Can post to social media? (+3 main challenges)

In this blogpost, we shall answer if can post to social media. We shall also discuss two boards in that can help with social media campaigning. In addition, we will be explaining some of the challenges that social media management faces today and how can help overcome them.

Can post to social media?

Yes, can easily post to social media. This is good news for those teams who work on social media marketing and are looking for a robust platform for their work. The tool can also be used to create social media calendars and plans which can reach the target population in a much more effective manner. boards for social media marketing already has ready to use boards which social media teams can use in their marketing campaigns. This is another reason why organizations love, for its ability to reduce workloads and create smarter working teams. The boards that provides for social media marketing are explained below:

Campaign requests board

This board has been designed to collect all ideas and suggestions for new campaigns in a single place. This feature not only ensures everyone can see all the ideas, but also creates more room for creativity and brainstorming. Furthermore, the team members can openly discuss and interact, thus building on other’s ideas in order to create campaigns.

The Campaign requests board features columns such as Date Column, Timeline Column, Email Column and People Column that can give clear information about the campaigns that are being pondered over. With the help of the information provided by these columns, teams can create effective social media campaigns.

Campaign status board

This board can help teams be aware of the status of each campaign and understand the progress that is taking place. This board becomes a one-stop shop for all things pertaining to the social media marketing campaigns being run so that team members have a better idea of the entire picture, thus reducing the chances of misunderstandings and improving coordination.

The Campaign Status board also features many useful columns such as People Column, Status Column, Timeline Column, Numbers Column, File Column and several others. Through the information that these columns provide, team members can understand the campaigns better and also foresee risks that might occur.

Challenges of social media management

Social media is constantly evolving and has become one of the most powerful influences in the world we live in today. Since it is continuously growing, there are also many challenges that keep cropping up, affecting teams who are handling social media management. Some of these challenges are:

Lack of creative content

This might be the biggest challenge that social media teams face on a daily basis. Since they need to come up with creative and never-been-done-before types of campaigns all the time, team members can feel dried up and thus become frustrated. Ideas may also be recycled constantly. These teams, in addition, face coordination and planning issues for their campaigns.

No resources to work with

Since social media is a great platform where an organization can truly rise up above its ranks, many organizations are putting in a great deal of money and effort in order to create smarter campaigns. However, many companies still stick to manual management of their social media channels which might not be as effective and consistent.

Collaboration and communication issues

Teams that work with social media management need a collaboration tool more than anybody else. This is because this sector requires teams to discuss and brainstorm together in order to create campaigns. They also need to coordinate closely so as to avoid any blunders on social media, where mistakes and errors are forever recorded.

Furthermore, there needs to be strong alignment between the stakeholders, the clients and the team members. If the parties involved do not see eye to eye, it can be a waste of money for the client and a waste of effort by the team. For this to be avoided, these teams need to use a common collaboration and communication platform which might not always be available. for social media management

To help social media management teams overcome these challenges and bring out creative and effective social media campaigns, can be used in the following ways:

It has pre-made boards

The platform has ready to use boards which teams can easily use for their social media campaigns. There is a Campaign Request board which teams can use to generate ideas and create proposals for campaigns. There is also a Campaign Status board which gives information about ongoing campaigns for the team members.

It promotes collaboration and brainstorming

Since collaboration is deeply essential for teams that work with creativity, offers many features to promote communication and interaction between team members. Teams can not only discuss their ideas on the Campaign Requests board but also communicate via chat, through tagging and also through board comments.


In this blogpost, we have answered if can post to social media. We have also discussed two boards in that can help with social media campaigning. In addition, we have explained some of the challenges that social media management faces today and how can help overcome them.

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