Can send automated emails? (+7 uses for marketing)

In this article, we will be discussing if can send automated emails. We shall also be listing the various steps involved in setting up an automation in In addition, we will also be looking at the various benefits of for marketing. Organizations use it for improving work processes and workflows among teams with the help of

Can send automated emails?

Yes, can easily be set up to send automated emails. Automation features are present in to take care of repetitive but necessary tasks. However, the number of automated tasks that can do for the user every month depends on the plan that they have purchased.

Automated emails can be set up to send notifications about task completions or status changes or anything else the user might need. This is particularly useful for those teams that are involved in sales and marketing since this sector requires a lot of to and fro emails from customers, vendors, transport, etc.

Steps to set up automations in

If you want to set up an automation in, you can do so by following these steps:

  • On the board that you want to add the automation to, click on the ‘Automate’ option. You can find it situated at the top right part of your screen. This will direct you to the Automations Center.
Can send automated emails? (+7 uses for marketing)

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  • You can choose an automation recipe that you want to set up. Fill in the parameters in the recipe according to your needs and requirements. You will also need to add variables by using the options that are present at the bottom of your screen.
  • Once you have sorted out your recipe, you will need to click on ‘Add to Board’. This will make the automation active.
  • You will be receiving notifications on the top of your board when the automation completes a task or an action. You can deactivate these notifications if you need to by accessing monday.labs.

Use of for marketing has many versatile features that allow it to be used for practically any business vertical. Its various uses for marketing purposes are described as follows:

It creates space for creativity and innovation

Since creativity and innovation are highly necessary, especially in an area like marketing, leaders and managers try to create opportunities to encourage these among team members. Since these require a lot of discussion and constructive conflicts among different individuals, organizations will find that helps in stimulating teams to be more creative.

Unlimited number of boards and items

According to the plan that has been chosen by the user, offers a varied number of items that can be created by the team members. However, from the Standard plan onwards, which is the most popular plan, teams can create an unlimited number of items. This encourages them to take on new projects and tasks easily.

Ready to use templates

This project management tool has a lot of ready to use templates that team members can easily make use of. These ready to use templates can help in saving time and energy for teams. They can also easily create their very own templates and use it for any project or task they might take part in.

Automation features

As we have discussed in the previous section, automation features help in reducing workloads for users and are also a breeze to set up. These features can be highly useful for marketing campaigns by sending out emails, responding to customer issues and completing other recurring tasks that users might find tedious.

Helpful widgets offers many helpful widgets that can boost the quality of marketing campaigns that team members may be working on. These widgets can range from Calendar features, time tracking features and also status update features, all embracing a fun and engaging perspective. This not only helps in productivity but can also encourage creativity.

Various views

Since teams work with multiple projects and are required to have many perspectives, offers different views that users can choose from. This allows them to look at information in a clearer manner. Some of the views are the Calendar view, the Gantt view, the Kanban board view, etc.

Lead generation

Teams who work in sales and marketing are constantly on the hunt for good quality leads. Not only are these hard to find, but can also be discouraging when there is no alignment with the service or product being sold. can help in generating as well as in scoring leads through the source of web forms.

Intelligent dashboards

The dashboards that project management tools are filled to the brim with information that all team members greatly require. This information and analytics can be used by sales and marketing folks to create reports about behaviorisms of clients, profit being generated, email responses, effectiveness of various campaigns, etc.


In this article, we have discussed if can send automated emails. We have also listed the various steps involved in setting up an automation in In addition, we have also looked at the various benefits of for marketing.

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