Can BetterHelp be paid with FSA? (+7 affordable)

In this blogpost, we will discuss if BetterHelp can be paid with FSA. In addition to this, we will be looking at some ways through which you can gain access to affordable therapy. Finally, we will also be discussing some of the best advantages of using BetterHelp for your therapy needs and requirements.

Can BetterHelp be paid with FSA?

Yes, BetterHelp can be easily paid with a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or even a Health Savings Account (HSA). If you are still finding it difficult to afford Betterhelp’s plans, you can apply for financial aid when you are signing up. This assistance is available for those who are unemployed or furloughed due to COVID-19.

How to get affordable therapy?

While therapy is definitely important, it can be quite expensive. Also, therapy is not a one-time thing. To see improvements in your mental health, you need to go to therapy for a long enough time that can take months or sometimes even years. There are plenty of options through which you can get affordable therapy which are just as good, such as the ones described below:

Using your EAP

Organizations or companies often have Employee Assistance Programs to help their employees improve other areas of life other than work. These EAPs often provide free therapy or counseling services. They may also offer these services at highly affordable rates. If you are working, you can reach out to your HR manager and ask about the various EAPs present in the company.

Reaching out to the school counselor

Schools and universities often have a counselor or therapist to help the students with various problems. Counselors and therapists in school settings may also offer their services for absolutely free or at high concessions. Also, universities which teach psychology courses often allow their graduate students to practice for free and can help with basic mental self-care.

Look out for community organizations

Non-profit organizations at the community level may also have therapy or counseling services. Among other things such as day-care facilities, support groups, food drives, clothing drives and even charity runs, these community organizations provide free therapy services for those who require it in the locality.

Reach out to your religious organization

Religious organizations such as churches or mosques also offer free counseling and therapy services. The therapy itself can be both faith-affiliated or non-faith affiliated. These organizations offer these services to even those who are not regular members. Furthermore, these services can also provide you with access to medication if you need it.

Find a sliding scale therapist

Traditional therapists often charge their clients for the full hour. This is regardless of the work that has been done in the session. There are also sliding-scale therapists who charge according to the work or the effort that has been put into the session. Using a sliding scale therapist for your mental health needs can greatly reduce the costs of your sessions.

Use online therapy

Online therapy is definitely a lot more cost-effective than in-person therapy. Not only this, but platforms like BetterHelp offer financial aid for those who cannot afford its plans. Those like Talkspace and Cerebral can be easily covered through insurance. Some platforms like 7 Cups also have a free listening service that can be great for teenagers.

Try group therapy

In comparison to individual therapy, group therapy can be a more affordable choice. Group therapy can be in the form of support groups or even interventional groups. In addition to therapy, group sessions can provide added emotional support to the participants, along with different perspectives and greater pool of resources.

Advantages of using BetterHelp

Those who have used BetterHelp for their mental health care have experienced plenty of benefits and advantages like:

Various formats of therapy

There are various formats through which therapy can be conducted in BetterHelp. While in-person therapy requires you to express your feelings through speech, in BetterHelp you can do so by live chats, live audio and even live video sessions. This gives you plenty of flexibility and convenience for the therapy session.

Unlimited messaging

There is also a feature of unlimited messaging that is available in BetterHelp. This unlimited messaging can take many forms such as text messaging, audio messaging and video messaging. Messaging as a form of therapy can bring plenty of benefits to the user such as expression, venting and even reflection.

Better client-therapist fit

The relationship between the client and the therapist needs to be great in order for the therapy to be effective. The algorithm that is present in BetterHelp can bring about this by matching the client with the right therapist that is appropriate for the user’s preferences. If the user is not happy with the current therapist, the platform also allows easy switching of therapists.

Strong security features  

BetterHelp is completely HIPAA compliant. This means that the platform has incorporated technology that is end-to-end encrypted, has strong firewalls and uses multi-step authentications. These security features are necessary to protect the data of the users and to safeguard the information that they may share during therapy sessions.


In this blogpost, we have discussed if BetterHelp can be paid with FSA. In addition to this, we have looked at some ways through which you can gain access to affordable therapy. Finally, we have also discussed some of the best advantages of using BetterHelp for your therapy needs and requirements.

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