BTS Suga’s Depression (A Real Story)

In this article, we will be discussing the story of Suga’s Depression and how he overcame it.

Suga’s story of Depression

As a teenager, Suga was a survivor of depression, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, and social anxiety. His life did not pay for a future in music, and he had gone through an wound that damaged his shoulder during a part-time delivery job to support himself.

Suga first unveiled his struggle against depression during a 2014 radio interview.

He addressed how “big” his physique was and how he worked hard to achieve weight loss. But after he had sustained a shoulder wound, the doctors ordered him to stop exercising, making him feel powerless.

Suga opted to leave his hometown to fulfill his dream in Seoul, where suicide is common and mental well-being is extremely stigmatized.

In his song “The Last,” he expressed his feelings. These lyrics are genuinely tragic and show the grim truth of life. Idols may look like they have a great life, but we never know what they might have gone through. Suga really has gone through a lot and shared his emotions through an album that requires immense courage and determination.

These are the lyrics of Agust D from MetroLyrics, Agust D album.

On the other side,

of the famous idol rapper,

Stands my weak self,

it’s quite dangerous,

Depression, OCD,

they keep coming back,

again from time to time,

Hell no perhaps,

that might be my true self』

『Damn huh feeling,

estranged in reality,

The conflict with ideal,

my head hurts,

Around the age of 18,

socio-phobia developed in me,

Right, that was when my mind.

was gradually polluted』

『At times I’m scared of myself too,

Self hated, and thanks.

to the depression that takes over me

Min Yoongi is dead already (I’m dead)

Comparing my dead passion

with others, it’s now a part of my daily life』

『On the first visit to the psychiatric ward,

my parents came up with me

We listened to the consultation together,

my parents said they don’t

truly understand me

I don’t understand myself.

well either, then who would understand?

Friend? Or you?

Nobody knows me well』

『The doctor asks me

I answered without any hesitation.

that I have done

Habitual saying uh

I don’t give a blank

I don’t give a blank

All those words uh

those words are said

to hide my weak self

Those days I wish I could erase

Right, that performance day

which I don’t remember very well

The day I confronted myself.

when I hid inside the toilet

because I was scared of people』

『That time I, that time I

I thought success will make

everything fine

But you see, but you see

As time goes by,

I feel like I’m turning into a monster』

『I’ve exchanged my youth for success,

and that monster demands for more wealth

At times it puts a collar on my neck

to ruin and swallow me with greed

Some try to shut my mouth

and say I should swallow both good and evil

I don’t want it they want me to leave this hill』

『blank blank I got it so stop it

I’m the root of all this

so I’ll stop myself

If my misfortune is your happiness,

I’ll happily stay unfortunate

If I’m the figure of hate,

I’ll get on the guillotine』

『The things I’ve imagined

about turns into reality

My childhood dreams are

in front of my eyes

The night when I performed

in front of 2 audience

Now Tokyo Dome is

right in front of my eyes

My one and only life,

I can easily live it passionately

than any other

my fan my hommie my fam

I hope you don’t worry

because I’m really okay now damn』

『I’ve denied my nature many times

My address is an idol and I won’t deny

The anguish that dug

into my mind countless times

There’s no answer

at the end of wandering』

『My pride which I thought

I had given away

has turned into self-respect

My fans, keep your head high with pride because who can do it like me uh』

『Seiko, Rolex, AX and Gymnastic

The heads of thousands nodding

to my hand gesture

Show me the money, it’s not that

I couldn’t but I didn’t blank

Selling ourselves or not,

you all say we couldn’t do it

but we didn’t blank

The root of my creativity

has tasted the sweet, bitter

and blank of this world

Those days when I laid down

to sleep on the toilet floor,

it’s all memories now uh

they’re now memories

My shoulder which shattered

thanks to the accident I met

during my part-time job

The debut which I clung

as if it was my life

Who do you think you’re fooling?

by pretending you’ve gone

through all the miseries』

He proceeds to address mental health problems against performance on his mixtape, August D, released in 2016. Mixtape looks further into depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and social anxiety, among many other serious issues.

Suga continued to boldly explore the problems of the body brought to bear by the misconceptions of the ideal of beauty imposed on celebrities.

And he explained how he composed the lyrics to ‘The Last.’ Suga said, “Every scenario and every moment, the emotions are very different, so I think life is where you endlessly ponder. So, through the lyrics, I decided to deliver the message, ‘I’m frustrated and so are you, so let’s strive to find and learn together.'”


Depression is defined as a disease of the mind. It may be defined as a feeling of sorrow, failure, or rage that interferes with a person’s daily routines.

It’s important to bear in mind that feeling sad is sometimes a normal part of life. Sad and upsetting things are happening to all of us. But if you’re feeling under the weather or depressed on a daily basis, you may be struggling with depression.

Depression is known to be a severe medical problem that can get worse without adequate care. Many who seek care frequently see changes in their symptoms in just a few weeks.

Depression may be more than a persistent depressive state or a feeling of “grey.”

Major depression can cause a wide range of symptoms. Some affect your mood; others affect your health. Symptoms may either be persistent, or they may come and go. Depressive symptoms may be interpreted differently between men, women, and children.

Widely known causes shall include:

  • The history of the family. 

You’re at increased risk of developing depression, you are you have a family history of the condition or other psychiatric conditions.

  • The suffering in early life.

Some incidents have an effect on the body’s reaction to fear and stressful circumstances.

  • Structure of the brain

There is a higher chance of depression if the frontal lobe is less involved. However, researchers don’t know whether this occurs before or after the initiation of symptoms of depression.

  • Health problems.

 Certain disorders can put you at greater risk, such as chronic disease, insomnia, chronic pain, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

  • The use of drugs

Past drug use or alcoholism can impact your risk.

There are others, in addition to these explanations, risk factors for depression:

  • Low self-esteem or self-criticism
  • Personal Mental Disorder Background
  • Specific medicines

Stressful incidents, such as losing a loved one, economic difficulties, or separation. There are several variables that can affect depression emotions, as well as who develops a disorder and who doesn’t.

You may be able to effectively manage symptoms with one method of therapy, or you may discover that the integration of therapies actually works.

It is popular to integrate clinical and lifestyle treatments, such as the following:

  • Medication

Your healthcare provider can recommend the following:

  • Anti-depressants
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Antipsychotic drugs

How did he overcome his depression?

In an interview, Suga opened about his battle with depression, anxiety, and OCD.

“Anxiety and depression were with me for a lifetime. I’ve put a lot of significance on how I’m going to do it, but it feels like I’ve had to prepare it for my whole life. Emotional states are so different in every circumstance and every second, so I think to agonize every moment is what life is like. It’s never been a moment when I haven’t had a dream. And I have achieved all my wishes. Now I don’t feel like I’m chasing for a dream, but these days I’ve begun to realize that morals and joy as a person are essential.”

On the BTS track, “Tomorrow,” Suga also publicly admitted to his struggle with depression in the lyrics he got to develop.

“I was going to be happy and strong, but why am I getting weaker?

Where am I going to be?

 I’m moving here and there, but I’m still coming back here.

Yeah, I’m going to flow somewhere, is there an end to this labyrinth?”

“The press is raising concerns with the idea of beauty as to how slim someone is. On the other side of the earth, though, there are others who die of hunger. We ought to be more involved in that. If I become popular and honorable, I will try to turn the public’s attention to such concerns.”

He believes he can heal people through his songs, which is exactly what is happening right now. BTS, as a group, focus on Mental health and provide comfort to the people who are suffering. 

Suga’s song Seesaw talks about how being in love is like sitting on a seesaw, with normal ups and downs. Loving Yourself is the main point Suga is trying to deliver in all the songs.


In this article, we discussed the story of Suga’s Depression and how he overcame it.

FAQ: Suga’s Depression

Which BTS members have depression?

BTS members Suga and RM have talked about dealing with Anxiety and Depression during their trainee days

Does singing help with depression?

In terms of mental well-being, research suggests that singing together can minimize the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression.


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