Can a narcissist love?

This article will focus on discussing if a narcissistic person can be in love. It will show how they view the object of their love, and what goes through their mind. Aside from that, the article will give a brief explanation of what it means to be a narcissist.

Can a narcissist love? 

There is no straightforward answer to these questions. Since narcissism is thought of as something in a spectrum, it may be possible for some narcissists to develop love. But what is known is that most of the time narcissists will have trouble relating to other people. 

So if you are in love, and getting into a relationship with someone that has narcissistic tendencies, you may want to ask yourself if you are willing to deal with the bumps that can come to your relationship because your partner has narcissistic traits.

And to make that decision, you may be wondering how being a narcissist impacts your relationship? Once again it is important to keep in mind that narcissism will happen on a spectrum, so it won’t be the same for everyone. 

But most of the time, the first thing you will notice in people that have narcissistic tendencies is that they may be unable to experience empathy.

And this can be something you will struggle with when you are in a relationship with them. They will most likely not be able to understand what you are feeling, and can often disregard your needs. That is because they live in a world in which they perceive their needs as the most important ones.

Since a relationship is often based on giving and take, you must ask yourself how it would be to be in a relationship in which that balance may be hard to find. Aside from that, narcissists have their whole identity built under the idea that they are flawless.

This can be something you will struggle with in a relationship with a narcissist. If at any given moment you try to tell them that something they did was wrong, or made you feel bad, they will raise their shields and begin to tell you that it is your fault you are feeling this way. They may also go as far as saying that they acted the way they did because you forced them to do so.

So if you are considering being in a relationship with a narcissist, even if you feel they can show love, you should always be careful of yourself to not fall victim to a toxic relationship in which your boundaries are not respected.

Know that a toxic relationship with a narcissist can often lead to a lack of respect, codependency, infidelity, dishonesty, controlling behavior, and abuse. But of course, there won’t be only bad things in dating a narcissist.

You may begin to admire them because they are so determined, and maybe have achieved success in their career. They can also be people that are extremely attractive, seductive, and take care of themselves well. But you should weigh all of this before deciding to get into a relationship with them.

It may not always be possible to choose who we love. And sometimes, if the person knows they have narcissistic traits, they can be open to caring for that part of them. Some may go to therapy and get treatment, and it can help how they will relate to others in some ways. And this may make it easier to have a relationship with them. 

But you should always have in mind that you shouldn’t settle for a relationship that doesn’t give you all the love and support you want and deserve. Be it with a narcissistic person, or any other person. Be sure to stand up for what you want.

Can a narcissist love?

What does it mean to be a narcissist?

Being a narcissist is something that can be a trait of a person, or it can even be a disorder, which is called a narcissistic personality disorder. When a person is a narcissist, they will often have a lack empathy, and establish relationships with others based on what they can gain from it.

A narcissistic person is also one that often relies on the view and admiration others have for them, they will need to be constantly praised, and admired by others. In a relationship, they will often need the other person to give them power, or control.

Being a narcissist means that you will often have a high sense of self-worth, and have a grandiose view of yourself. Because of that, they think they deserve to be treated differently, in a better way than others.

They can become self-obsessed, arrogant, and brag about their accomplishments so they can gain that admiration. They will often make sure to show others just how flawless, and impressive they are.

Can people with narcissistic personality disorder be cured?

There is no cure for narcissistic personality disorder. And it may also be a condition that makes it harder for the person to look, think they need help and look for it. 

That is because narcissists will often think of themselves as flawless, so admitting that there is something wrong with them, may imply changing the whole perception they have of themselves.

This is important to know, if you are considering going into a relationship with a narcissistic person, so you don’t buy into the idea that you will be able to change them, which happens a lot. Aside from that, know that sometimes narcissists will only tell you they are getting treatment as a way to maintain you. 

They can be manipulative at times, which causes them to say exactly what you want to hear as a way to keep the relationship going, as well as the control they have over you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Can narcissists love? 

What are signs a narcissist is done with you?

When a narcissist feels that they have taken all they could from you, they will likely begin to act differently, to show that they are done with you. The first thing they will do is to not use that mask of their emotions since they feel it is not necessary to show a good side of themselves anymore to you.

They will also begin to criticize you often and put all the blame for things on you. You can feel that the narcissist will become angrier, and easily irritated, which leads them to pick fights with you on the most trivial matters.

Right before leaving you for good, the narcissist will take all the advantage they can from you. And if you are in a romantic relationship with them, you will notice that there will be no more physical relationship, so they can make you feel unwanted.

They can also begin to accuse you of cheating, as a way to project that they will leave you because of your behavior. To tear you down, they will often gaslight you, and just blatantly ignore everything you say. Before they finally cut all forms of communication without ever even talking to you about it.

Do narcissists want to be loved?

Yes, narcissists want to be loved. They look for nothing more than love and care from others. Deep down, behind the self-assured mask lies a person that is completely insecure and scared.

But even though they want to be liked, and for people to treat them well. When that happens they don’t know how to behave. 

They won’t know how to make themselves vulnerable, and they can question if this love they are receiving is real, which can lead to the person feeling questioned in their feelings, and sometimes walking away, causing the narcissist to assume they were right to not trust that someone was able to truly love them.

What kind of women do narcissist men like?

There can be two answers to this question. Mostly narcissistic men will often be attracted to powerful and self-assured women. That is because they connect with what they think the person can give them. So being with someone powerful will allow them to feel powerful as well.

But women that are too self-assured will often not be available to satisfy all the needs of the narcissist, so that can be a relationship that won’t go on for very long. And ultimately the narcissist will see themselves attracted to a more insecure person, with shaky self-esteem.

That is because that woman will likely be open to giving the narcissist all the praise they need. Feeling that this woman will put them on a pedestal is all the narcissists ever wanted, so in the end, they may see themselves attracted to that type of woman.

What happens when I break up with a narcissist?

When you end a relationship with a narcissist, two most common things can happen, and both of them can be extremely hurtful. In some cases, chances are they won’t need a lot of time to heal from it. 

When you break up with a narcissist, they will take no time to think about what has happened. Since narcissists feed on people’s praise, if they feel like they are not getting any of that from you, they will likely just go searching for the next person that is willing to do just that. And seeing them move on so fast can make you feel extremely sad.

But through that, try to keep in mind that narcissists see relationships, and other people differently. They see them for how they can use them. On the other hand, as you end a relationship with a narcissist, and they feel like they are still in need of the narcissistic supply you give, they will never leave you alone.

And that can also be extremely draining. To get you back they can use the most dangerous techniques such as manipulations and gaslight. 

Will narcissists get divorced easily?

No, narcissists will have trouble divorcing because they will not be willing to let go of the control they have over the person they are married to. They will also avoid doing so because of the perception others may have of them if they get a divorce.

If at any moment they feel they will be judged as the wrong part in the divorce, they will likely stay married. And if at some point they do it, they will most likely create a story to show to other people how they were the victim of the divorce.


This article showed how narcissists deal with love, and how they may view the object of their love. Aside from that, the article showed what a narcissistic person is.

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