Can a broken person be fixed? (5 Tips to become a healthy person)

In this brief guide, we will discuss the question “Can a broken person be fixed” and see some tips on how you can become a better, healthier person.

Can a broken person be fixed?

Before asking “can a broken person be fixed”, it is important to figure out if you are in fact a broken person or just going through a rough time.

But yes, a broken person can be fixed, nothing in the world is unfixable and with the kind of advancements we have made in the world of mental health, no bad phase is permanent, and with some guidance, you can overcome anything.

It is important to seek help right away if you feel like something is wrong with you or if you feel like something may be broken inside of you.

At the same time, it is also important to not call yourself things like “broken” or “messy”, as how you talk about yourself has a huge impact on how you treat yourself.

What it means to be a broken person

To be broken usually means that the person is unable to be themselves, and is not at their optimal emotional level.

Heartbreaks in romantic relationships are an example of why one might experience an emotional mess and enormous pain and feel like they are broken, and feel even worse.

Being broken may also mean feeling like your soul is being ripped apart, and your usual confidence is lost and your dreams have suddenly disappeared, and you have nothing to look forward to or work towards anymore.

Another meaning of being broken is to lose your lust and zest for life.

It can also mean not being able to get out of your bed because you have no idea what to do or how to go about your day.

These may sound like symptoms of depression as well, and the fact is, when someone says that they are a broken person, chances are they are either suffering from a depressive disorder or an acute grief reaction, which is what happens when you have undergone a major problem and you are not able to cope well.

Lastly, being broken means the tendency to think that you will not be able to heal yourself or make yourself feel better. You may believe that you are damaged beyond repair.

Signs of a broken person

If you are wondering whether someone or yourself is broken and needs help, take a look at these signs of a broken person.

Sign 1: They may have a tough time accepting or dealing with rejection.

You may look at rejection as an opportunity to become a better version of yourself but they may crumble at the slightest hint of criticism.

Sign 2: They are just consumed by their insecurities.

Broken people tend to focus on their negative traits more often than their good qualities, even if the opposite helps them.

The insecurities take a toll on their mental state as well as those around them and is a sign they may be a broken person.

Sign 3: They tend to stay silent in arguments

They choose to stay silent a lot during problems, not because they have given up the argument but because they’ve been through enough arguments and feel they don’t have the energy to spend on another one.

Sign 4: Their moods change very rapidly.

A broken person can be very moody, with such volatility in their moods that you can’t keep up. This is a very bad thing for both them and you, and you need to ensure they get some help trying to heal themselves.

Sign 5: They want a lot of attention and compliments.

A broken person may tend to demand a lot of your attentional resources as they feel hollow inside and may feel like they are not worthy of a lot of love. This is another bad pattern that needs to be fixed.

Sign 6: They try to avoid confrontations.

Broken people may find confrontations uncomfortable and draining, due to them feeling like they are not doing anything right.

Sign 7: Need for constant reassurance

A person that feels broken inside may need constant reassurance that they are good and doing well. This can exact a toll on those around them as well.

Sign 8: They may be afraid that their being broken may cause a break-up or destroy your relationship with them.

Broken people never want to be the cause of the break-up because of the emotional demands they feel on the inside. If they cause a bad situation it just reinforces the idea that they are broken and they try extremely hard to avoid such a thing.

Dating a broken person

Dating a broken person can be extremely hard because of their constant broken mental state and the resources one needs to date them.

You are a human being too, and any human being can have trouble with such intense emotional demands.

If you feel like you are dating a broken person, check the signs above.

If any of them sound true to you, talk to them, ask them how they would feel about seeing a therapist, or getting professional help.

They might be depressed, and you trying to be their therapist rather than their partner may cause their depression to go untreated, which is a dangerous thing.

There is a reason why only professionals treat mental illness, and it’s because it is a difficult job that comes with training, and that training is not under the control of a normal person who has not been equipped for dealing with such matters.

A partner needs to be a partner, and if your significant other demands that you care for their emotional issues and heal their brokenness, refuse politely and promise to look after them as they go through psychotherapy.

Harmful results of constantly trying to fix a broken person

You may constantly be trying to fix someone you love that is broken, but ultimately, their brokenness will catch up to you and it might end in “goodbye.”

Is it their fault for loving you despite their feeling broken? No, is it your fault for loving them when you know they are broken? No, love is always good. What is your fault however is trying to fix them when you should leave it to the people who do it for a living and just support them like a loved one does.

When you constantly try to fix someone that is broken you become the enabler rather than a rescuer.

You may also find it draining and become a broken person yourself.

You will also not be able to fix their brokenness because let’s face it, it’s beyond us to try and fix another human being completely without suffering in the process.

So how can you stop trying to fix a broken person? Here are some tips:

Rather than try to offer advice, practice asking “How” or “What” questions, i.e. How do you feel about that? or What do you think your next step is?

Practice talking about yourself rather than being the therapist in your relationships; share the latest news in your life

Take healthy space from the broken people in your life; allot time for conversations with them and limit it to what feels good not exhausting.

·       Practice some boundaries

·       Reconnect with spirituality or find something serene that you enjoy, like meditation.

·       Listen to your intuition and gut feelings.

·       Expand your network and connect with like-minded people who are positive and friendly

·       Build a deep relationship with your own behavior and become conscious of them.

Why you should not call yourself a broken person

When you call yourself a broken person, again and again, you tend to start feeling like one as well.

Names that you take for yourself can be very powerful, and saying you are broken may make you feel like you are unfixable.

Once you strongly believe that you are unfixable, it is that much harder to actually do it, or even take the first steps towards a solution.

Instead, look at yourself as a work in progress, do not think you are a broken person, think of yourself as an unfinished project.

Once you start thinking of yourself as unfinished and something to be worked on, you start feeling like actually doing it, you have taken the first step towards betterment already by not writing yourself off completely.

How to fix yourself when you are a broken person

Here are some tips to fix yourself if you think you are a broken person:

·       Stop calling yourself broken or messed up. Part of the reason we feel bad about ourselves is what we call ourselves.

·       Give yourself some compliments every day. Keep a journal and write down 5 things you like about yourself every single day, including any accomplishments from that day.

·       Take up meditation or yoga, or look into the practice of mindfulness to become one with your identity and accept yourself.

·       Talk to people in your life, ask them if you are taking a toll on them. Try to work on the things they tell you

·       Look into Psychotherapy. Therapy doesn’t have to be for mentally ill people or those with disorders. Supportive psychotherapy can be done for anyone that feels like they are not able to live the best life they can.


In this brief guide, we discussed the question “Can a broken person be fixed” and saw some tips on how you can become a better, healthier person. Please reach out with any questions or comments.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s): Can you fix a broken person

Can you fix someone who is broken?

You can fix a person that is broken but it is not advised that you do that, as it can be very draining to you on the contrary, and you might end up breaking yourself.

What is a broken person?

A broken person is someone that feels they are unfixable and tends to focus on their negative traits rather than focusing on how many good qualities they have.

Can you love someone who is broken?

Yes you can love someone that is broken, love does not depend on what the traits of the person are, but you should not try to fix them, but support them as they try to make themselves better or seek help.

What is broken cannot be fixed?

It is a common saying that what is broken cannot be fixed.

This means that you cannot undo harsh things you may say to a loved on or reduce the hurt you may have inflicted.

What is a broken soul?

A broken soul is someone who has mental health issues and believes they are unfixable.

A broken soul is someone who has seen a lot of challenges but continues to thrive despite everything.


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