Books on Self-Discipline (A list)

This article will brief on Books on Self-Discipline and then on what self-discipline is and how it can be achieved.

Then it will highlight 7 books on self-discipline.


Books on Self-Discipline helps in finding and achieving control over ourselves. Self-discipline is something that we achieve over time with a fair share of experiences.

It is not something that a child has from birth, he earns it with time.

It can have several names in its context and those are self-control, self-regulation, etc.

Self-discipline helps us in staying focused towards our goal without many distractions and if any hurdles come along it helps in adapting it in a very short span of time.

It has been found in years of research that with self-discipline, achievements come to the door itself, and if a person is self-disciplined, he is more likely to have good well-being and mental health.

Self-discipline helps in achieving personal growth, maturity, and patience.

One should also read life coaching books as they guide you and teach you life lessons.

No Pain No Gain:

Self-discipline needs a lot of struggles to achieve, it’s nothing like you get it in platter from birth.

From day one of living life, the journey of this self-control and self-discipline begins.

And the journey of the struggles is worthy as it gives the desired results and that too very fast.

But if at any point your self-discipline or self-control weakens, your achievements also likely to get an impact on it, you don’t get satisfied with the results that easily. 

For instance, an individual goes to the gym every day without fail and gives his 100% in the gym but has a lack of self-control or self-discipline in controlling diet. He still will get results but they will not be as per his desires.

Here are some books to achieve self-discipline faster-


The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We do in Life and Business:

This book is written by Charles Duhigg. He wrote this book after observing the habits at play in rioting mobs overseas.

He was fascinated by the nature of human behavior and wanted to dig deeper into the hope of finding some loops that our brain gets into conserve efforts.

In this book, he considered some of the findings on how the brain works at the brain level and discussed the three stages and those were- cur, habit, and reward.

And later he discussed some of the helpful ways of changing habits and retaining self-discipline.

Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength:

Authors of this book tried to incorporate that along with IQ, willpower is one of the most important aspects of life.

They correlated willpower with happiness, emotional well-being, social support, physical health, etc.

Then they try to roll over that how self-discipline manages how we channel our energy.

Willpower has 316 pages and is professionally written by Psychologists with some interesting experiments.

The Science of Self Control:

It is a very deep textbook with solid data and experimental researches, therefore we can say it has scientific approaches of self-discipline.

It has examined various key elements of self-regulation and how it relates to decision making, behavior, etc.

It has diagrams, charts, and numerical data as well which makes this textbook fascinating and interesting as well.


Robert Greene is the author of Mastery and it is known to be a masterpiece for learning self-discipline.

This book includes a wide variety of ideas about- what it takes to become a master.

Becoming one’s own master is like a dream come true and this book genuinely makes a dream come true.

As the author has a vast knowledge of historical and modern masters, readers get some hardcore knowledge of what it takes to be a master.

He described that Mastery is a simple process that can be accessed by anyone who is willing to give enough time, dedication and sacrifice in creating a masterful work.

The Willpower Instinct:

It is a good book with some self-discipline and self-control approaches from an academic point of view.

If one is willing to give his time and efforts then this book is a gem and worth his time.

It’s a bit lengthy but it gives clarity on why self-discipline seems so challenging to master for so many people. 

The Practicing Mind:

Thomas M. Sterner wrote this book and it promises a new perspective on how to build your self-discipline.

He believes that our mindset plays a very important role in how self-disciplined an individual is.

He gave his personal experiences in this book so as to let people know he is walking on his own shoes and honestly that gives this book a big thumbs up.

One will learn that with the right awareness and mindset, one can master just about anything.

Practicing makes a man perfect and what makes a man- a man, is his mind, therefore, developing a practicing mind is what is to be accomplished.

And once it’s done, the self-discipline becomes easier to wield.

No Excuses: The Power of Self-Discipline:

The author of this book is Brian Tracy and if someone is ambitious then this book needs no excuses.

He is known as a ‘self-development guru’, and he did a brilliant job in tying up all his previous experiences in considering the subject self-discipline.

This book will only be understood once its read, one will know the value of self-discipline in each and every area of life.

Mini Habits: Small Habits, Bigger Results- Stephen Guise:

The importance of freedom is what this book focuses on.

This book makes one understand and realize how the feeling of being free can be used in a productive way.

Rather than wasting time, something productive can be done out of it. This is what has been mentioned in this book.

How can one work in his free time towards his desires and how taking these tiny steps can lead to bigger and fruitful results.


This blog gave a brief on Books of Self-discipline and then what is self-discipline and how can one achieve it.

Then it highlighted 7 books on self- discipline.

Feel free to leave a comment or suggestions, we would appreciate your time.


What is the best book on discipline?

The best books on discipline are Willpower, Mastery, Mini Habits, No Excuses, etc. To name a few.

How can I improve my military discipline?

Military discipline can be improved by prioritizing your needs, like what needs to be done first and what can wait for your time.

These little things can help in mastering self-control in the military.

How do you stay disciplined with money?

One can stay disciplined with money by making a list for the month which may include all the necessary expenses like rent, electricity, phone bills, etc; then comes daily expenses like grocery, petrol, stationery, etc; then comes savings list like mutual funds, recurring deposits, etc.; And then finally comes luxury expenses like shopping, vacations, parties, etc.

One should go onto this list hierarchy wise this way self-discipline can be achieved.


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