Bullet Journal Ideas (15 Epic Journaling Ideas)

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In this article, we will look at 16 bullet journaling ideas. This article also explores the benefits of journaling and how to journal.

Bullet Journal Ideas

Here are a few bullet journal ideas:

  • Title Page
  • Daily Spread
  • Weekly Spread
  • Goal Page
  • Budget Planner
  • Meal Planner
  • To Read Book List
  • Wish Board
  • Habit Tracker
  • Birthday Tracker
  • Progress Chart
  • Monthly Review 
  • Affirmations Page
  • Event Planning
  • Chore Tracker
  • Things To Buy

Title Page

In your journal, you can write down your Roles (wife, mom, business owner, etc. ), Priorities (family, wellness, learning, etc. ), and Abilities (healing, conflict resolution, etc.). When you’re trying to plan your day, week, or month, having things properly outlined will help you lay the groundwork.

You may develop a mission statement of your life once you understand these Roles, Priorities, and Abilities. Write your mission statement, as well as your Roles, Priorities, and Abilities, to the title page of every new bullet journal to give you confidence about who you really are and who you would like to be as you get organised.

Daily Spread

You can keep track of your daily agenda, tasks, and take notes in a variety of areas! You may also colour code your tasks, with red emphasizing the ones that must be completed first.

Weekly Spread

You can use a weekly spread to keep track of recipe ideas, important appointments, workout goals, and just to get a quick overview of the week. You might find it useful to see the week at a glance so you know when to schedule other activities.

Goal Page

There are so many interesting ways to customise your goals pages to reflect your personality! You may also create a tracking page for each goal, as well as extra details for each goal, such as how to get there. You can be as explicit as you’d like your goals if you wish!

Budget Planner

Your new bullet journal can hold it all, whether you’re trying to get out of debt or keeping track of your expenditures. As a solution, create a budget planning journal or even just a page.

Meal Planner

Furthermore, other people utilise a page for their weekly meal plan, as well as their grocery list, all on one spread in their bullet journals.

To Read Book List

Sure, you may develop a simple checklist, but how much fun is it to gaze at this page? You could do something similar with Films to Watch, Series to Binge watch, and other things!

Wish Board

Let your imagination run wild! Your vision board does not have to be seen by anyone. Cut out photographs of your dream life and stick them into your own journal!

Habit Tracker

You can use your journal to track any number of habits that you are trying to form or even just consolidate.

Birthday Tracker

Even though Facebook keeps you up to date on the birthdays of your friends and relatives, it is far from ideal. If you’re the type to give presents, gifts, or even just a message on someone’s birthday, maintaining one place to keep track of all the birthdays you want to remember is a terrific way to stay organised.

Progress Chart

Envisioning your progress toward your goals can be really motivating and this is where the progress chart comes in.

Monthly Review 

This concept of reviewing your goals and behaviours at the end of each month appeals to many greatly. This also contributes to your Bullet Journal becoming a true window into your life. Many people desire to maintain a daily journal, but also including this monthly review will help you keep track of your life and help in keeping you on the right path.

Affirmations Page

People find daily affirmations to be incredibly motivating. Using your affirmations page in your journal, try to do those daily affirmations every day.

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Event Planning

Do you have any plans to travel soon? Do you have a major project on the horizon? Do you need to organise an event? All of these things are special to the event, project, or travel and are not necessarily daily, weekly, or monthly responsibilities.

Having a distinct section for such special occasions or projects will help you keep track of how your event preparation is progressing. You can shift other to-do items to your everyday lists as required, but having everything in one place will ensure that you are entirely prepared for your event when the time arrives!

Chore Tracker

Chore charts are a huge hit with kids! It can be just as inspiring to make one for yourself. Additionally, keeping track of all daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal duties is a terrific idea.

Even if you assign a great deal of work to your kids, you can use your Bullet Journal to track whether they have completed their chores, so you can rest assured that everything is being taken care of.

Things To Buy

Almost everyone has grocery lists, but we’re not talking about them here. Consider major purchases that you may want to make. You should write things down so that when you have some spare cash, you may go over this list and purchase something from it. Something as simple as a new lamp, a new book, or perhaps something more substantial like a new bed!

Maintaining a list of these things can help you avoid fantasising about how lovely it would be to have a new refrigerator because you know it’s already on your to-do list. This might include books you wish to buy as well as other smaller items you’d like to keep a record of but not necessarily buy today.

How To Journal

Use the following advice to get started with journaling:

  • Make an effort to write every day. Each day, set aside a time to write. This will make it easier for you to keep up with your journaling.
  • Make it simple. Always have a pen and paper with you. You can then jot down your thoughts whenever you choose. Your phone can also be used to keep a journal.
  • Whatever comes to mind, write or draw it. Your journal doesn’t have to be organised in any particular way. It’s your own personal space where you may talk about and create anything you want to express your emotions. 
  • Allow your thoughts and words to flow freely. Don’t be concerned about spelling errors or what others might think.
  • Personalize your journal however you want. You are under no obligation to share your journal with anybody else. You could reveal bits of your journal if you wish to share a few of your ideas.
  • Whenever your world seems to be in disarray, keeping a journal might help you bring order to it. 
  • By expressing your fears, ideas, and feelings, you gain a better understanding of yourself. Consider your writing time as a form of mental relaxation.

Benefits of Journaling 

Here are a few benefits of journaling:

  • Enhancing your cognitive performance
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Reducing the symptoms of numerous health issues
  • Changing your perspective and evaluating your thoughts
  • Clearing your head and calming down
  • Getting rid of bottled-up emotions and daily stress
  • Helps in getting rid of negative thoughts
  • Writing about your triumphs and setbacks
  • Increasing your awareness of yourself
  • Improve your mood
  • Improve your overall well-being
  • Ease depression symptoms before a major event (such as a test)
  • Make your working memory stronger


In this article, we looked at 16 bullet journaling ideas. This article also explored the benefits of journaling and how to journal.

Frequently Asked Questions: Bullet Journal Ideas

What do you do in a bullet Journal?

The concept behind the bullet journal is that once you learn the basic symbols and method, you can use it to record and organise pretty much any activity, opinion, or thought – everyday, monthly, job, family, private, academic, so on and so forth.

What goes on the first page of Bullet Journal?

If you’re stuck on what to write on page one of your bullet journal, here are some suggestions. A drawing—creative floral drawings, abstract paintings, snowflakes, whatever you choose! Do it if it makes you feel happy. Choose an inspirational quote that has meaning for you.

What is a BUJO planner?

A bullet journal, also known as a BUJO, is an organised system that helps you keep a record of everything in your hectic life. This system combines a to-do list, reminders, impending tasks, and everything else you need to have in one convenient location. There are no flashy gadgets or digital equipment required.

What do you put in a mental health journal?

Some gratitude journaling could be included in your design, such as ’10 things I am thankful for’ or ‘4 things that inspire me today.’ Make use of an app: It doesn’t have to be in a real journal or diary. Try an app that allows you to keep practising while on the go. It’s wonderful to use on public transportation or when you’re out and about.

Is journaling good for mental health?

By assisting you in prioritising problems, worries, and thoughts, journaling can help you manage your symptoms and enhance your mood. Keeping track of any symptoms on a daily basis so you can identify triggers and learn how to better handle them. Allowing for positive self-talk and the identification of negative thoughts.

Is it better to journal in the morning or at night?

Certain people like to write first thing in the morning, while others prefer to write late at night. There’s conflicting evidence on whether time of day is ideal for inspiration, productivity, or psychological well-being, so the optimum time to write is whatever suits your individual peak hours and the goal of your journaling.


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