Can I get my money back in BetterHelp? (+7 advantages)

This article will discuss if you can get your money back in BetterHelp. We shall also be looking at the best advantages that BetterHelp offers to its users. In addition to this, we will be describing a few limitations that users of BetterHelp have experienced. BetterHelp is easily one of the most popular online therapy platforms in the world today.

Can I get my money back in BetterHelp?

Yes, you can get your money back in BetterHelp. The platform requires you to send an email to the customer support team and they will review your case and see if you qualify for a full or partial refund. In the event where a refund may seem impossible, BetterHelp might offer an extension of the subscription plan or assign you a new therapist.

Advantages of using BetterHelp

BetterHelp has created a name for itself in the field of online therapy, ever since its founding in 2013. This platform was created with the aim to make therapy more accessible and even affordable for everyone. Some of the best advantages that BetterHelp brings to its clients have been described in this section:

BetterHelp is definitely cost-effective

In-person therapy or traditional therapy can turn out to be an expensive affair for many. In fact, the high cost factor of therapy is one of the main reasons why many do not go to therapy even if they desperately need it. BetterHelp is not only very affordable but also provides financial assistance for anyone who requires it.

It can be used from anywhere

BetterHelp functions completely online, and this means that it can be accessed and used from practically anywhere. The client does not have to go to a therapist’s office for therapy and can communicate with their therapist as long as they have an internet connection. This feature can be highly advantageous for those who cannot leave the house often, such as disabled persons.

It brings a better client-therapist fit

The rapport between the client and the therapist is very necessary and essential for the success of the therapy process. This client-therapist fit can be quite hard to bring about in in-person therapy. However, BetterHelp has a fantastic algorithm that matches the user with a suitable therapist who fits the preferences given by the client at the time of signing-up with the platform.

It has safe technology

Privacy and confidentiality are factors that both clients and therapists deem very important. The technology of BetterHelp is fully HIPAA compliant and is fitted with end-to-end encryptions, multi-step authentications and even firewalls to safely secure the information as well as identity of the user.

It offers couples therapy

The platform also offers couples therapy. Couples therapy and family therapy are becoming vastly important today as more and more families are becoming blended and thus require better understanding and communication. Couples therapy can also help those pairs who are planning on tying the knot so that they set a better foundation for their marital relationship.

It has teens therapy

BetterHelp also has therapy for teenagers between the ages of 13 years to 18 years of age. Therapy can be quite helpful for adolescents as this age group can be difficult and is often filled with high levels of stress and anxiety. Many mental illnesses can also show their initial signs in this age group, making therapy even more relevant and meaningful.

It offers group sessions

BetterHelp additionally offers group sessions that are also conducted online once a week. Group therapy itself can bring more support and motivation to the participants, and also expose them to many other coping strategies and techniques used by others with the same mental issues. These group sessions in BetterHelp are free of cost and cover more than 20 different topics.

Limitations of BetterHelp

While BetterHelp provides many advantages and benefits for its clients, there are a few limitations that users have experienced. Some of the limitations of BetterHelp are:

  • Many users have felt that the algorithm of BetterHelp does not do that great a job at matching the client with the therapist. However, this depends on the information provided while signing up. BetterHelp also has an option for the client to manually go through the directory and choose their therapist by themselves.
  • The platform does not have insurance coverage and thus many users might find the subscription very expensive. While it does not provide insurance coverage, BetterHelp offers financial assistance for its clients who are unemployed, furloughed or from low-income jobs. This assistance is also available for students and veterans.
  • BetterHelp also does not offer psychiatry services along with therapy. And thus, those who require medications and drugs for their mental illnesses need to look elsewhere for their prescriptions. This makes it discouraging for users, especially since many other online therapy platforms also have psychiatry services.
  • Even though the therapists in BetterHelp are fully licensed and certified, they are not allowed to provide diagnosis for mental health conditions. And thus, those who require formal certificates of mental health status cannot use the services of BetterHelp.


This article has discussed if you can get your money back in BetterHelp. We have also looked at the best advantages that BetterHelp offers to its users. In addition to this, we have described a few limitations that users of BetterHelp have experienced.

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