Can Cerebral prescribe controlled substances? (+5 Features Of Cerebral)

This post will answer if Cerebral can prescribe controlled substances. In addition to this, we will look at some of the unique features of this mental health subscription platform. Finally, we will discuss the benefits of online therapy. Online therapy and online mental health care in general are becoming increasingly sought after in contrast to traditional modes of interventions.

Can Cerebral prescribe controlled substances?

Yes, Cerebral can prescribe controlled substances. However, this facility is not available in all the states of the US. And thus, some medications for conditions like ADHD, PTSD and Bipolar Disorder may not be available in all the 50 states. Cerebral not only provides online psychiatry features but also has online therapy services.

Features of Cerebral

Cerebral is a mental health subscription that aims to make mental health care both affordable and accessible to anyone. The best features of this platform have been elaborated in the section below:

Cerebral provides both therapy and psychiatry services

In Cerebral, the users can have access to both, therapy as well as psychiatry services online. Cerebral aims to be a one-stop shop for all the mental health needs and requirements of the user. The psychiatry services of the platform can also be covered by insurance and the medications are delivered to the home of the user directly.


It is HIPAA compliant

The platform is also HIPAA compliant and is fitted with strong security measures such as firewalls, multi-step authentications and end to end encryptions. In this manner, the data and information of the user is stored safely away from the prying hands of hackers. Through strong security, there is more effectiveness of the intervention as well.

It provides care counseling

Cerebral provides a collaborative model of care for its users. An integral part of this collaborative care system is the care counselor who acts as an emotional support system and guide for the user. The care counselor also trains the patient or user in various coping strategies and techniques.

It offers various plans

There are also various plans that are offered in Cerebral for users to choose from according to their needs and requirements. Cerebral offers a Medication and Care Counseling plan that provides only psychiatry services. There is also a Therapy Only plan that offers psychotherapy exclusively. Users can access both therapy and drugs through Medication and Therapy plan.

It can be covered through insurance

The plans in Cerebral are quite affordable for anyone. To increase its affordability, Cerebral also offers insurance coverage for both its therapy as well as psychiatry services. Insurance coverage is made possible through several in-network providers. Insurance coverage is important as the high cost-factor of mental health care is the reason why many do not seek professional help.

Benefits of online therapy

Online therapy can bring plenty of benefits and advantages to users, such as:

Online therapy can be used from anywhere

Online therapy can be accessed and used from practically anywhere. All that the user requires for this is a stable internet connection and a compatible device. Online therapy can thus be great for those who live in remote areas or even those who cannot leave the house often due to a disability or any other reason.

It is pretty safe

Online therapy platforms like Cerebral, BetterHelp and Talkspace are all required to be HIPAA compliant in order to function. And thus, these platforms provide the best in terms of internet security. There is also more physical safety that is enjoyed through online therapy since the client and the therapist are not required to meet each other face to face.

It offers various formats

There are various formats of therapy that are available in online mental health care platforms. This is highly in contrast to in-person therapy that requires most of the communication to be done through speech. In online therapy, however, users have the freedom to choose from messaging, audio sessions and video sessions which can be synchronous and asynchronous.

It brings a better client-therapist fit

There is also a better client-therapist fit that is enjoyed in online therapy platforms. This client-therapist fit comes by due to the smart use of artificial intelligence and algorithms. When there is a strong relationship between the client and the therapist, the effectiveness of the therapy also greatly improves.


It is quite affordable

In-person therapy can be very expensive. However, online therapy can be relatively much more affordable. Online therapy platforms like Cerebral and Talkspace also offer insurance coverage for their users. In addition to this, platforms like BetterHelp offer financial assistance to those who require it.

It brings benefits to therapists

Online therapy can not only benefit users, but also bring great advantages to therapists. Therapists who conduct therapy sessions online do not require an office for their work. They are also saved from marketing expenses and paperwork as the platforms perform these chores for them. Therapists are also guaranteed a steady inflow of clients for their work.


This post has answered if Cerebral can prescribe controlled substances. In addition to this, we have looked at some of the unique features of this mental health subscription platform. Finally, we have discussed the benefits of online therapy.

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