5 borderline personality disorder poems that help

In this article, we shall answer the question “can borderline personality disorder poems help?”. We shall also look at the importance of borderline personality poems. Finally, we shall provide you with a couple of borderline poems that you can read in your spare time.

How can borderline personality disorder poems help?

Borderline personality disorder poems can help persons with the disorder cope with intense symptoms, express themselves, and share with others the experiences of having a borderline personality disorder.

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a mental disorder that affects how you feel about yourself and other people. It also causes problems in carrying out normal day-to-day activities. People with BPD have a negative self-image, find it difficult to control emotions, and have a series of unstable relationships.

3 reasons ‌borderline personality poems are important

For educational purposes

Borderline personality disorder poems provide us with a perspective of how persons living with the disorder feel. Of importance, we can understand the impact of the wide range of symptoms of BPD on people’s lives. They can also ‌illustrate how persons living with people suffering from BPD are affected by this disorder.


It is not a poem if it is not entertaining. Poems can be a source of intrigue and ‌sustained interest. Because of these two aspects, memes provide us with a fun way of learning about other people’s experiences and drive home the need for social support for people living with a borderline personality disorder.

Means of expression

The learning pyramid shows ‌we keep 20% of information that we learn through audio-visual sources and 30% of things we learn through demonstration. This information is important since poems fall in between these two categories depending on the content of the meme. Memes can therefore be used as a means of self-expression, especially when spoken words ‌fail us. The same goes for people with a borderline personality disorder. By the use of poems, they can show us what goes on in their world.

Coping strategies 

For persons who love writing, poems can be their go-to coping strategy. They can use it to express their feelings, including intense anger, sadness and mood swings.

Borderline poems

Jacquelyn Audrey Whiston Apr 2013

Risk (BPD)

That’s what it’s about

With BPD

The risks you take

And stupidity

The anxiety,

And unwelcome mentality

That’s what it’s about

With BPD

Three shots of whiskey

And a glass of wine

Throw back a couple pills

I’m sure I’ll be fine.

That’s what it’s about

With BPD

The risks, stupidity,

And anxiety.

Emma Hill Sep 2015


Borderline personality disorder Unseen people unseen energies tickling my back Distrust paranoia Longing for love unwilling to accept Dreaming of self harm of boys in all black Who am I to you Trust no one not even your best friend especially not them Avert your eyes don’t look at me I don’t see you I hear things that aren’t there I hear things they whisper my name want me to follow Casual *** casually falling in love Relapse around the corner need to see my blood I smell blood I taste it Close my eyes move to music become a ghost Crying in my bedroom crying in public No one sees I am invisible Think horrible things think about killing A certainty that I will end up alone This sounds like a suicide note Want to be art want to be in the ground burned to ash Who AM I ******* daily In love with love In love with being on my own I can’t belong to anyone I want to belong to someone Can’t be a girlfriend can’t be a best friend

E Lynch Nov 2014


I am quick to cry and to anger

and people think I’m strange.

They don’t see how hard I try to control it,

I know I’m seen as deranged.

Emotions can be overbearing

and it’s difficult to stay quiet

when someone upsets me

It’s simply not easy to hide it.

I guessed for a long time that the issue was with me.

But I thought I could watch maybe learn their technique.

For keeping a cool head when things get heated.

Instead of losing it over nothing and feeling totally defeated.

I was wrong it turned out.

I don’t have breaks I have border as in

borderline personality disorder.

I got a diagnosis

and was incredibly afraid

that people would treat me like someone

who’d contracted the plague.

While I wasn’t right,

I wasn’t totally wrong,

mental illness is unfortunately

still mostly ignored.

I am not fat.

It took me twenty-two years to purge words onto a page the same way I purged my body

into stomach ulcers, popped eye blood vessels, and missing tooth enamel —

twenty-two years to tell the tale of my bulimic, anorexic, and disordered eating hell,

and I’ve walked barefoot through tiled deserts of bathrooms to find a mirage

of my distorted body image staring up at me from the tainted water in the toilet.

I used to daydream about freedom;

I used to daydream about appreciating the abundance of food around me;

I used to daydream about eating dinner without wanting to kill myself;

and that like the society I wish to heal and explain I too someday would change.

So, I’ve unchained the melody of my dirge sung soul

and patched layers of karmic candle wax to mend the stomach holes. (Rothstein & Grotz, n.d.)

Rising From the sink

Crippling waves of anxiety smash against the sides of the boat.

Broken pieces of the sailing structure fall away into the boundless space of the sea.

The current is rough, and I realize I have chosen a destructive path.

I look around at my deck. It is empty and I stand aboard unaided,

which means I must face the tide alone.

Trying to steer the ship into prosperous waters proves to be a task, and

the fatal path has begun to take a grasp on my mind.

My body trembles with unease, and the great force of the waves throw me across the deck.

There is no one to help me and no one to save me.

Do people want to see me fail, or they just not care?

There must be a reason for my loneliness aboard the vessel.

Infected with self-hatred and no idea how to steer my ship away,

I see no choice but to expel my sustenance.

Drooping my head overboard, I look down at the desolateness of the ocean.

The ship has left my control, and it begins to lose restraint.

At this point, I do not care; I do not know how to lead it into calm waters.

I close my eyes and begin to purge

over the side of the boat, and the vessel speeds into the storm. (Chorley, n.d.)

I’m Your Disease

Sucked like a vacuum, I held my fear,

built up anger you want to hold near.

Shaking and trembling is what I feel,

purging my thoughts is how I heal.

Feelings of emptiness that have no depth.

Disappointment climbs the walls inside my chest.

You’ve lied to me all these years,

holding in the pain that has caused so many tears.

You think you’re strong, but I make you weak.

I know the truth you’re looking to seek.

You thought you had control over me all these years. (Sehgal, n.d.)

I’m your friend when you looked into your mirror.

You think you can forget me and run and hide.

I’m the only one who has stuck by your side.

I’ve given you comfort and relief.

Why now do you treat me like a thief.

I’ve stolen from you your sense of pride,

not letting you see that you are beautiful on the inside.

I’ve come to steal your strength and health.

Don’t look to me to give you wealth.

You’ve been fighting this battle all alone.

Haven’t you figured it out that you can’t do this on your own?

This has been our secret for so long.

Do you have the courage to make you strong?

I’m the monster you won’t admit,

afraid that now you’ll have to commit.

How to cope with borderline personality disorder

Ways of coping with BPD include:

  • Learn grounding techniques that can help you focus on the present and divert your attention from harmful thoughts. Grounding techniques include counting from 0 to 10, 10 to 0, clenching and unclenching your fists, curling and uncurling your toes, or remembering the names of everyone in the room.
  • Avoid alcohol and substance use as they can destabilize your emotional state
  • Listen to calming music when feeling low
  • Eat healthy balanced diets
  • Practice gratitude. This helps to inspire positivity in life.
  • Have sufficient sleep
  • Keep in touch with your feelings and emotional states by journaling.
  • Keep a positive company that will encourage you.
  • Share your feelings and fears with your friends
  • Visit your therapist regularly.
  • Identify your anger triggers so that you can stop early.
  • Engage in physical activities that can divert your mind away from harmful thoughts.
  • Take a warm shower when experiencing a borderline episode
  • Express yourself through art, music or poems.

Treatment for BPD


There is no medication for BPD but medication can be given for the symptoms that manifest, i.e. antipsychotics, antidepressants and anxiolytics


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy will help you respond to emotional situations with positive coping mechanisms and with reason and proper judgment. This will reduce seeing things in white and black.


This is necessary if you are experiencing extreme symptoms like suicidal thoughts and attempts, or hallucinations and delusions that are affecting your daily functioning and relationship with others.


In this article, we discussed borderline personality disorder and its causes, looked at how poems can be used and provided you with a list of coping strategies. We hope that this information was insightful. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comment section.

Frequently asked questions: borderline personality disorder poems

Does borderline get worse with age?

BPD begins in early adulthood, worsens by young adulthood, but gets better with age.

What emotions do borderlines feel?

People with borderline personality disorder experience intense feelings of fear, sadness, anger, emptiness, and suicidal feelings.

What does a BPD episode look like?

Impulsive and often dangerous behaviours, such as spending sprees, unsafe sex, substance abuse, reckless driving and binge eating.


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