



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