Borderline Personality Disorder Test (5mins)

This Borderline Personality Disorder test will screen you or you’re loved ones for the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. This test takes about 3-5 minutes and all the information gathered will be totally confidential.

Instructions to Follow

Please answer all the question items below carefully, as they will screen the borderline personality disorder. Please consider each question and apply the statements on your own self and respond either yes or no

1. I am having difficulty in sustaining relationships, and unable to keep the balance in dealing with people important to me


2. My emotional states are unstable, my emotions shifts quickly


3. I use to experience bursts of anger


4. I engage myself in self-harm behaviour or suicidal behaviour, I often give threats as well


5. I am unable to identify myself and find it difficult to maintain a consistent image


6. I often get paranoid and get stressed easily


7. I find myself involved in risky inappropriate behaviour


8. I try to avoid abandonment


9. I experience emptiness and boredom


Final Result :

Overview of Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder is based on the criteria given in DSM 5 (2013). This is considered a personality disorder and covers the main characteristic features of personality disorders. Borderline personality disorder falls in cluster b (dramatic) and having a persistent pattern of behaviour and thoughts.

A person experiencing borderline symptoms having polarized thinking, impulsive, risky behaviour, spontaneous and impulsive. They also experience an excessive shift of emotions, and unable to control anger outbursts.

Symptoms of Personality Disorder

There are a number of different personality disorders, such as the cluster A is categorized as suspicious, delusional, not interested in social interactions or not having social skills to maintain the social relationships, as well as inability to consider the consequences of their actions and lead towards illegal, and risky behaviour.

Similarly, Cluster B is categorized on the basis of dramatic symptoms. The person experiencing cluster B personality condition will report feelings of emptiness, self-harm incidents or multiple failed suicide attempts, overly impressionistic, having fragile self-esteem, and excessively praising oneself in situations.

Whereas, Cluster C, is categorized on the basis of anxious symptoms. They are sometimes overly clingy to another person, are overly concerned with order, or tries to avoid social situations because of fear of criticism.

Types of Personality Disorder

The personality disorders are clustered into three:

Cluster A: Odd, Eccentric

In this cluster there are three disorders named:

1.  Paranoid Personality Disorder

2.  Schizoid Personality Disorder

3.  Schizotypal Personality Disorder

Cluster B: Dramatic, or Unpredictable

1.  Antisocial Personality Disorder

2.  Borderline Personality Disorder

3.  Histrionic Personality Disorder

4.  Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Cluster C: Anxious, or Fearful

1.  Avoidant Personality Disorder

2.  Dependent Personality Disorder

3.  Obsessive Personality Disorder

Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

People experiencing borderline personality disorder are dramatic and think as other people are leaving them, they have an extreme feeling of emptiness, having intense emotions that last for a few days and then vanish. They have weak self-esteem, as well as it is difficult for them to maintain stable relationships, they are driven by impulses and exercise self-harm or attempt suicide mostly for the purpose to seek attention. They feel lonely at times and experience extreme anger. Sometimes they also report experiencing psychotic features.

Borderline Personality Disorder test

Diagnostic Criteria of Borderline Personality Disorder

The following criteria are extracted from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (2013).

A. It is a persistent pattern of unstable relationships, self-esteem, emotions, and impulsivity. The symptoms of borderline needs to be any five of the following:

1.  Person tries to avoid being deserted and abandoned, and they go to any extreme to save themselves

2.  Unstable relationships, inability to maintain a balance and is characterized by the extreme devaluation and idealization

3.  Inability to maintain the stable self-image, their self-image keeps on altering on the basis of others opinions and ideas

4.  Impulsive and spontaneous, and this behaviour causes disturbance as well as prove dangerous for them at least in two areas

5.  Suicidal behaviour manifested by their threats, gestures or self-harm incidents

6.  Extreme shifts in emotions, going from extreme happiness to sadness or irritability.

7.  Extreme feelings of emptiness

8.  Uncontrollable anger, and inappropriate intense anger

Borderline Personality Disorder Test (5mins)

What is the Borderline Personality Disorder Test?

This Borderline Personality Disorder test is developed on the basis of research, clinical interviews and the criteria given in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5 (2013). 

This Borderline Personality Disorder Test will help the test taker in screening for the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, but this screening doesn’t mean the final diagnosis. The final diagnosis can only be made by the mental health practitioner.

This Borderline personality disorder test is not a diagnostic test, so it will give you information on if you need a psychological consultation. The assessment of the disorder is not sufficient unless the treatment for the disorder is consulted. Borderline Personality Disorder test will guide you for further management of the problem on the basis of your scores.

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