Can I go on holiday whilst off sick with stress?

In this brief article, we will be discussing can you go on holiday whilst off work with stress, what should you do while you’re off work with stress, benefits that you can get whilst off work with stress, and more information about can you go on holiday whilst off work with stress. 

Can you go on holiday whilst off work with stress?

Yes, the employee can go on a holiday whilst off work with stress.

This is because the employer can’t do anything when this kind of situation happens, especially when the employee has the fit notes to verify that he or she is severely stressed.

Although this kind of situation bothers a lot of employers.

This is because they don’t feel like the employee is trying to recover with the fact that he or she is on holiday while off work with this kind of condition.

This can be disappointing when the employer knows that the affected employee has a physical condition when he or she got off work with stress.

Employers might question the credibility of the affected employee’s stress condition because of this detail.

They even find it incredulous that the affected employee would need to go on a holiday, especially outside the country to recover from this kind of condition.

This can disturb employers which can lead them to call their employees even if they are still in their sick weeks.

There are some ways to ease the peace of mind when it comes to this kind of situation which can put a lot of strain in the relationship between the employer and the employee.

For instance, the employee can notify the employer beforehand that he or she is leaving the country which can bring the employer some thought that the employee wants to go back to work with this kind of notification.

It is also important that the employer talks to the general practitioner if it is fine if he or she can go on a holiday whilst off work with stress.

Therefore, people want to learn How to take a leave of absence from work due to stress.

What happens when you go on a holiday whilst off work with stress?

The following situations will be the things that will occur when you on a holiday whilst off work with stress.

You are entitled to a sick leave that can last for seven days but you can ask your general practitioner if you want to extend this timeline.

Fit notes and proof of sickness whilst off work with stress

Employees need to give their employers a sick note where they can have a sick leave that can last for 7 days.

This is to ensure that you have proof that you are truly sick.

There are also instances where the employee who is too sick for work can be considered to need some self-isolation since stress can trigger physical disorders that could be contagious to other people.

The employee needs to have the sick note from the general practitioner to show that he or she is not fit to work as a proof.

There are also some instances that the employee should acquire a report from the general practitioner if he or she is not fit for work.

The general practitioner will allow the employee to make a copy of the sick note to give to the employer and the original should be kept by the employee.

This is to ensure that there is some proof of the employee’s absence.


There are some instances that the sick employer may only be off for a few days than seven days.

This is where these affected employees will be able to self-certify themselves.

In this case, these affected employees will not need to bring a sick note but they might be asked to complete a form from the employer to confirm his or her sick leave.

Sick leave and holiday of an employee

The statutory pay entitlement can increase with the amount of sick leave that the affected employee has to face.

This entitlement can be taken when the employee is going to have a sick leave.

Or you can just get this pay when you are done with your sick leave which is vital for you, especially with the needs you need to meet when you are sick.

You only need to talk to your employer about this pay and what you are going to use it on.

You are expected by the employer that you should stick to the sick leave protocols of your company.

You are also entitled to leave for your annual vacation leave when you are found to be entitled for it.


There are times when an employee changes his or her holiday to sick leave that can come from stress where they can take holiday pay.

There are exceptions to this rule:

  • they do not qualify for Statutory Sick Pay as reported
  • they were off work sick and being paid occupational sick pay for their sick leave

When the employee returns to work

Employers should make changes for the employee who might have gained a serious illness while getting a leave for stress.

This where the employer will make reasonable adjustments when the employee is about to go back to work.

This can only be applied when the employee is verified to be fit to work.

Long-term sickness

Employees who have been absent for more than 4 weeks can imply that the affected employee is taking an annual leave even if its from stress.

In this case, the leave should be treated as such.

Dismissing a long-term sick employee from work

The last resort is when employers dismiss a long-term sick employee but the employer should consider the following first:

  • consider if an employee can return to work  such as by working flexibly or part-time, doing different or less stressful work with training if appropriate and you can consider this as an adjustment
  • consult with employees about when they could return to work and if their health will improve as a way of being flexible towards the affected employee

The employee can take their case to an employee tribunal if they think that they are dismissed unfairly by their employee.

What if sick pay from getting off work with stress runs out?

If sick pay from getting off work with stress runs out, the affected employee may be eligible for some benefits from the government.

This can occur when sick pay is already beyond the required time and it is considered as a holiday.

You can also seek more advice on the Citizen’s advice website.

What happens to the employee’s job?

Despite the fact that sick pay has run out, there is still an employment contract between the employee and the employer which they should be doing the following.:

The employee should do the following:

  • reporting their stress to the employer as required
  • following the employer’s rules for stress leave

The employer should do the following:

  • keep in contact with the employee while they’re off with stress
  • be clear about sick pay entitlement and when it’s due to run out as required
  • If sickness is impacting an employee’s ability to do their job, the employer might decide to review the situation as required

The following can guide the employer’s plan:

  • how to cover the work while the employee is off as an adjustment
  • any support or adjustments that might help the employee return to work as comfortable as possible
  • the employee’s return, once they’re well enough from their stress leave
  • what happens to the job if the employee is not able to return due to stress

A sick leave is considered as an absence on the employee’s part and the employer should treat it as such.

This kind of leave can bring the entitlement of an employee to the Statutory Sick Pay where they have to be paid when they are still in the sick leave.

Even when they are way beyond their required sick leave but the sickness is still foregoing, they will need to still get this kind of entitlement.

If their sickness has become eligible for a disability, this should require them the aid of the government to help them with the needs of their disabilities.

There is also the need for the employer to make reasonable adjustments if the employee wants to return to work again.

Another situation is the fact that the employee wishes to extend the sick leave into a holiday which can be allowed to turn into a holiday.

This is where the employer will have to pay the employee for their holiday leave.


In this brief article, we have discussed can you go on holiday whilst off work with stress, what should you do while you’re off work with stress, benefits that you can get whilst off work with stress, and more information about can you go on holiday whilst off work with stress. 

If you have any questions about can you go on holiday whilst off with stress, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries. 

FAQs: can you go on holiday whilst off work with stress

How long can I stay off work with stress?

You can stay off work with stress for less than 7 days.
Although most cases of this scenario will vary on the affected employee and the policies of your company.
The employee needs to visit the general practitioner to get a sick note if they need more time to take care of their stress. 

Can a GP book you off for stress?

Yes, a GP can book you off for stress.
This can occur when you are entitled to take a sick leave when your stress is chronic when it has shown signs that your physical health is deteriorating.
However, this kind of condition is getting too typical for most people. 

Is stress a reason to be off work?

Yes, stress is a reason to be off work.
However, there are statistics that have shown that most employees are uncomfortable about getting off work due to this kind of condition.
This shouldn’t be the case since this kind of condition is an acceptable cause to take time off work it is impacting one’s wellbeing. 

Can you be sacked for being off stress with mental health?

Yes, you can be sacked for being off stress with mental health.
Although there are some circumstances that need to be considered and steps that are obligated to be taken by an employer before they can sack the employee when these kinds of circumstances come through.

Does going off with stress affect future employment?

No, going off stress will not affect future employment. Afterall, unchecked stress can only trigger a long-term physical or mental condition which can affect your future employment.
This is why you should get some rest for this kind of condition while you are working.
The employer can also give you a future job reference when you are ready for work again. 


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