Can integrate with Quickbooks? (+8 amazing features)

This article will discuss if can integrate with Quickbooks. We will also be discussing the various features of and also some of the essential features of Quickbooks. is highly effective in its features and its effectiveness can further be improved by integrating the platform with other tools and apps.


Can integrate with Quickbooks?

Yes, can integrate with Quickbooks. However, this integration cannot be created through the Integrations Center in User will need to use the services of Zapier or Integromat in order to set this integration between and Quickbooks. This integration can greatly help users of take care of their finances and accounts.

Features of

Some of the features of that make it so spectacular are described as follows:

It has strong security makes security a top priority for all its users. It understands that users are working with highly sensitive and confidential information that need to be protected at all costs. For this reason, the platform undergoes regular auditing and upgrading. It also conducts regular backups of critical data as well as non-critical data.

It is very visual uses a very visual interface. Which means users can easily find whatever they are looking for in a short span of time. The platform also uses bright colors to differentiate between  the many elements and can also be used for setting up color-codes to signify statuses and priorities of tasks and assignments.

It can integrate easily

The platform provides more than 40 integrations with other popular apps and platforms. Those that are not included can be easily integrated with through the help of an external party like Zapier. The most popular apps that are commonly integrated with are Slack, Mailchimp, Zendesk, Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.

It has automations

While many project management platforms provide automation features, offers a large number and a wide range of automations that users can opt for. These automations can be set up to complete repetitive tasks that users may find frustrating to do on a daily basis. However, the number of tasks can differ with the plans that the user has opted for.

It has various means of communication

Collaboration and communication in an organization should not only follow one route. Otherwise, the participation of all team members cannot be guaranteed. The platform allows collaboration to take place in both real-time and non-real time, such as with the help of the updates section, board comments, tagging, etc.

It provides different views

Since different projects require different views and perspectives, allows its users to have multiple perspectives of the project. The users can thus opt to see the information or the project through a Timeline view, a Gantt view, a Calendar view or a Kanban board view. With the help of these different views, teams can get more info from various angles.

It caters to individuals as well as teams

While can seem like a work management tool that only large business organizations may opt for, it also caters to individuals. Those individuals who are looking for a tool that can help them organize their tasks and clean up their schedules can easily get the Free Plan of that has many features for an individual users needs and requirements.

It has ready to use templates

To make work easier for the users and to get them starting on the right foot, the platform provides many ready to use templates that teams can easily make use of. There are templates readily available for almost any type of task or occasion. Teams can also create their own customized templates and use them for their work.

Features of Quickbooks

Let’s look at some of the unique features of Quickbooks in the section below:

It can be highly useful for accounting

Quickbooks is very popular among startups and small businesses for their accounting and finance needs. This platform has features that allow finance tracking and reporting. It can also help businesses with their taxes and payrolls. Since it has so many features that allow businesses to take care of their finances, Quickbooks is gaining wide popularity among teams.

It allows easy integrations

Since organizations use multiple project tools as well as finance tools, the platform can be easily integrated with other apps and tools. The app can thus be integrated with bank accounts, payment apps and even software that help with payroll. Through these integrations, the effectiveness of Quickbooks is immensely increased.

It is simple to use

While finance may not be everybody’s forte, Quickbooks makes all this seem very easy and simple. The platform also provides information and resources for users to understand and develop their finances in a better manner. The customer support service of the app is also quite handy and readily available to help at any time.

It is cloud based

Furthermore, the app is cloud-based. This makes it easily accessible from anywhere at any time. Since it is cloud-based, users do not have to rely on physical software which is prone to crashes and glitches. The cloud technology also helps by being more secure and thus users can be assured that their financial information is stored securely.


This article has discussed if can integrate with Quickbooks. We have also discussed the various features of and also some of the essential features of Quickbooks.

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