Can I go on holiday whilst stress?

Can I go on holiday whilst stress? – understanding if it is right for your health to go on holiday while stressed.

In this guide, we will discuss if it is healthy for a person to go on vacation while stressed and strategies to eliminate stress.

Can I go on holiday whilst stress?

Holidays for many represent a way to disconnect and rest. Many people desire for a few days of tranquillity where they can get away from situations that cause some kind of stress and anxiety. Many of us have jobs that we have to attend daily and there are times when the load is so great that we want a few days to simply get away from it all and relax.

When we feel high levels of stress, sometimes we do not know if the right thing would be to continue with the work or any activity that we are doing or take a few days to rest and recover strength, it is something that can be confusing. Some people claim that they need vacation days to relieve symptoms of stress and there are others that stress is part of their lives and going on vacation could increase stress levels, even more, causing them to affect you negatively.

Do not forget that low doses of stress are normal and are usually positive for the person as it helps to keep them in a state of alert for any danger and allow them to be working actively, the problem of stress is when the Person experiences high doses.

Many people claim that a vacation can reduce stress levels, but in some cases, it can cause the opposite. Be careful when talking about vacations when a person is stressed.

Each person manifests stress in different ways so the same actions will not give the same results for each person who has stress. There may be situations where there are people who need vacations if they are stressed. There are people who, regardless of the situation that causes stress, need to move away for a moment and put their thoughts in order.

When a person requests a vacation having stress, it can have two results: stress levels decrease or these increase. You might find it a bit strange to say that vacations could increase stress, but yes, they do.

How does stress affect a person who goes on holiday?

A person who decides or who corresponds to take their vacations, according to the laws established in each company, can react in different ways. When a person needs vacations due to the stress he has for the entire workload, this free time can be very beneficial. The person, in this case, does not simply seek to travel to another country, city, cruise or a hotel, the person seeks a few days of tranquillity where its mind is not saturated by work. This in some cases may vary because if the person who wants a vacation due to work stress and when it comes home is faced with a series of responsibilities that it has to fulfil, it may still experience stress. Other people only need a time out of the office, no matter what they have to do while at home.

There are other people who, when asking for vacations due to stress, take the opportunity to get to know other countries or cities and learn new things. They feel that the daily routine of living where they have to comply with an established schedule kills their creativity, so time outside the workplace and going to other horizons works well. When the person with stress decides to go on vacation outside the city or country the stress can increase or decrease due to how the trip will be.

If the person finds many inconveniences in the trip such as problems with the flight, the hotel room or lost of some object, it can be very stressed and even regret having taken vacations. Others can deal with this type of situation and see it as part of the adventure.

On the other extreme are people who have stress, but they like the feeling. They feel the adrenaline flowing and it is something that many say gives them life. Some companies and organizations require their employees to take the corresponding vacations, where some disagree with this and decide to continue working. When a person is forced to take vacations, they can be very stressed because they do not know what they will do in that free time. You may feel that lack of productivity makes your life meaningless, which leads to much more stress.

When a person goes on holiday whilst stress, it must take into account many factors such as the type of stress it has, where it would like to go on vacation and how to work the stress it has with something other than vacations.

What is stress?

Stress can be defined as a physiological response that the body gives to a stimulus. The person reacts according to what he interprets that can be threatening or that causes some danger.

Stress in normal doses is positive for the body. A little stress helps the person to be in a state of alertness and warn him about something or motivate to work harder. Stress becomes negative when it interferes with the person’s activities.

A person who has high levels of stress finds it difficult to maintain a balance in its life, causing him to remain in a constant state of alert which is not healthy. When a person fails to reduce stress levels, this can have greater consequences for both physical and mental well-being.

What are the symptoms of stress?

Stress manifests a series of symptoms, which vary according to the person. Among the most common are:

  • Feeling agitated and frustrated
  • Feeling overwhelmed, where the person feels they do not have or are losing control of things or any situation
  • Inability to relax the mind
  • Feeling bad about yourself
  • Headaches
  • Chest pains and fast heartbeat
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Nervousness
  • Dry mouth and difficulty swallowing
  • Constant worry
  • Low concentration capacity
  • Be pessimistic and always look at things on the negative side
  • Loss of appetite

Is it right to go on holiday whilst stress?

A person can go on vacation having stress if the holidays are going to be beneficial for their recovery. If the person becomes ill on their vacations, they must report it to their place of work so that they take into account if it is going to be missing a few more days.

Now, if a person is going to take a vacation having stress, they should analyze what type of vacation they will have. A person can have a lot of stress planning a vacation, so it would not be advisable to make plans that involve a lot of effort but those that are simpler and do not make the person have to work hard.

If the person has high levels of stress and is considering taking a vacation, they must visit a health professional. It is important that you know the type of stress you have and how your vacation can affect you. Sometimes people believe that vacations will always be a positive solution to stress or anxiety problems, but if proper precautions are not taken, it may end in the opposite.

In the case of people who have stress, but are not allowed to take vacations, they must become aware of the importance of resting. The body needs rest, not all the time it can be in a state of alert since it can only bring consequences to its health. If you know someone who is very stressed and does not want to take a vacation, it is correct that you talk to that person and explain how stress is affecting their life.

If you are the type of person who understands that living under a stress situation is normal and that you do not need vacations, you must change that mentality and understand that there are also moments where the body needs to rest. Sometimes it can consist of entering a state where you feel you are not doing anything, but also the pause helps creativity. Taking a few moments of rest helps the mind generate new ideas and reduce stress.

When a person goes on vacation because of stress, they should investigate how business laws work in each country. These can vary since there are countries where companies or organizations do not give vacations to the person having stress since they do not consider it valid, while in others they understand that the employee needs days out to be able to perform their work better.

FAQs about can I go on holiday whilst stress

How not to feel stress on vacation?

Plan your trip, where you have included your budget, the place of lodging and everything concerning the place where you are going; keep a positive attitude at all times because even if you plan your trip perfectly you have no control of everything and sometimes something can happen and have fun.

When can I take a vacation while having stress?

This will depend on where you are working. In some places, some people receive two weeks, in another four. It all depends, learn well about that aspect in your workplace.

Is it correct to receive calls from my work if I am on vacation whilst stress?

It would not be the most appropriate since companies must respect the vacation time of employees, especially those suffering from stress. Time away from work is for the person to relax and reduce their stress levels.

Can my employer call my doctor?

Yes, you can do it. If you have taken an excuse for work to any illness, your employer has every right to verify the veracity of it.

What happens if I bring a false medical excuse for my job?

If they discover in your work that you have carried a false medical excuse they can fire you because it is an illegal act. This can also speak ill of you, making it clear that you are a person with little ethics.


Going on vacation having stress can be a way for the person to decrease or increase their levels, it all depends on what causes the stress. The person who has stress must understand that a little pause in life is necessary and relax. The body and the mind need some disconnection from time to time and making some breaks where the person takes a few days of vacation can be very beneficial. Holidays do not have to be trips abroad, but a time where the person can rest their mind and relax.

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