Boundaries Worksheets(7+)

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This page provides you with boundaries worksheets.

These boundaries worksheets aim to help individuals in setting their boundaries in their relationships.

Setting boundaries in a relationship helps individuals maintain a healthy relationship with others.

Some of these boundaries worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites, after reviewing relevant content in bulk.  

Boundaries Worksheet- Setting Healthy Boundaries in a Relationship 

Boundaries are the limits that define a relationship. Boundaries are helpful for maintaining healthy relationships.

According to a clinical psychologist, Howes, a boundary is “the line where I end and someone else begins”.

Boundaries vary from person to person. These are the limits that individual sets to prevent himself from being manipulated or used by others.

The boundaries could be physical, emotional or even mental. These boundaries help distinguish one individual from the other.

Since values, perspectives and moto of every individual are different, the boundaries of each individual also vary.

Boundaries play a significant role in maintaining a healthy relationship with family, friends, strangers, teachers, co-workers and hence everyone. 

Boundaries Worksheets(7+)

Boundaries Worksheet- Personal Boundaries

Personal boundaries are the limits set by an individual to prevent manipulation or violation of his rights, feelings, thoughts or perspectives.

Personal boundaries could be emotional, physical or psychological limits established by an individual for each kind of relationship.

Some examples of personal boundaries include criticizing, bullying, abuse, name-calling, spying, stalking and so on.

These boundaries hold great significance as they are a way of informing others how an individual wants to be treated and how he does not. 

Boundaries ensure that all the rights of the individual are given to him respectfully, he is honoured as he deserves, he is considered a human and treated like a human, his values are not targeted etcetera.

Boundaries Worksheets(7+)

Boundaries Worksheet- Emotional Boundaries

Emotional boundaries, as the name implies, are the boundaries that help distinguish the feelings, thoughts, emotions, and actions of one individual from the other.

Emotional boundaries help others acknowledge that an individual is not responsible for their very own actions, their feelings, their thoughts, and their expectations.

It clarifies others that an individual is not going to sacrifice his feelings for the others or his needs for others and so forth.

Setting up emotional boundaries requires a lot of care and awareness about oneself, one’s needs and goals. 

Healthy emotional boundaries help an individual from being targeted emotionally, blamed for things he has not done, advised or criticized. 

Boundaries Worksheets(7+)

Boundaries Worksheet- Boundaries Info Sheet

Establishing healthy boundaries in a relationship ensures better emotional, physical and psychological health of an individual.

They help maintain healthy relationships with others and elicit any chances of being hurt from the actions, words or criticism of others.

The boundaries info sheet is a detailed worksheet about boundaries.

It differentiates between the three main traits of boundaries that are rigid boundaries, porous boundaries, and healthy boundaries, along with examples to the individuals to clarify their concept about each kind of boundary.

Then this worksheet gives an extensive explanation of some major types of boundaries including physical, intellectual, emotional, sexual, material and time boundaries.

This worksheet is a great source of gaining knowledge about boundaries in detail.

It helps individuals acknowledge the importance of each type of boundary so he can set healthy boundaries for their relationships.

This worksheet can be accessed from this page.

You can also download it in the form of pdf for your convenience. 

Boundaries Worksheet- Drawing Effective Personal Boundaries

Drawing effective personal boundaries worksheet is a great resource for learning more about boundaries.

This worksheet explains the significance of boundaries in detail to help individuals know how helpful boundaries are for themselves, their emotions, their actions, their values, and their overall health.

The worksheets give guidelines on how to establish effective personal boundaries followed by an activity that helps individuals think of healthy ways of dealing with situations where their boundaries are violated or crossed.

This worksheet is easily accessible.

You can download it in the form of pdf from here.

Boundaries Worksheet- Boundaries

Boundaries worksheet is another contribution to help individuals increase their awareness about boundaries and their kinds.

This worksheet aims to explain the three basic kinds of boundaries including rigid, clear and fuzzy boundaries. 

The basic definition of these three kinds of boundaries is followed by an activity that ensures the individual is clear about the characteristics of each kind of boundary.

The worksheet also inquires about the boundaries of an individual and what kind of boundaries they are.

This worksheet is simple but effective and a great source of learning.

You can download this worksheet from here.

Boundaries Worksheet- Boundaries Exploration Worksheet

Establishing healthy boundaries with others ensures the effectiveness and healthiness of a relationship.

It helps a relationship to last for a longer-term. The boundaries of an individual are based on his needs, perspectives, values, and goals.

Thus every individual has his own unique boundaries. 

Boundaries exploration worksheet helps an individual identify their three main boundaries and enables them to think of healthy ways to deal with the situation in which their boundaries are violated to help them manage the situation wisely, calmly and effectively.

This worksheet is easily accessible and can be downloaded in the form of pdf from this site. 

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This page provided you with some of the best boundaries worksheets.

Some of these worksheets were created by us while some of them were curated from reputable third-party websites.

These boundaries worksheets are helpful for determining and establishing healthy boundaries in a relationship to ensure their longevity and healthiness. 

If you have any questions or queries regarding these worksheets, let us know through your comments.

We will be glad to assist you.

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