CalmiGo vs Komuso (Which breathing tool wins?)

In this article, we will be checking out the similarities and differences between CalmiGo and Komuso. Both of these are devices or tools that are used to achieve a better state of relaxation and are being used by millions all over the world. While CalmiGo is an electronic device and requires batteries, Komuso does not require any such thing and can be used as it is.

The table below will show you the main features that are available in CalmiGo and Komus while also depicting the dissimilarities between the two.

 Feature  CalmiGo  Komuso
 Type device  Anxiety reduction Anxiety Reduction
 Pricing  Min 179 USD Min 85 USD
 Payment options   All major credit or debit cards, HSA, FSA All major credit cards,HSA, FSA
 Insurance   Unvailable Unavailable
 Age group  Children and adults Children and adults



  • CalmiGo is a very inconspicuous tool
  • It uses aromatherapy
  • It stimulates multiple senses


  • Batteries may need replacing
  • Many have found it too expensive
  • It may draw unwanted attention



  • Komuso does not require any batteries
  • It can double as jewelry
  • It can be used anywhere at anytime


  • Many might not believe in it
  • It may not work for severe anxiety attacks
  • It can seem highly priced

About CalmiGo

CalmiGo is a device that can be used by anyone to reduce their anxiety levels at any time. The device was created by Adi Wallach who personally struggled with anxiety and other mental health issues. She wanted to create a device or a tool that can be used during anxiety attacks in contrast to other strategies like mindfulness that can be hard to follow during a panic attack.

The result was CalmiGo which brings a state of relaxation by allowing a better balance between inspiration and expiration. The device does this by encouraging the user to exhale gently into the device and thereby achieving a calm state of mind. The CalmiGo device additionally uses aromatherapy, vibration and other prompts to bring this response.

The device is pretty small and therefore very portable. CalmiGo can be taken anywhere and used at any time, particularly due to its small size which will not draw too much attention. The device is very easy to use and can be utilized by even children who want to control their anxiety levels in a better and safer manner.

About Komuso

Komuso’s Shift was created by Todd Steinberg and Vanessa Steinberg who wanted to create a tool that can be used at any time to achieve a state of relaxation. The inspiration for this device came when they were introduced to Shakuhachi flutes which are used by Komuso monks to calm themselves and reduce their arousal levels.

The Komuso Shift necklace was then created as a tool to help users inhale and exhale in a rhythm that will bring a calm state of mind. Since its launch, the tool has taken on many modifications, particularly in order to make it more long-lasting and versatile. The Shift necklace is available today in several colors and also different types of chains.

Best features of CalmiGo

CalmiGo has a range of features that make it highly useful and versatile for any user. The best attributes of this relaxation device have been explored in the section below.

CalmiGo is easily portable

The CalmiGo device is very small and thus easily portable. This means that users can carry the CalmiGo device with them wherever they go. The device can fit into a purse, a handbag or even a person’s pocket. The safe silicone that the device is made of also means that it can pass through security checks pretty easily.

It is very inconspicuous

The device is not only small but resembles an emergency inhaler. This means that it won’t draw much attention while being used. This factor is important as many those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks may experience more stress when they feel like they are being watched or judged.

It is effective

CalmiGo is not just any other breathing device. It uses a scientific approach to bring about a state of relaxation. The device does this by bringing a better balance between the O2 and CO2 levels in the blood of the user through which the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated. This will calm the user and bring them to a state of relaxation.

It uses aromatherapy

The device uses not only the power of breathing but also the power of aromatherapy. The aromatherapy is provided through a stick which can be inserted into the device. This will also help in increasing the levels of relaxation in the user. The device offers a choice of three different scents – lavender, bergamot and peppermint.

It stimulates multiple senses

Multi-sensory stimulation can be achieved through CalmiGo. The device uses vibrations to provide a tactile stimulation to the user and this feature can be turned on or off depending on the needs of the user. Furthermore, there are also calming lights in the device that can serve to relax as well as guide the breathing exercise.

It has no side-effects

The device does not use any type of chemicals or medications to help the user achieve a calm state of mind. Therefore, there are no side effects while using the device. It can be used at any time of the day regardless of what the user ate or drank. This only increases the credibility and popularity of CalmiGo.

It can be used by children

The CalmiGo device is so simple that it can be used by adults and also children. Many children who are experiencing high levels of anxiety due to school, family issues or even mental health conditions like autism can easily use CalmiGo to relax and calm themselves. This can greatly boost the self-confidence and self-esteem of the user.

It is intuitive in nature

CalmiGo uses an algorithm through which the device adjusts itself to the personal breathing pattern of the user. This is done after a few minutes of use. This adjustment that CalmiGo manages with its users makes it easy to use for anyone with any level of anxiety.

Best features of Komuso

The Komuso Shift necklace is pretty popular and has been trending ever since its launch. Its simplistic and yet very effective design is one of the main reasons why it is so popular. Some of the best features of this platform have been explored below.

Komuso does not require any batteries

The Komuso Shift can be used as it is and does not require any batteries. This is perhaps the best feature of the platform that makes it so popular with users. The Shift necklace resembles a small flute that the user has to exhale into after inhaling deeply normally. The Shift allows the user to regulate their breathing pattern and therefore brings a state of relaxation.

It can be used as jewelry

The Shift comes in the form of a necklace that can be worn around the neck always. The great thing about this is it looks very aesthetically pleasing and can be used as jewelry. The tool comes in many colors and the chain can also be switched to different styles. Therefore, it can be worn with any outfit and will draw very little attention.

It is very easy to use

The tool is also pretty easy to use and requires no prior training in breathing exercises or yoga. The user can immediately start using the tool whenever they are feeling anxious. All they need to do is to take a deep breath normally and then exhale into the Shift. The structure of the tool slows down the exhalation and therefore brings a state of relaxation.

It is pretty long-lasting

The Komuso Shift has been designed with long-lastingness in mind. The tool is created with high quality stainless steel and the metallic colors are baked right into it. Thus, it can be used for a long time and is most likely a one-time purchase for the user.

It can be carried anywhere

The tool is very small and therefore highly portable. It can be carried around in a bag or a purse or even a pocket. However, most uses prefer to wear it around their neck with the chain provided so that they can carry their calming device with them wherever they go.


It does not have any side effects

The Komuso Shift does not use any chemicals or medications and relies on the user’s own breathing patterns to bring about a relaxation effect. The side effects of the Komuso are therefore nil and can be used safely and securely. There are also very less chances of addiction to Komuso which can therefore bring even more effectiveness.

Pricing of CalmiGo

The CalmiGo device can be purchased in one shot for a price of $179. The device can also be bought with a CalmiPay plan which allows the user to pay for it over time. The scented elements which need replacing every 3-4 months can be bought at $30 per pack. The device can be paid for using HSA/FSA accounts.

Pricing of Komuso

The price of the Komuso Shift necklace depends on the color and type of the tool that the user is opting for. The Slate Shift is the cheapest and costs $85 while the other metals like Gold or Rose Gold can cost $115. If the user wants a Luxe Box chain instead of the original chain, they will need to pay extra.


How to buy a CalmiGo device?

To buy a CalmiGo device, the user can go to the CalmiGo website or any other online shopping platform like Amazon or ebay. It is also available in the HSA/FSA online stores.

How to buy a Komuso Shift necklace?

The Komuso Shift necklace can be purchased through the website itself or any other online shopping platform.

Tips for using CalmiGo

CalmiGo is a pretty easy tool to use and does not require the individual to go through pages after pages of user manuals. Some suggestions for users of CalmiGo have been described below.

  • The device offers three types of scented elements to provide aromatherapy. Choose a scent that you relate with the most, from lavender, to bergamot and peppermint. The scent can be nostalgic but shouldn’t be something that brings up bad memories or anxiety-inducing events.
  • The device can be customized according to your preferences. You can turn off the vibrations in the device using the switch on the side if you don’t want much tactile stimulation. You can also remove the scented element and use CalmiGo without it.
  • If you are finding it difficult to follow the instructions, give the device a few minutes and exhale as you normally would. CalmiGo will automatically adjust itself to suit your style.

Tips for using a Komuso Shift necklace

The Komuso Shift is being preferred by many as their go-to relaxation tool as it can be used in a very easy manner. Some tips to help users improve their experience with the Komuso Shift have been explored as follows.

  • While the Komuso Shift can be used from anywhere, the best results can be achieved if you are using it in a quiet and comfortable space. You can choose a spot in your home or even an outdoor space where you can have some peace and quiet.
  • While practicing your breathing exercises through the Shift, you can always use visualization to bring a better relaxing effect for yourself. You can use visualizations like a beach scenario, a wooded area scenario or a still pond scenario, among many others.
  • You can always use a Komuso buddy, someone who is also using the Shift necklace to practice your breathing exercises together so that you can bring more emotional support and brotherhood into the picture.


Personal experiences with CalmiGo

The CalmiGo device has gathered a pretty large following and users have had mostly positive experiences with it. Some of their experiences have been described below.

  • Most users have felt that the CalmiGo device has greatly helped them combat the symptoms of anxiety. They have also felt that the device is pretty easy to use even when the user is highly anxious or stressed.
  • Some users have received faulty devices, which were however easily replaced. This has made some users experience a lot of frustration, especially if they were very excited to use it in the first place.
  • Several users have mentioned that the scented elements do not add much value to the device and can even be too strong smelling when they are first used.
  • Many users have also felt that normal breathing techniques can be far more useful and much cheaper than the device as it can be quite pricey for many individuals.

Personal experiences with Komuso

The Komuso Shift necklace has shown up on many Instagram influencers’ pages and has created a new trend in the market. The experiences that some users have had with the Komuso Shift necklace have been described as follows.

  • Most users have liked the Komuso Shift, especially the look and feel of the device. Many have also enjoyed wearing it as jewelry as the tool can be very aesthetically pleasing.
  • A large percentage of users have felt that the Shift is very expensive, especially when there are many breathing necklaces available in the market today.
  • Some smokers have felt that the Komuso Shift necklace has helped them reduce their smoking habits greatly.
  • Since it can be worn around the neck all the time, many Komuso users have felt a sense of calm and comfort when the tool is with them.


CalmiGo and Komuso are certainly two great devices for relaxation that use almost the same principle of regulated breathing. The only major difference between the both is that CalmiGo uses a multi-sensory stimulation while the Komuso Shift only encourages breathing exercises and does not provide anything else.

In CalmiGo, the user can not only experience a sense of calm through controlled breathing, but can also have aromatherapy, visual and tactile stimulation at the same time. The aromatherapy is provided through scented elements while the visual stimulation and tactile stimulation is provided by pleasant lights and mild vibrations respectively.

The Komuso Shift necklace does not require any batteries and can be used as it is. The greatest plus point of the Komuso Shift is perhaps the aesthetic appearance of the necklace which can be used as jewelry and thus carried around everywhere. The Komuso Shift can be great for those who want to stay away from electronics and technology and use a fully natural way to relax.

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Frequently asked questions:

Is the CalmiGo effective?

According to the many user reviews, CalmiGo has been found to be highly effective in helping users achieve a state of calm and relaxation. The device does this by bringing a balance between the O2 and CO2 levels in the blood which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for relaxation in the individual.

Is CalmiGo a vape?

No, CalmiGo is not a vape. It is a device through which users can reduce their anxiety levels and bring about a calm state of mind. This device requires the user to inhale normally and exhale into the device through which their breathing patterns become a lot more regulated which is responsible for the calm state.

How long does CalmiGo scent last?

The CalmiGo scented elements can provide aromatherapy for a period of 4 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the frequency of usage. The scents in the device might be pretty strong at first and can become mild after some use. CalmiGo offers users a choice between three types of scents for the aromatherapy – lavender, bergamot and peppermint.

Does CalmiGo need batteries?

Yes, CalmiGo requires batteries which need to be inserted into the device for it to function. When users first receive the device, batteries come along with the package after which they will have to replace it accordingly. Each set of batteries can last for a period of two to three months depending on how much the user is using the device.

How do you use Komuso shift?

To use the Komuso Shift, the user needs to take a deep breath and fill their belly with air. Once they have done this, they will need to breathe out into the mouthpiece of the device. The device has been designed in such a manner that the breathing becomes a lot more regulated and rhythmic when the person is using it.

Does Komuso make a sound?

No, the Komuso Shift necklace does not make a sound when used. The only sounds made are the sounds of the user breathing through the device. Thus, the Komuso Shift can be used from anywhere and everywhere easily.


Where is Komuso design located?

The Komuso design company is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale in Florida but can be shipped to any part of the world.

How long is the Komuso chain?

The Komuso chain for the women’s necklace comes at a length of 28 inches while the men’s necklace comes at a length of 25 inches.

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