Can I use insurance with Cerebral? (+7 features of Cerebral)

This article will discuss if you can use insurance with Cerebral. We will also be looking at the other features of this wonderful mental health platform. In addition to this, we shall be explaining the importance of therapy for any individual. Online mental health platforms like Cerebral are definitely doing their bit in bringing easy access to mental health care for everyone.

Can I use insurance with Cerebral?

Yes! If you have in-network insurance, you can easily reduce the costs of therapy for all the Cerebral plans. For in-network insurance, the platform offers any of its plans at just $29. The great thing about Cerebral is that it also offers amazing discounts for first-timers who are new to the platform and additionally offers reimbursements for many of its users.

Best features of Cerebral

Cerebral calls itself a mental health subscription that takes care of all the mental health needs and requirements of any individual. It has a wide range of features that has rocketed this platform into popularity in the short duration of its existence. Some of the great features of Cerebral have been discussed as follows:

It offers a variety of plans

Cerebral has a variety of plans that users can choose from according to their needs and preferences. This platform offers a Medication and Care Counseling plan where users have access to medications as well as guidance from care counselors. While the Therapy plan only offers talk therapy, the Medication and Therapy plan offers therapy along with medication.

It has care counseling

One of the great features of Cerebral is that it provides care counseling for all the users who are undergoing medical treatment. This is not exactly talk therapy, but provides plenty of guidance and support from a mental health professional. Care counselors also check in regularly with the users to see how they are faring in their treatments.

It also offers therapy

Cerebral also offers talk therapy through many certified and licensed professionals. Talk therapy can be suitable for those individuals who are suffering from depression and anxiety. It not only promotes healing, but can also indicate root causes and boosts growth and self-care. Talk therapy in combination with medication can do wonders for millions of people.

It can be used from anywhere

Cerebral functions completely online and thus can be used and accessed from anywhere and everywhere. The great thing about Cerebral is that this online access brings mental health care to even those who are not able to leave the house very often, such as those individuals who are disabled or those who are involved in infant care.

It can be great for those with ADHD

ADHD can seem charming and productive for many, but those who are suffering from it know very well the great ill-effects of this condition. While adult ADHD goes undiagnosed and unnoticed for long periods of time, platforms like Cerebral can be great by providing quick access to mental health professionals and licensed therapists.

It has a network of licensed professionals

The platform only takes certified and licensed therapists and other professionals to work with its users. This makes it splendid for the users since they can be assured of high quality and ethical services in Cerebral. Most of the users who have reviewed Cerebral have also spoken highly about the ethical and empathetic behavior displayed by these professionals.

It also offers unlimited messaging

This platform also offers unlimited messaging for its users. Messaging therapy itself has become a hit, especially with the younger populations. Unlimited messaging not only helps the user explain clearly what they are feeling. It also brings more expression and venting to the users which becomes an important part of self-care itself.

Importance of therapy

Therapy brings a great deal of benefits and advantages to any person and thus many keep encouraging this as a form of self-care and growth. A few of the great benefits that therapy can bring to any individual have been explained in this section:

  • Therapy not only affects the individual in a positive manner. It can also improve their relationships with others. And thus, therapy is considered for those couples who are having a tough time in their relationship. Family therapy can also greatly increase the strength of the bonds that are in place in a family unit.
  • Therapy brings a better perspective for the individual and thus they get to appreciate their strengths much more while being aware of their weaknesses. This high level of self-awareness is necessary for the development of anyone.
  • Therapy can also be used as a form of self-care for the individual. Self-care is directly important for mental health itself. However, this can be severely lacking especially in those who have busy schedules. Therapy promotes self-care by giving a safe space to vent, express, clear doubts and also to set new goals and achieve them.

Best alternative to Cerebral

If you are looking for a platform that has many of the similar features to Cerebral, but at the same time provides additional tools, you can opt for Betterhelp. This platform does not offer psychiatry services but has great options for those who are looking for purely online therapy.



This article has discussed if you can use insurance with Cerebral. We have also looked at the other features of this wonderful mental health platform. In addition to this, we have explained the importance of therapy for any individual.

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