CAMHS Jobs: ( Expectations)

What to expect from CAMHS jobs:

There are many roles available when considering a CAMHS job but of course, the job you may be after will depend on the qualifications you have.

The CAMHS unit runs as part of the NHS and is involved with looking after and trying to better the mental health of the children who suffer from, anxiety, depression, loneliness etc.

As with any job in the NHS, the CAMHS unit will require strict confidence in client data and processing of information to third parties.

CAMHS jobs have an added degree of sensitivity to them as you can appreciate and you will need to cater for this if you are successful in landing yourself a CAMHS job.

CAMHS jobs can be very tasking but do bear their rewards as you get to see young kids better their mental wellbeing and become socially inclusive and proactive about their mental wellbeing.

You can find available CAMHS jobs listed here.

Change the location to fit your current location when searching.

You can also find jobs in mental health as a psychology graduate.

CAMHS jobs will usually fall into one of the below:

  • Psychologists
  • Paediatricians
  • Social care workers
  • Counsellors
  • Art therapists
  • Family therapists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Support staff
  • Primary mental health workers and
  • Outreach workers
  • Youth offending workers
  • Nurses
  • Family GPs

Half Full Not Empty is also looking for job roles similar to the CAMHS jobs.

If you are a mental health counsellor, psychologist or therapist with experience of dealing with children and young adults then aside from the CAMHS jobs available there may be a role available at HFNE.  

We are continuously recruiting mental health counsellors who can serve the many young adults who come to us seeking help daily.

Please check our job boards and get in touch with us if a position interests you.

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